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Started by Treg_pjwninaro, December 6, 2006, 03:38:19 PM

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This hasn't come up a while...
What's the funniest thing that has happened to you in a game, not necessarily in the warhammer part of the game

For me, it was in a "Capture the Flag" game.  It was a 2v2 game, with the side that had a model touching the flag at the end of the game win.  we played in my basemet (it has a low ceiling)

An opponent's Arcon was 3in away in the shooting phase, tried to fleet, but got a one.  In celebration, me and my friend(who had just gotten his cast on his hand off) threw up our hands in celebration...

Did I mention my basemet has a really low ceiling :-[

My friend thought he rebroke his hand ;D
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last surviving unit of 5 armoured fist troopers survived a charge by 15 bloodletters while they fought whit the back against their destroyed losses and killed 1 ;D

My 6 fire dragons unable to kill a basilisk for 3 turns shoot ing from 4" on its rear armour  :-[

Turning up whit a unit of 16 khorne chosen berserker's on a bring in battle...almost 2000 points for those...never did bring them again  but it was a good laugh  :D

2000 points of guards able to hold of 4000 points of tyranids that respawned every turn (everything in the tyranid list respawned when it died) for over 10 turns and winning the battle whit 1 model left in a campain  :P

Qui-Gon Jinn

My Chaplain and Assault Squad charging a Chaos Lord.Lost 3 of my own men,but killed him before I even got to my Power Fist(Rolled an INSANE amount of 1s for his 2+ save).

Imobilised Demolisher killing half a Khorne Bezerker Squad and a whole squad of Bloodletters.(for once the Scatter Dice rolls the way i want it to go.)

Scouts killing a Chaplain,and 3 DC with only losing one(went on to kill the rest of the DC while reducing another squad that charged them to 3 models)

Techmarine surviving an insane amount of PF attacks.

Attacking a Sentinel with Scouts and glanced it 6! times before my PF(Holy cow,I got a lot of 6s)

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Two of my terminators in 2nd ed going down to Ratlings in HtH.  :o
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Killing a Necron lord on Destroyer Body (T 6!) with a shuriken pistol and him failing the I'll be back! ROFLMAO!!!
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A single swooping hawk kills 3 monoliths in a mega battle

an Avatar killing a 30 man death company squad in 5 turns.
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my force commander with twin lightning claws and termi honours holding off 3 squads of gaunts that had the without number rule ( respawn and respawn non stop) until end of game( 5 turns)

my rocket launcher troop taking 8 rail gun shots and surviving ( he was in the open, my friend hit with all of them but got 1's)

same rocket troop dooking it out with a falcon shot for shot until 6th turn when he killed it ( it had scatter lazer and bright lance)

the eldar lady from 3rd ed who had the armour of vaul ( make a moral check for armour save its invulnerable) taking 7 plasma shots 5 bolt gun shots and one splinter pistol shot and the only one that hurt her was the slinter pistol
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Wow... Where to begin...
I lost a 6 man terminator unit to 5 lasguns... In one shooting phase...
I killed an Avater with a bolt pistol...
I took out Abaddon, Fabius Bile and 6 chosen chaos terminators with a demolisher cannon that was not even firing at them...
I beat a cheesy Eldar starcannon (old rules) army with SM...
I fought off a 10 man assualt termie squad for 3 turns with 2 initiates...
I destroyed a whole 800pt Necron army with nothing but a Chaplain and 3 intiiates...

And I'm sure there is more I just can't think of it all at the moment...


Killing 27 models with a single aspiring champion in a single shooting phase.  Tzeentch blessed my dice.

(It could have been up to 57 kills though...)


98% of the weed smokers on this site bug the 2% non-smokers on this site about why they should.  Maybe the 98% should lighten up, go smoke one and leave us to our choices.

Quote from: Sanctjud on October 12, 2007, 10:59:06 PM
"OMG, did you see that, the big melty thingy melted bob, OMG it's walking this way.  OH DEAR GREATER GOOD, RUN!"

