Chronicles of the Asur (Hendonites vs Idoneth)

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Hendonites vs Idoneth
2000 PTS
Mission – Duality of Death

Sllysk of the Gouged pranced about the war torn courtyards of the Ondarspire. She danced, as the earth quaked from the fallout of the glittering aelven towers of the acnient enclave, now crumbled into ruin. Even with her sightless eyes, she heard ever sung note of the siege's cacophony. She heard the notes, till blood streamed anew from out of the empty sockets where her eyes once took root.

"Rrreaave and Ssslaughter, my beautiful pleasure-seekers!" Sllysk howled in ecstacy as a brave Sea-Aelf rushed the Keeper of Secrets and thrust his spear straight through her chest. "Your lovely eyes, they'll soon be mine!"

Sllysk's sinistrous hand lashed out in a blur of motion. Before the Akhelian could even gasp, she plucked her fingers from out of his ruined sockets. She swallowed the aelf's eyes in the same moment that she cleaved him in half with an effortless swing of her greatsword. As she did so, either of her masculine pincers gouged and tore into the flesh of passing Fangmora Eels.

"Bring me more aelves to glut my lusts upon!" Sllysk shrieked, the volume reaching such a pitch that any nearby aelf died from the explosion of their hearts. All around, blind daemonettes fought with the frenzy of ecstacy renewed. "Ondarspire falls for the Dark Prince!"


The ruins of Ondarspire were once resplendent, a glorious bastion of the reclusive Idoneth Deepkin. After several decades of constant siege, her towers finally fall from grace and cast down into rubble.

In the Garden Courtyard of the Ondarspire's outer reaches, a great host of the Pretender Syllsk despoils the respledence of the Ondaric Enclave.

A minor realmgate, chained to realms now fallen and sworn to the Dark Prince, have spilled open in the Northwest Corner of the field. Toward the center of the field, in the northern portion of the courtyard, a dais that the Idoneth once cast their enslavement rituals upon their bond-beasts, has become an altar of sacrifice for the daemonettes. In the north east, the ruins of a grand observatory are now filled with corridors of slaughter and depredation.

In the center of the field, a great monument to the chaos gods has sprouted out of the earth to spread the Dark Prince's defilement.

In the south, fecund sea gardens lay withered and destroyed in the wake of Sllysk's rampage. The ruined gate blocks off several routes to a masoleum now damned with a gallery of sin.


Duality of Death

Two objectives to score this game, each parallel to the other and placed off center at an equal distance. Whoever holds the objective, holds priority. So if one hero is the first to score, then a second unit comes to claim the objective, one must remove both units before they can claim the objectivie themselves. If a hero is removed from the objective by a battleline unit, then the next priority falls to the second unit that has claimed the objective if they are still on it. So, hero, hero's battline unit, then when the hero dies by an enemy unit trying to claim the objective, the priority falls onto the hero's battleline unit that still holds the objective before it transfers to the enemy.

Heroes can automatically claim the objective if they slay an enemy hero with priority.
Honestly, one of the more confusing missions in the General's Handbook!

Turn 1:

"You've proven yourself in the eyes of the Lochian Princes, Elon'drach. They say that you have done well, and have accomplished many missions for the sake of the Ondaric Enclaves. Is there truly no Hedonite or Daemon that knows not your name

"No, do not speak. I am not yet finished. Even as I endure this ceremony for the purposes of your promotion in the Akhelian Houses, the Ondarspire is threatening to collapse from endless siege... We've lost so many, my son.

"So bend your knee before my throne, and swear that in the event of my death, that you shall become a King worthy of leading in my stead. Swear that you'll be the sword of the Idoneth. Swear that you'll be the abyssal maw that'll rip and tear the enemies of your people, until they are no more.

"Swear this, and rise a Lochian Prince of Ondaric. You do not understand how proud I am of my son. I hope you'll endure these dark times to have one of your own, one day. Then you'll know of the pride that I speak of.

"Now go forth, and drive these wretched slaves from out of the Ondarspire!"

There's a disturbance within the misty magical domes that house the Ondarspire beneath the Evergreen Sea. A sudden gathering of shadows, melded into the forms of writhing sea beasts just beyond the outer reaches of the Garden Courtyards.

The Ondaric Enclaves arrive on the field of battle, but approach the site of the siege with caution. They have granted the Hendonites of Slaanesh the opportunity to sally forth, and make the first point of contact. Cavorting daemonettes bound forward from out of the northwest and claim the objective there. The bladebringer and the Harpist follow suit to solidify their claim on this place. The Keeper of Secrets, Sllysk, listens intently for signs of the enemy. She cautiously strides forward alongside the daemonettes.

Across the rest of the Hendonites battleline, no sudden moves are made.

Turn 1:

The Akhelians on the western flank surge forward to meet the Hendonites on the objective. A squad of three Morrsar Guard rush around the flank, while a unit of Allopexes move to create a diversion in the daemonette masses. A lesser Akhelian King seeks the glory of riding this area of the Garden of Slaanesh, and rides into battle alongside the Allopexes into the Daemonettes.

