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Author Topic: Realm-Lords vs Skaentide 2000  (Read 3712 times)

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Realm-Lords vs Skaentide 2000
« on: October 26, 2020, 09:17:11 PM »
Lumineth vs Skaventide
Mission: Border War

Auralion of Twin Peaks watched dawn’s first light crest over the Kithmore Valley. An ancient and beautiful land of magma pools and flourishing groves clustered between molten rivers, the Stonemage searched and discovered the magics of hysh. Dawn suddenly broke over the Obsidian Mountains beyond the gate of hidden Kithmore, intense and glorious to behold. Somewhere amidst the vermillion and lavender flower groves, the burial site of his master’s mentor, Kenlai of the Radiant Dawn lay buried beneath the earth.

‘’Always the wise one, Kenlai.’ Auralion smiled. ‘And a step ahead of us all in glory and splendor. He has found a beautiful place to lay himself, a site that eclipses even the illustrious tombs of Ayrathair.

Saroia, an elegant aelven priestess of the Scinari Cathallers, spoke hushed words from beneath her mourning veil. ‘Kenlai’s raiment was said to burn fierce with dawn’s first light… It matters not where he discovered such blazing glory, it is a noble gesture to bring this light to the Shyshian wastes.’

Auralion inclined his head in agreement. ‘Such a fey and enchanted wild, certainly the Lumineth would be wise for laying the geomantic symbols and guarding this place with a great garrison! As my master has always said -’

Suddenly, a great surge stirred in the Shyshian winds, till the moderate breeze howled like rushing waterfalls. A booming voice that quaked the earth beneath Auralion’s levitated form, seemed to stir the lands themselves into life. The words came in deliberate and ponderous sentences, and sounded like gravel grounded under stone.

Erathair, the Mountain King of the Ayrathair Princedoms, a Princeling of Avalenor himself or so the legends mentioned, announced his presence on Shyish. ‘True glories… lies in nature… and harmony of all… the spirits therein… I sense great… disharmony in this… place.’

Auralion sighed. ‘The verminkin hordes gnaw at the roots of this sacred land. Like a great inferno that uproots all life in a forest, we must scatter them from their lairs and purge them from this land!’ The Stone Mage effortlessly turned in his stance of levitation to address the grand luminous host of the Floating Realms. Tens of thousands of Vanari Auralan pikes and bows, gathered for the purpose of battle. At the fore of their ranks, the elite warrior-monks from the Alarith Temples arrayed themselves in perfect formation around Erathair’s colossal artifice. ‘Courage, warriors of Ayrathir and Lords of the Luminous Realm! We’ve claimed this land! No beastial filth shall steal it out from under us!


So, to the mission at hand! Border war sets up four objectives - two placed on either end of a vertical line down the center of the board - another two placed on either end of the horizon line running down the center of the board. All the objectives are like placed half way down the line from the board’s core center, it’s kind of like an outer ring that revolves around it.

Two opponents arrive on the battlefield on opposite diagonal ends of the board, their deployment zones about a quarter or so on each side of said board. One objective is situated comfortably in each deployment zone, which the vertical aligned objectives are in no man’s land.

Shyish is the Realm of Battle, granting every terrain piece nullification… there isn’t much to say about the terrain otherwise except that it is quite deadly on occasion!

The Skaventide erupts from its underworld lairs in the south, while the Realm-Lords sally forth from the north to cleanse the land.

Turn One: Skaventide

The Skaventide are granted the initiative, by only by the Realm-Lords’ blessing, and the endless rat war machine grinds forward. Screaming Bells fill the air with peals of doom and mystical displays of harnessed war energies. The very ground withers and rots from the countless thousands of rat warriors trampling over the land. The Grey seers attempt a few spells, casting death frenzy on the most forward group of clan rats. Mystic shield goes off somewhere in the horde, but everything else is out of range, including a peal of doom roll from the screaming bell (whew!)

