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Author Topic: Bat-Rep: Ondaric Enclave vs Hammers of the Heldenhammer  (Read 763 times)

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Bat-Rep: Ondaric Enclave vs Hammers of the Heldenhammer
« on: June 1, 2019, 09:15:17 PM »
Ondaric Enclave vs Anvils of the Heldenhammer
War Host (2000)
Mission: Places of Arcane Power

Ondaric Enclave
Fendriach the Benighted Prince – 1x Akhelian King with Great Sword
Ellion’Draich the Banishing Blade – 1x Akhelian King with Bladed Polearm
Abyssal Hunters – 2x Allopexes
Ondaric Sentinels – 6x Ishlaen Guard
Talons of Furion – 3x Ishlaen Guard
Depth-Dwellers Shoal – 6x Morrsar Guard
Void Leviathan - Leviadon
Ondaric Fourth Phalanx: Akhelian Corps

Anvils of the Heldenhammer
Lord Arcanum
Lord Ordinator
Lord Castellan
Knight Azyros
Celestial Hurricanum
4x Celestar Ballista
5 Liberators
5 Liberators
20 Sequitors

   The court of High King Theronhall was awash with the perfumed masses of many Akhelian Elders. Fendriach scanned the choral auditorium, noticed countless faces fixated on him with myriad expressions. These Akhelians were all voluminous robes and fine pearls snatched from the ocean’s bed… none of them bore the scars of countless battles anymore recent than several centuries ago.

   “Shameful… our court shall answers! Ondaric shall have answers!”

   “What a travesty and embarassment to the Akhelian houses…”

   “Is this the so called “Benighted Prince”, surely he has eclipsed our own lands as much as his enemies!”

   “Enough!” High King Theronhall sent out a rippling wave of silence with one thundered word. “Fendriach and Ellion’Draich shall always be my sons… they shall answer directly to me before anyone else. Both of you, step forward and answer for the crimes placed upon wreathed heads…”


   North Sector:

In the center of the battlefield, the same lonesome tower that watched the hordes of Slaanesh butcher Ondaric once again bares witness to slaughter of a different sort. South east of the tower, a baleful archway leads further into the lands of the Ondaric Enclave. In the northwest, an arcane dais corrupted by Slaanesh still pulses corruptive magic throughout the land.

   South Sector:
Directly south of the observatory is a flaming realmgate. Once enthralled by the forces of slaansesh, the realmgate now flashes with the brilliance of lightning. In the southwest, the remnants of an Ondaric bastion lie now in ruin. A damned shrine to the darker powers haunts the land to the southeast.


None of the terrain rules really came into play this game, except one… the observatory is mystical! Also, Gloomtide shipwreck near the center of the objective.

   Ondaric Enclave Deployment:

   Ellion’Draich and the Allopex squadrons deploy toward the southwestern objective. Fendriach positions himself to claim the center objective. The Ondaric Sentinels and the Depth-Dwellers Shoal deploy cloistered around the Void Leviathan. The Talons of Furion ready themselves to flank any foe on the southeastern objective.
Anvils of the Heldenhammer deployment:

Knight Azyros awaits in the heavens… unit of 20 Sequitors form a phalanx from the center to the eastern flank. Two squads of 10 liberators take up position on the left flank in the west. Lord ordinator and three of the celestar ballista hunker behind the sequitors. Another ballista is deployed on the other side of the realmgate. Lord Arcanum reinforces the Lord Ordinator.

Turn One:
“Sons of Sigmar,” Torifan, messenger of the Ondaric House, swooped his Fangmora eel down low to come eye to eye with the massive statuesque warriors before him. “You honor us with your heroics. High King Theronhall will be pleased to know that his allies came to the rescue of his enclave.”

   “Torifan,” A titan of a wizard cowed the eel scenting him hungrily. “Our God King returns your High King’s gratitude… we have arrived to send Theronhall his love! Vengeance of Odynossus! Death to the Ondaric!”

   A brilliant arc of lightning sparked from the Lord Arcanum’s fingers. The scourge slammed into Torifan’s mount. Nothing remained but charred remnants. The Akhelian cried out in surprise, but he was already dead.

   The Talons of Furion raced into the sinister shrine of the chaos gods to hold the enemy off from scoring the objective. The Void Leviadon surges up into the center west just ahead of the Gloomtide shipwreck, with both the Ondaric Sentinels and Depth-Dwellers riding close behind on either
flank. All three units are in range of the shipwreck.
The Abyssal Hunters take position within range of the second piece of the Gloomtide Shipwreck on the center-west side of the battlefield. Fendriach races over the observatory and lands directly on the objective. Ellion’Draich does the same on the north-western objective.

Not much happens, aside from the Abyssal Hunters loosing some razor nets onto one of the celestar ballista and inflicting three wounds.

Turn One: Anvils of the Heldenhammer

   Celestial Hurricanum opens up with comet of cassandora and chips a wound off of the Ondaric Sentinels. Celestar Ballistas unleash some volleys in the hero phase thanks to the Anvils of Heldenhammer’s abilities. Fendriach weathers the first three-to-four volleys with only two wounds… and that’s with all of the buffs to hit provided by the hurricanum and Lord Ordinator.