The three man Morrsar squad open up with everything they have on the bladebringer chariot and scythe seven out of nine wounds on it. Between the Allopexes' harpoons, fins, jaws, and the Akhelian King, wounds are exchanged with the daemonettes, but the daemonettes perish in droves.

Turn 2:

Double turn! The Idoneth seize the initivative and now it's Flood Tide. Run and charge! The rest of the Akhelian forces commit to an all out assault on the sixty daemonettes hunkered in the northeast within the halls of the observatory.

With due haste, Elon'drach claims the objective in the east, while he sends his forces forward.
The run rolls for all of my units were mixed, and I ended up spending like two or three auto-run command abilities on each of my units. But, they did make their charges with gusto! Basically, a long single file line of six akhelians, leviadon in the middle, and six more akhelians made contact with both daemonette war parties.

Both Morrsar Guard squads unleash their biovoltaic blasts in one massive volley. Over twenty daemonettes are blasted out of reality between both units. The Akhelians crash into the heart of the foe, their eels shredding through daemon flesh and voltspears punching through their black hearts.

By the end of the combat, all sixty daemonettes lay strewn amidst the crumbling halls of the observatory, their corpses fading back into the aether.

In the west, things are not going as planned. Sllysk wades into the combat with her daemonettes and promptly, both units put the allopexes down as well the Akhelian King. The Bladebringer fights twice and shreds two of the three man Morrsar unit, leaving one alive.
About 11 daemonettes come back after they 'blink' in the battleshock phase.

Turn 3:

"Foolish imbeciles!" Sllysk screamed in agonized outrage. She tracked her greatsword back and forth through the crowd of daemonettes, lopping away limbs and heads without thought. "Protect this arcane secret! Issue our sisters forth from the Palaces!"
"Your worship..." One of the Siren's cooed in Sllysk's ear. "Our war parties... they've been slaughtered to a man. Perhaps we should rethink—"

"You do not get to think, slave!" Sllysk interrupted and asnwered with a dismissive wave. "Protect this site with your lives, or I'll dine on your souls in the aelflings' stead!"

A unit of twenty daemonettes are summoned. There are about thirty daemonettes left on the field in total, a Keeper, a Bladebrigner chariot on one wound, and a Harpist.

Keeper manages to heal the chariot for one wound. The daemonettes and the keeper form a circle around the harpist, who is still anchored on the objective.

The surviving daemonettes of the previous skirmish form another line just beyond the circular perimeter formed by the Hendonites. The bladebringer snaps her whips behind them.

They wait for the Idoneth to come.

Turn 3:

Lots of surging forward across one flank to the next. Also, a mesmerizing mirror endless spell from the Hendonites is summoned onto the field... the end.

Turn 4:

Eager for battle and scenting that the Idoneth are near, Sllysk gracefully advances up the steps of the sacrificial shrine where a six man unit of Morrsar haveanchored themselves. The twenty man squad of Daemonettes lope in after her.

The Hendonites sought to counter attack and destroy me, but they fail their ability to force my units to fight last. The Leviadon wades into the midst of the daemonettes, slicing through their flesh on his massive scythed fins and chewing on them with his crushing jaws. The daemonettes are no more. The Morrsar Guard bravely pile in to attack Sllysk, but only two are truly in range to do any damage. In spite of the odds, the two Akhelians strike again and again, until eight wounds are peeled off the Keeper of Secrets.

Sllysk finally retaliates, and fights twice. She hews down the eels without effort.

Turn 4:

At this point, I am sorely loosing the objective game... and I absolutely have to kill that harpist and anything on the western objective. I'm not even certain if it's possible to win at this point! Once again it's flood tide. My Leviadon swoops into the last unit of daemonettes, while the last unit of three morrsar guard fly behind them and tackle the chariot. Alas, not good enough charge rolls to make it into the Harpist!

The daemonettes are vanquished in the Leviadon's jaws and the Morrsar finally put that cursed chariot down!

But at this point, I have not captured the objective and it is simply not enough to come back and win the game.

Alas, I conceded!

Final score:

We calculated the score based on what would happen in the fifth round by the way!

What an awesome game! It came down to the fifth turn, but it was an uphill battle for sure! If I did a few things differently, I could have won the game, but, alas, that's how it is!

Great game, and as always, thanks to my opponent!
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Looks like a great game. Slaanesh can be a tricky army to fight,  and you really need to take down their heros asap in order to prevent their buffs/debuffs and summoning.

Duality of death is a great mission, and definitely one to keep in mind when list building. Slaanesh has some great heros, who are more than happy to sit on an objective and fight away lol.

I played a similar mission with my spiderfang, and was in a bit of trouble expecting my 4wound webspinner shamans to survive on an objective (and somehow getting there!).

Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks, Killersquid!

Glad that you enjoyed it. Yeah, killing the heroes of the Hendonties is a big boon to any army. You just have to outmaneuver the daemonic masses to reach them lol ;). Those characters were pretty well protected the entire game, but you're right, should have attempted to eliminate them in a different manner.

I think I'll try forming my Deepkin into one fist next time and see how that works. What possibly lost me the battle was committing to two battles simultaneously.
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Hardback Version - Work in Progress

Audiobook production still going strong!

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