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Author Topic: Are their are chapter in the 40k universe who are descended from traior legions?  (Read 1417 times)

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I just finished reading the Red Tithe and it got me thinking about which chapters could be descended from traitor gene seed. I know that the Blood Ravens are theorized to come from Magnus's stock and the physical features of the carcharodon astra make them appear to come from the Night Haunters gene seed.
So i thought I would see if anyone has any hard facts or knows of any other chapters that could come from the legions that turned traitor during the horus heresy.

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Some of the Grey Knights founding members appear to hail from some of the traitor legions... in particular Nathaniel Garro of the Death Guard. This has yet to fully play itself out... but it seems like its going to happen
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If I am honest I can't think I have ever seen any.....
I know there is fluff around that says that Fabius Bile has been creating Space Marines using stolen Geneseed tech (That the Alpha legion stole from the Raven Guard) but I don't think I've seen anything of complete new chapters. I am assuming they just bolster their own forces.
If you are looking back further the separation of legions into chapters didn't happen until after the main traitor legions had already fallen.
I am sure that there are chapters who have fallen since that have donated geneseed to other foundings though.

@Cav- Nathaniel Garro and Garviel Loken were both traitor legion members who stayed true to the Imperium rather than falling (Also two of my favourite HH characters) so although they came from "Traitor" gene stock they were around long before Legions started falling to Chaos.

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I understand that there were many individual characters who stayed loyal to the emperor and that would also be interesting to discuss. What happened to their gene seed, was it reused or destroyed?

However my original question I feel still has some grounds, for instance Barabas Dantioch who assisted Guilliman had a large detachment of Iron warriors who stayed loyal. Even though they all died fighting the Night Lords there are other instances of large groups of marines staying loyal to the emperor. In these cases I think it is entirely possible that lets say Guilliman created chapters that he claimed to come from Ultramarine stock but were in fact some of these large groups of loyal marines.
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Well, I know that there is speculation in the lore that when the two expunged legions were disbanded, the Ultramarines saw an unprecidented surge in numbers.  It isn't too far of a stretch to say that some loyalists from the traitor legions were folded into other legions, but having a chapter directly descended from the traitors might be a bit much.

The Blood Ravens are rumoured to be descended from the Thousand Sons, but I think that came from fan speculation, and GW just kind of shrugged and say what ever.

Personally, I have a hard time getting behind the idea that there are chapters that are from traitor genestock.  The legions were broken down to chapters after the heresy when Guilliman finalized the codex.  It just doesn't strike me as likely that they would keep the traitors geneseed around to risk it being stolen, let along put it into active marines for fear of the same thing.
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