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Title: 1000 Competetive Point List - Light Vehicle Spam
Post by: -Dark Fire- on February 18, 2009, 03:45:44 PM
I thought of this whilst sleep-deprived in a flash of brilliance, I hope anyway. I had been looking at starting a pure Sisters of Battle army (I don't have any models yet) and this will hopefully be my 1k list depending on comments and alterations from everybody. This is not a very friendly list and should be very difficult for several armies to face - those not expecting that amount of armour for one thing.

So without further ado:


Canoness w/ Bp, Book, Eviscerator                  @76

w/ 5x Celestian w/2x melta, Immolator, Smoke  @153


(2) 10x Battle Sister w/Flamer, Heavy Flamer,     @200(400)
                             VSS, Book, Rhino, Smoke

Heavy Support/

2x Exorcist, Extra Armour, 1 with smoke          @283

Immolator w/Multi-Melta, Smoke                       @88


10 KPs, 6 Vehicles, 5 Faith, 32 Models, 2 Scoring Units

I will try and post tactics, or at least unit roles later but it's all fairly obvious. One change worth considering is changing the armament of the empty Immolator, and using the points saved to get extra armour/combi-flamers.

Thank you for any replies, Cleansing Flame   
Title: Re: 1000 Competetive Point List - Light Vehicle Spam
Post by: -Dark Fire- on February 19, 2009, 05:29:19 AM
OK guys what do you think, is it just too good to comment on :P or too bad to waste space and thought on /Thoughtless Bump
Title: Re: 1000 Competetive Point List - Light Vehicle Spam
Post by: Quasarcq on February 19, 2009, 01:29:15 PM
trade the extra armor from your exos to your rhinos. You NEED those transports to get to your enemy at all costs. and drop the smoke of the exo. Exorcists do just fine bare bones with no upgrades, they are a steal.

Dropping the multi-melta on the Immolator for the standard t/l heavy flamer would probably be a good idea to give all your transports smoke and extra armor. You could give your cannoness a brazier of holy fire so she can keep that evicserator.
Title: Re: 1000 Competetive Point List - Light Vehicle Spam
Post by: -Dark Fire- on February 19, 2009, 02:53:05 PM
Finally somebody,  ;D, thank you for your reply. A couple of Points then, Extra Armour on the Exos was just in case of Deepstrikers who stun the crew - if the vehicle cannot move any Obliterators etc. will destroy it easily next turn. But yeah, I'll have to think about that one, I run them bare normally (well, in my other test lists), I just had 13 spare points so heh, I'll probably switch though.

The Canoness doesn't have a Brazier becuase she is part of a melta squad, and the Immolator has a heavy flamer anyway. It would likely be wasted because it would not be under the effects of Divine Guidance.

That's what I'm thinking about the Immolator, drop the Multi-Meltas and get 20 points, plus 13 from the Exo's - armour on both Immo's and Rhinos, then 13 points for a combi-flamer/Brazier somewhere, or melta bombs on the Vets of the BSSs - in case charged but Dreads - but my Exorcists should have killed any dread by then. But I need something to back up my Celestians meltas, in fact, could probably switch that Immo. with the Celestian's .

Do you like it though? Think it has potential?. I've looked around 40K Online and many of the 1000 points list of various armies would not be able to deal with 6 Vehicles at this points level.

What do others think on the list, the main debate on the list is about the Immo. right now but please pick up on anything untoward/dodgy.