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Title: Deamon Hunters, Inquisitor psycannon question.
Post by: 13th guest on April 20, 2007, 03:54:27 AM
I'm wanting an inquisitor with psycannon in a radical DH force (w/IST, Assassins and Deamon hosts). Is the Psycannon to closely linked as a grey knights weapon to be appropriate (I know it is legal)? Also how would you model it as the grey knight with psycannon seems to be one solid model (The Psycannon is not detachable.) ? On rough attempts to work out an army list it seems very difficult to reach 2000pts without inducting (Guard or Marines) or including a transport for every unit. Has anyone else had problems with this?
Title: Re: Deamon Hunters, Inquisitor psycannon question.
Post by: Locarno on April 20, 2007, 04:14:01 AM
It's fine.

A psycannon is not 'closely linked to Grey Knights', it's closely linked to daemon-hunting.

Grey knights get them because they, in turn, are also closely linked to daemon-hunting (it is, after all, their job).

Fortunately you don't have to use the specific psycannon model - the weapon is described as being 'a modified bolt weapon' so any converted heavy bolter-esque gun would do ok...

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