   Of course, I realized that I made a mistake, as even after coming away from four full volleys of rapid firing ballistas with only two wounds… Fendriach was blasted to smithereens in time. But, he saved much of his force from a lot of the killing power of the first turn.

   Here is how well he was doing!

   Of course, I should mention now, that it’s low tide. So an increase in save for all Deepkin on the board. Also, my warlord was in mystical terrain, but had the sanguine pearl that provides better feel no pain. But the point is, all of my units on the right flank are either getting feel no pain from the shipwreck, the mystical terrain, and an increase in their save this turn.

   Arcane bolt chips a wound off of another akhelian from the Depth-Dwellers.
   Four wounds are chipped off the Void Leviadon from more ballista shots.

   The Sequitors charge across the entire line of the Void Leviathan, Ondaric Sentinels, and Depth-Dwellers shoal. The Knight Azyros has dropped, granting a buff to hit against foes within range. Lord Castellan grants rerolls of save rolls of one to the Sequitors, then the Sequitors buff themselves with rerolling all of their failed hits this round.

   The melee rages, but is largely indecivise, a couple of wounds are placed on the Akhelians and Leviadon. About one or two Sequitors bite the dust. Lord Arcanum is using his cycle of the storm each phase to bring back a dead Sequitor, absorbing more wounds.

Victory Points:
0:2 (Ondaric)

Turn Two: Ondaric Enclave

   Valluir flicked his wrist and caved in the stoic sigmarite face of another stormcast. Blood fountained from the wound, followed by a great burst of lightning that sent his fangmora reeling. As his vision began to recover, he witnessed the same warrior slain moments ago charge headlong toward him, renewed.

   Durellis swooped her fangmora down low so that her vicious mount could rip and tear away the stormcast’s skull a second time. This time a burst lightning struck the eternal in the moment of his death throes… then he was gone forever…

   The Talons of Furion race down slope into the vulnerable battery of three celestar ballistas. The manuever is not as successful as predicted, with two wounds being torn into two of the ballista crew each. The Allopexes race into the stormcast flank and charge into the fourth ballista and promptly cut it down.

   Ellion’draich charges upon the Lord Castellan nearing the objective, figuring that he could stop them claiming that objective by killing the Castellan outright. The Akhelian King and his Deepmare launch of a flurry of blows. One Liberator is slain, and the Castellan is wounded three times.

   One of the Depth-Dwellers shoal is slain, but only about ten of the Sequitors remain in the melee. The rest have been grinded down, but between the Leviadon and two units of Akhelians, this squad is truly holding it’s own.

Also, the Leviadon rolls exceptionally well for his crushing maw attack and inflicts 6 mortal wounds on the Sequitors, slaying three of them.

   Turn Two: Anvils of the Heldenhammer

Comet of Cassandora goes off, as does the Hurricanum’s ability, the Abyssal Hunters are blasted to death by all the magic. The Leviadon is pummeled to about one wound remaining. The Lord Castellan flees toward the north-western objective and shields himself with a phalanx of liberators. More Liberators pile in to stop Ellion’Draich from claiming the Castellan’s head.

Victory Points:
1:2 (Ondaric)

Turn Three: Ondaric Enclave & Anvils of the Heldenhammer

The Sequitors are finally put to the sword, the last three failing their bravery check toward the end of the round. The Leviadon dies to another volley of ballista shots, as does Ellion’Draich. The Ondaric Sentinels are ground down to one aelf on two wounds. The Depth-Dwellers remain five-strong, but there is still another ballista to fire.

At this point, the Knight Azyros has the eastern objective. Lord Arcanum holds the center objective. Lord Castellan is holding the western objective. I know there is no way to push all three heroes off of their objectives, so I conceed.

Great game and good fun. Thanks to my opponent!
Victory Points
4:2 (Anvils)

I made some critical mistakes here. The main one was exposing my heroes to too much hostility. I completely forgot about the rule that Idoneth characters cannot be targeted if they are not the nearest model. Also, while I think I did the save buffs right, I could have used Fendriach to grant rerolls of one to all of my akhelians within range… that would have helped a lot.

I also left the western flank too weak, and the foe overwhelmed me when I should have absolutely destroyed it. Also, Sequitors are damned tough, haha!
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Re: Bat-Rep: Ondaric Enclave vs Hammers of the Heldenhammer
« Reply #1 on: June 3, 2019, 12:12:29 PM »
Thanks for the report! Love the paint scheme on your eels!

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Re: Bat-Rep: Ondaric Enclave vs Hammers of the Heldenhammer
« Reply #2 on: June 3, 2019, 05:13:26 PM »
Thanks for the report! Love the paint scheme on your eels!

Hey, thanks Wyddr!  :) I'm glad that you like the Eels, with the new contrast paints coming out soon, I'm going to try a wider range of colors!
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Announcement - entire Revision 2.0 Preview for A Sanctum of Swords is available on The first twelve chapters are free and the remaining thirteen can be unlocked with one purchase of $9.99.

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