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Started by Mortalis, July 27, 2020, 10:17:12 AM

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Hey guys!

I can't remember if I ever actually used a WIP/Projects thread, I think I preferred to use the painting and terrain forums instead but I thought seeming as this looked more active I'd share with you guys my Indomitus painting guides I've been releasing over on Zorpazorp :)

Bladeguard Veterans
In this on I look at how to paint these epic primaris space marines in a scheme inspired by the #storecolours challenge alongside the mighty Brent from Goobertown Hobbies: How to Paint: Bladeguard Veterans & Ancient Space Marines! @Goobertown Hobbies -

The great thing about the Judiciar is his scheme will suit most chapters! And a pretty badass model: How to Paint: Primaris Judiciar | Indomitus Warhammer 40000 - YouTube

Lots more to come guys!

Hope you're all doing well!



Really cool painting tutorials, Mortalis! Great job on them and the videos are really high quality. I'll have no use for it myself as I'll still be playing AoS for right now. One day though...
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Hardback Version - Work in Progress

Audiobook production still going strong!


Hey Mortalis, nice to see you hanging out in the Plogs!

I really like these guides. Simple to follow with an excellent result. I like too that you incorporate them into a diorama which you show us how to make (It wouldn't really be a Morty video without some terrain, right?). The fact the diorama is really well executed and fun is just the chef's kiss.

Great stuff bud, I look forward to seeing more of these.
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Thanks so much guys!

I've also done up my first necron tutorial too, with another one out this week :)

How to Paint: Necrons Szarekhan ULTIMATE Guide! | Indomitus Warhammer 40000 -

I loooooved the new make up brush drybrushing technique. Really allows me to get stuff done fast!

Hope you're all safe and well!



That is a really great tutorial! In all these years never thought about make up brushes and I love to dry brush. Thanks for that.
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Great tutorial Morty! The techniques you use really compliment the Necrons perfectly.

I'm a big fan of the makeup style drybrushes. I've been using similar, but designed for miniatures, produced by Artis Opus. I really can't speak too highly of them as they're terrific.
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