Quote from: Killersquid on March 27, 2007, 09:26:31 PM
If I eat your brain, do I gain your talen

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My Hive Tyrant melting his own brain thanks to Warp Blast while on his last wound, kicking the bucket and precipitating a mass charge into my genestealers... who won the combat against the 15 Templar Marines in a single turn. Man that was one weird game
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Me and my Chaos buddy allied our forces together to create 3 1000pt Chaos armies working as one, against 1 3000pt Space Marines army.

During turn 2 or 3 the marine player had a cunning plan to deepstrike 10 terminators into our lines. They were promptly assaulted by a Bloodthirster, a Keeper of Secrets, a Lord of Change, and 3 Chaos dreadnoughts, one of which had blood raged. Somehow or other, one terminator survived! Well, he survived that round anyway.

I think that's one of my best 40k memories ever actually, I think we almost made him cry. He was so confident in his cunning plan...
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*Deepstrikes 10 Warp spiders next to a Defiler*

Me:For the Craftworld!!!

Him: Uhhh you realize I gave it the upgrade to 13 armour

Me: Men, warm up your soulstones... (as I watch his turret swing to face my Warpspiders)

In the same game, an eldar pathfinder of mine wounded a Deamonprince in Close Combat.


Slaughtering Abbadon and 600 points of terminator chosen with a grot.

(he rolled a massive scatter in precisely the wrong direction and abbadon landed right on top of him. The grot had great fun popping the terminators with a stick before they solidified)
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hoe did you manage that?

I was wondering the same.
Two bolts of change fired at a sentinel squadron which happened to stand in a tightly packed imperial guard army. Both exploded with a 6" radius, the first explosion caught 21 guardsmen, the second even 35.  Out of these, 25 were wounded and killed.
So that is 25 infantry models and 2 vehicles killed with a single aspiring champion in a single shooting phase. It was priceless.

Seth the Dark

A lone AC with a Powerfist exploding a Rhino which then killed 5 Sisters nearby and a couple of my own Plaguebearers.
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Sadly, this first memory is not from one of my games, but man did I laugh...

DP (of Khorne IIRC) charges a Drop-podded SM Dread. Penetrating hit, explosion, 1 wound on DP... 1 wound left (already wounded before)... Last turn, DP can't reach anything except the Drop Pod, so he charges it. Penetrating, explosion, and bye-bye Mr. DP... Ended out as a Draw because of the DP's death  :P


2 v 2, DA & Eldar (me, 3rd ed) VS Chaos & Tau. All of the DA's army shoot at a DP, which is left with 2 wounds. 5 guardians (defenders, no platform nor warlock) shoot him. 1 Wound left. "Ah screw it... Men, CHARGE!" DP kills 2 guadians, then dies horribly from 2 failed saves... Then the guardians are annihilated by two FW squads' shooting... 2 x 12 men squads, the first one actually did nothing...

The same guardian squad ( 5-6 guardians left, with Warlock w/o Witchblade, 4th ed rules, but 3rd ed 'dex) also beat down 5-6 Last Chancers and Scheaffer in 2 rounds of CC. Plus shooting to oblivion a Sentinel in the same game, along wih a Chimera and Leman Russ (their platform was a BL).


   Just happened last week. Mighty Chaplain of Death jump all alone before my Avatar to shoot it with his Plasma Pistol before charging.
   It happens that I taunted the guy about the Gets Hot! rule: -''Wow! If I were you, I would'nt shoot that gun!''
   -''And why not?'' he answer to me?
   -''Well, it is notorious that Imperial plasma weapons blow in the face of those fool enough to use them''.
   -''What are you talking about? Never happens to me''

   Then the said gun DID blow in his face and he then promptly failed his 2+ Artificier Armor save.  ;D


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A 600pt Dark Eldar HQ of an archon, incubi, and the incubi special character running of the table after a 50pt rhino tankshocked them...priceless

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