Turn One: Realm Lords

Saroia the Scinari Cathaller summons the Hyshian twinstones, then bestows the lambent light upon the great unit of sentinels positioned behind her. Other than that, not many spells go off at all this turn, disappointingly. The Stoneguard advance, running full tilt in their plate armor to clear the gnawhole they had surrounded in case anything unsuspecting burst from the depths… but nothing will come or risk losing the magical prowess of the screaming bells. Erathair (Avalenor) eclipses them with his protective aura as he stomps along in their wake. The Stonemage positions herself between the single file column of stoneguard and Avalenor.

Meanwhile, the wardens shift and march forward to claim the northwestern objective hoping to consolidate and defend the land that they’ve claimed.

The Sentinels are commanded to send a warning volley into the skaven. The luminous archers lift their bows and nock their arrows, then rain death on the enemy, killing several rats from the death frenzied horde. The other archers are slightly out of range, but march with their brethern for better positioning.

Turn Two: Realm Lords

The Lumineth seize the initiative. The Hyshian twin stones shine with an intense light as the Realm-Lords bring their might to bear. Lambent light is restored on the sentinels, then Saroia darkens the horizon with a total eclipse. The power of Hysh is granted across the vanari ranks, as well as an ethereal blessing being cast upon the Warden unit nearest the skaven horde. Auralion summons an avalanche of stones, crushing several skaven in the unit approaching the southeastern objective.

Everything marches forward, the Stoneguard advancing to contest the southeastern objective. Erathair lumbers up behind them, The Wardens consolidate their positioning.

The Sentinels open fire again, taking off several wounds off the ordinary screaming bell with no grey seer.. Another volley is poured into the death frenzied rats before they hit home, thinning their ranks further still.

Turn Two: Skaven

Nothing much to say, the skaventide sends in the first wave… A few Realm-Lords are slain from screaming bell enhanced warp magicks, but when the clanrats slam into their first warden unit, only one warden is slain in the melee. The moonfire flash is thrown, incinerating a handful of the verminous men. Pikes thrust forth and bring the clanrats down below half strength.

Turn three: Realm Lords

Realm Lords seize the initiative once again!

Again, the magic phase is almost peerless. Power of hysh enhances the Vanari to heights of superior martial prowess. Lament light cast once again, though total eclipse fails. The twinstones swell to full strength, and Auralion taps their magical might once again, summoning another flood of stones that shatter several more rats.

The Sentinels target the screaming bells as they grind into range… the grey seerless bell is reduced to one wound… but survives. A handful of wounds are taken on the general’s bell by Avalenor’s geomantic blast.

The Wardens hold, but the sight of the skaven’s endless numbers on the right flank are worrisome. The Alarith Temple, however, are not daunted by the endless hordes before them. The Stoneguard sounds the horn, and charges into the thick of the ratmen. In a cunning ploy, the Stoneguard shift aside like an avalanche, making way for Erathair to join the fray… and so he does. Auralion positions himself to support both units against the endless tide.

Erathair crushes about 12 skaen in the onslaught, while the Stoneguard hews down about 10 or so themselves… Avalenor only loses two wounds in the fight. While the stoneguard loses one member of their order.

A bunch of dead skaven.

Skaven turn three:

Nothing much to say here… the Skaventide sent in the second waves.

More clanrats pile into the fight against the Alarith…

Eraithair unleashes the fury of his twin firestealer hammers and decimates 22 clanrats in one round of combat. The stoneguard hue down so many clanrats at this point it’s hard to keep count.

The Wardens in the fight with the clanrats continue to hold, but they’re being ground down.

The Stormvermin actually move out and crush the second warden unit on the northwestern objective, and do not even stop to gnash gnaw on the bones as they aim to take the exposed sentinels next.

Skaven turn four:

Nothing much to say here… grim are these lightless times, though the Lumineth slay vermin upon vermin, their chances of victory wane with each passing turn.

Avalenor reaches the full peak of his rage, and annihilates 32 clanrats this round of combat on his own (body count over 50!)

Between him, the stoneguard, and Auralion joining the fray, nearly all the frenzied clanrats assailing them are crushed into earthen graves.

But it is too late for the realm-lords to achieve victory, as Avalenor is still mired in combat, and has no chance of reaching the screaming bells on the southwestern objective and laying waste to them for the triumphant comeback.

Victory to the skaventide

13 - 8

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