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Author Topic: 2000 point Sisters list, plus brief tourney battle reports.  (Read 566 times)

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2000 point Sisters list, plus brief tourney battle reports.
« on: March 31, 2009, 02:06:58 PM »
This is a cross-post thread, see the right list in Campaign and Battle Reports.  -Mr.Peanut

Hello all! Just wanted to post up a list I've take to two different tournaments now and done particularly well with. Each tourney had 3 games a piece and I faced a great variety of opponents as well.

The list:
Cannoness Implacable
Blessed Weapon
Cloak of St. Aspira
Jump Pack
Frags      ~131

5 celestians
2 melta guns
Smoke   ~138

10 Sisters
H flamer
Combi Flamer
Smoke  ~210

10 Sisters
"Same as above"

10 Sisters
"Same as above"

10 Sisters
2 Melta guns
Combi Melta
Melta Bombs
Smoke  ~220

8 Seraphim
2 Hand Flamers
Book    ~230

8 Seraphim
2 Inferno Pistols
Eviscerator  ~250

3 Exorcists  ~ 400

Faith Points 9

Super mobility, able to react to lots of threats, lots of options for dealing with threats. Throughout the tournies I practiced the idea of sending two squads after whatever I was targeting. Typically, this meant getting two flamer squads in range, usually with seraphim backup. My Exos usually targeted the biggest threats to themselves first, then once they had longer range than most everything, they would concentrate on helping the girls. Deployment usually was making a line, or box of protective rhinos in front of/around my Seraphim and Exos. Most foes would rather pick on my exos than my girls, so giving them cover was critical.

I know a lot of people field their sister squads with H flamer/Melta/Brazier combo so that each squad has some anti tank too, but I've never had much luck with one girl trying to bust a tank. She'll always wiff with that one melta shot, or fail to penetrate armor, or just shake the tank. So I make all my squads redundant. When I need a tank dead, 2 meltas and a combi will do it. This also leaves my super flamer squads to do a LOT of damage on DG shooting.

Now, the bat reps;

Tourney 1 Game 1: Eldar, Table corners setup, Capture and control
Eldrad running with Scorpions, Avatar, Small pathfinders squad, 4 guardian squads w Scatter lasers, Dire Avengers in Serpent Exarch Bladestorm/defend,Pweapon, Twin bright lance on the serpent, 10 Fire Dragons Exarch Firepike serpent twin lance, 3 war walkers with twin scatter lasers.

I was to hesitant in this game, I planned on just holding my objective, but I learned that against such a shooty list I should be more aggressive. Nonetheless, playing defensive, I still almost tabled him, all he had left was Eldrad, pathfinders, and thats about it. Game ended with me closing in on his objective, but eldrad fleeted into combat to pull me off of my objective by like, 1/4 inch. (So mad at myself for letting that happen!) He didn't manage to kill much of mine at all, owing to terrible Armor penn rolls. The avatar managed to get a squad, and weight of fire did whittle down my numbers. Mostly my flamers and heavy flamers made short work of his troops, while my exos picked off his war walkers early, Wave serpents, and then picked on the avatar till he died as well as destroying Eldrads Scorpion bodyguard. (Can't fortune a save you don't get.)

Overall, barely a loss, pulled off my own objective by assault. Shoulda had more guarding it, but, oh well.

What did I learn? Play offensive against a shooty list like this. Sisters are most dangerous in a short range firefight. I shoulda ran the rhinos at him full speed first turn. The avatar is easy to delay with a Spirit of the Martyr sisters squad. No leadership penalties for the win.

Tourney 1 Game 2 Marines, Kill points, Dawn of War
3 thunderfire cannons, deep striking terminators, couple of tactical squads, 1 squad assault marines, dreadnought, 2 special characters (Can't remember who, one had gauntlets of Ultramar) .
This guy was still kinda new to the hobby, doesn't know all the rules yet, or his army entirely. My mobility was way greater than his, so I was able to get to where I needed to be, when I needed to be to DG his troops, or his assault marines that got to far out in front. The Inferno Phims chased down the dread, then moved on to wipe out all three Thunderfires. I ended up tabling him, but tried to give him some advice for fighting sisters, and fighting overall. Not much to report.

Tip of the day: 3 Exorcists are nasty.

Tourney 1 game 3: Chaos space marines, Pitched battle, 5 objectives
4 10 man squads of footslogging Khorne Beserkers, Kharn, 2 2 man oblit squads, Demon Prince, MoK, Wings, 10 Plague marines.

He set up first, so I kept my Exos in reserve so that his oblits didn't get a shot at them until they had at least shot first. That worked very well, as exos are great at smoking oblits. He had terrible luck trying to bust my rhinos, didn't get one. Game started with his DP getting way out in front while the Beserkers started their slow run towards my lines. Plague marines held an objective in the backfield in cover. The DP was smoked first turn by sister rapid fire + Seraphim evis assault. 2nd turn saw his beserkers run to get very close. This was where it all went wrong for him.

He got in a short range firefight with the sisters.

All my units were able to converge on what was just a wall of Beserkers, and flame/bolter/melta the Khorne outa them. After the shooting was done, my phims lept over my rhinos to assault anything that was left alive. That one turn saw 40 Beserkers plus Kharne turn into like, 8 plus Kharne with a wound, and now they were all tied up in combat. My exos drove on and wasted the oblits, and that was about it. End of the game I had claimed 4 objectives and was closing in on his dwindling plague marines in cover, (the only unit he had left). Definitely a stomping.

