White Dwarf 456 (September 2020)

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White Dwarf Issue 456 content

Total Page count = 146

MISCELLANEOUS: 11 pages, 7.53%

1 page of meet the team

1 page of editorial

2 pages detailing the contents

6 pages of letters and painted models submitted by readers of White Dwarf.

1 page of adverts

WARHAMMER 40K: 44 pages, 30.14%

40k Section Introduction: 2 pages to introduce the 40K section of the magazine. One photo, spread across two adjacent pages, featuring Ultramarines and Necron models.

Designers' Notes - Crusaders & Aliens: 8 pages of the designers that worked on the Indomitus models chatting about their work.

Echoes From the Warp: 4 pages of games developer Robin Cruddace writing about creating the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Battle Report: The Edge of Silence: 18 pages of a battle between the Ultramarines and the Necrons of the Szarekhan Dynasty using the new rules.

Index Astartes-Silver Templars (Focus & Fury): 12 pages of background & new rules for the Primaris only Space Marine Chapter the Silver Templars.

AGE OF SIGMAR 2 pages, 1.37%

AOS Section Introduction: 2 pages to introduce the AOS section of the magazine. One painting, spread across two adjacent pages, depicting the forces of Chaos and Order in a huge melee.

SPECIALIST GAMES: 22 pages, 15.07%

New Rules – Warcry: Chasing the Flames: 8 pages of new rules that enable you to use a Cities of Sigmar warband in your games of Warcry.

Warcry-A Tale of Four Warbands: 10 pages of a Four Warlords style article, but this time with the theme of a Warcry campaign.

Glory Points - Beastgrave: 4 pages of Dave Sanders writing about how to get the best out of Flex warbands.

PAINTING AND MODELLING: 21 pages, 14.38%

Paint Splatter – The Szarekhan Dynasty: 2 pages of a Necron Warrior painting guide.

Realms of Battle – The Mines of Vertigus II: 8 pages detailing how the Vertigus display board was created.

Paint Splatter – The Silver Templars: 2 pages of a stage by stage painting guide for the Silver Templars.

Index Gallery – The Bond Martial: 6 pages of a gallery of Silver Templars painted by the studio and White Dwarf readers.

Inside the Studio: 3 pages detailing what the Design Studio team are currently painting and playing.

OTHER: 46 pages, 26.03 %

Worlds of Warhammer: 4 pages of Phil Kelly writing about maps again.

Echoes From the Writers: 4 pages of Andy Clark writing about the background for the new 40,000 core book.

Fiction – Bladeguard:  4 pages of a short story written by Callum Davies. Civilians get attacked by Necrons.

Battles of the Pariah Nexus: 6 pages of background detailing the war for the Pariah Nexus.

Rules of Engagement: 4 pages – Louis Aguilar writes about gaming aids.

The Model Photograph: 6 pages of advice on how to take pictures of your models.

Fiction: Warhammer Crime - Sanctioner:  4 pages of an exclusive short story written by Chris Wraight for the new Black Library imprint Warhammer Crime.

Fiction – Faith & Fire :  14 pages of the serialisation of the Black Library novel Faith & Fire. Part six of nine.

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