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Started by Lord of Winter and War, September 1, 2022, 08:34:44 AM

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Lord of Winter and War

Lots of cool stuff revealed on the warhammer community site last night from Nova Open.

The last of the Leagues of Votann, The Grimnyr model, I think, Is absolutely amazing, and I also really like the Hekaton Land Fortress

The Gorechosen of Dromm, are the final warband for the 6th season of Underworlds. I really like them, and I will be adding them to my collection when they are released. Probably some of my favourite Khorne models made.

The Bloodpelt Hunter for Ogre Mawtribes, neat looking dude.

King Brodd for Son's of Behemat. Not a huge gargant fan (my buddies gargant army obliterates my army whenever we've played, so I'm not a fan of him getting another, stronger, gargant.

New Slaves to Darkness models. Nothing too groundbreaking, but plastic chosen is nice, and the Demon Prince is a fantastic upgrade to the current plastic model, and has bit to make it for 40k and god specific, so chaos players of multiple variety's will enjoy that.

The Model for Chaos-empowered Horus is just amazing. Full stop. I wish it was plastic. I will never get it, but man it would be a cool model to paint.

New Khorne Berserkers for the future World Eater's codex. Obviously better than the 20+ year old current kit, but I'm not a huge World Eater's fan, so these don't get me too excited.

What do you folks think of the reveals? What are your favorites?
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