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Started by Myen'Tal, June 29, 2020, 09:54:16 PM

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Got the Lumineth Box Set in the mail today. If any of you are curious about the Lumineth and how they play on the tabletop, feel free to ask!

So I'm already doing some list creation!

So the first list is focused around the Vanari, all of the potential battleline units. The Lumineth's armies are depicted as consisting mostly of citizen militia. Naturally, they're a cut above most other battle line units, and have a price tag to boot.

The Grand Nation of Illiatha allows some command point shenanigans for your forces. When combined with a certain spell, you can easily make the most of your command points while messing with the CP supply of your enemy.

Vanari units in this Grand Nation benefit from some nifty bonuses and command abilities. It's also really useful that each Vanari unit is considered a wizard and can take an additional spell from their respective lore. There's only so many spells though, so I went for redundancy for certain units to continue casting in the event that another sister unit is wiped out and cannot attempt to cast.

The Cathaller also has quite a few ways of manipulating bravery for both sides of the table. She is my general because I wanted access to a few things that give me another spell and cast attempt.

Auralan Legion Battalion
Scinari Cathaller: General
Command Trait: Loremaster
Artefact: Simulacra Amulet
Spells: Darkness of the Soul, Total Eclipse
Light of Eltharion
30x Auralan Wardens
Spell: Power of Hysh, Protection of Hysh
30x Auralan Wardens
Spell: Power of Hysh, Ethereal Blessing
20x Auralan Sentinels
Spell: Power of Hysh, Lambent Light
10x Auralan Sentinels
Spell: Power of Hysh, Lambent Light
10x Vanari Dawnriders
Spell: Power of Hysh, Speed of Hysh
10xVanari Dawnriders
Power of Hysh, Speed of Hysh
Endless Spells:
Hyshian Twinstones
Shrine of Amyntok
Extra Command Point

1990 / 2000

This next is more elite, and has some great tanks in the stoneguard coupled with the heavy hitter in Avalenor, also buffered with a couple of units of Wardens and Sentinels. Dawnriders are there for objective grabbing.

Ymetrica allows me to use tectonic force twice with the same Stoneguard unit if they're in combat with two separate units. A lot of people seem confused about the purpose of tectonic shift because it limits the pile in of the stoneguard, thus the unit has problems counter attacking afterward. However, this ability is crucial for an army built around the Alarith Temple, which is going to be slow, for shifting the opponent off of objectives.

There's a lot of synergistic buffs going on between all the units in the Alarith Temple Battallion to say the least. Rerolling saves, fighting at full strength no matter the wounds you take, and abilities like the tectonic shift when coupled with the Ymetrica Great Nation that buffs them further, they look really good. Of course, certain circumstances need to be met in some cases, while there are no downsides to others.

The whole point of this list is letting the enemy break upon your ranks like water on rock, except the rock is moving forward toward the objectives! Sentinels can lend a good amount of support in helping the not-so-offensive Stoneguard pulp their enemies. Wardens can tarpit and dish out some damage of their own, while the Dawnriders will do what they do best and compete for weakly held objectives that they can zoom onto.

Ymetrica Alarith Temple
Alarith Temple Battalion
General w/ Almighty Blow Command Trait
Artefact: Mountain's Gift
Spell: Unyielding Calm
Stoneguard x20 w/ Mallet Hammers
Auralan Sentinels x20
Vanari Auralan Wardens x30
Vanari Dawnriders x10
Hyshian Twin Stones
Shrine of Amyntok
Soulsnare shackles

1970 /2000
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