What did I learn? Keeping the exos in reserve if you don't think you'll get first turn isn't to bad of an idea, especially against an army like this with little in the way of long range. When they rolled on, they played a wonderful hymn of destruction, and there was suddenly nothing left to threaten them. Nice.

Tourney 2, Game 1, Chaos demons, Capture and control, table quarters
Fateweaver, 4 squads of horrors, 1 squad of flamers, 2 squads of fiends of slanesh? , 3 soul grinders.

Going in I thought this battle was going to be terrible. I've never had any luck with soul grinders, I always manage only to stun or shake them, which doesn't do anything to grinders. This game was different.

I started by covering my deployment zone, creating a barrier with rhinos and terrain that surrounded my exos and seraphim. I left a tiny hole in my deployment zone that he tried to DS into, that didn't work out for him though....
He started off not getting the half of his army he wanted, so, a squad of horrors took his objective, and the rest of his army came in. Sort of. Over the course of this game he suffered from no less than 4 deep strike mishaps. One destroyed a unit, 2 allowed me to put the units where I wanted, (Flamers were put just out of flamer range, fiends just at Rhino + Rapid fire range) and one kept the last unit of fiends from coming in when they'd be useful. The rest of his army came in piecemeal. My first turn I took out the 1 grinder that landed with all my meltas and exos. My flamer girls responded to the flamers and so it went for the rest of the game. He didn't kill a single unit of mine. He conceded at the end as I was about to wipe out his last two units. Fateweaver lost a wound in combat to seraphim eviscerator again, and the old bird promptly failed her morale test and left the board. This was a bad game for him, he didn't do much tactically wrong, its just the chaos gods wanted to laugh at him today. He's a good opponent and took his lumps well though.

Tip of the day: Deepstriking armies are very common in my tourney area. From drop pods, to demons, to I'm sure guardsman in the next couple of months, it's pretty likely I'll see one in each tourney. The best was to hinder them is to deny them the prime targets, in this case my phim and exos. Cover your deployment zone with models and give them no great options for deepstriking, and they'll have to waste shots on rhinos or the like.

Tourney 2 Game 2 Freakin Tau, Kill points, Pitched battle
Crisis suits with missles/plasma/shield drones, 2 squads pathfinders, 4 fire warrior squads, 2 hammerheads, 3 broadside unit with shield drones, 4 devilfish.

This was deffinately my hardest game. A friend of mine who always plays hard to win. His suits and broadsides were tricked out to take advantage of wound allocation cheese, (He admits its cheese) with shield drones to help. LOTS of mobility and range. What does a sisters army not want to fight? Something that hurts a lot at range, and hurts a lot in short range firefights.

He got first turn, so I decided to DS my seraphim squads. He immediately started picking on my exos and got 2 in the first two turns. Markerlights prevented any cover I could have given them. My phim did their job, the inferno pistols dropped right next to a hammerhead to drop it, and the flamers hit the Crisis suits hard, but not hard enough. At that point the battle got bloody, everything I had in the open was answered with rapid firing Fire Warriors. It went back and forth between us at this point. He killed my phim, I flamered his warriors, he rapid fired my sisters, I flamed them back. We went back and forth, but he ended up winning with like 11 points to my 7 or 8. His broadsides smoked a rhino a turn, which hurt too. Tough match.

What did I learn? Deepstriking my phims worked well this time. Neither scattered more than 2 inches. I took a risk with them and it paid off. His range hurt me at first, and his firepower hurt me once I got close. I couldn't charge him fast enough. We were both worried about kill points with all our transports and we each had to face the army we didn't want to face for that particular match.

Tourney 2 Game 3, Same Eldar player as last tourney. Pitched battle, Capture and control.

This guy was back and he's always a smart opponent. This time his list had dropped some guardians to pick up a fire prism.

This time I had learned my lesson. I rushed forward, while staying just out of his effective range for each unit. When the time came, I played the old, get out of the Rhino, DG flamers, get back in the rhino and move on. I hit him pretty hard again this game, he had a couple pathfinders left, the avatar, and a few guardians. He had a bad morale roll or two, and my phim were abel to escort them off the board. I dropped Eldrad and his retinue through weight of fire and hit and run. My exos were cooking, takine out the war walkers before they got a shot, smoking the wave serpents and taking shots at the scorps and avatar. He just barely prevented me from contesting his objective in the end, so it ended in a tie.

Tip of the day: Sisters can take on the avatar in close combat. He'll most likely win eventually, but he'll spend a few rounds in cc with them to do it. When facing a big bestie like that, (Greater Demon, Wraithlord, defiler, etc.) Sometimes its okay to feed it a squad of sisters to keep in busy for a while. Especially if that squad already has a few casualties and is ready to Spirit of the Martyr.

Overall the list worked AMAZING for me. I had 4 games where I almost tabled my opponents, and one where I did. Most of the time my opponents didn't do nearly as much damage to me. I rarely lost more than half my army, with only the tau taking that honor. 9 Faith points is amazing! Some games I burned through all of them, (and then some) whereas some games, like the demons, I was challenged to find places to spend them. Best advice to all sister players is to know your faith points, how to use them, and what squads can do them. I used all 5 during the tournament at one point or another. Hand of the Emperor to bust a tank, and fight avatars, SotM to survive plasma and power weapon or monstrous creature badness, Passion to swing before a nasty opponent, Light to recover running squads, and DG for the win.

The only part of the army I wasn't to happy with was the Cannoness herself. She often didn't do much damage, and was usually only useful for giving me more faith. I've considered dropping her jump pack, giving her an evis and running her with the celestians to help them pop tanks. *Shrug* I dunno.

Any questions, comments?

Thanks all for reading!
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