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Author Topic: Clarification on Vassal  (Read 10287 times)

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Clarification on Vassal
« on: January 24, 2010, 10:22:49 PM »
To clarify the position of the staff on the posting of images created using Vassal:

Vassal can be used to illustrate a battle report of a 40k game that happened in the real world, face-to-face with another player.  It is not permissible to use Vassal as a replacement to 40k, ergo, using it as an online MMO that circumvents the purchase of GW stuff.

Bear in mind, we only kiss GW's ass to keep the site out of trouble.

Thus, if you played a game face to face with another person in this non-virtual world we occassionally inhabit and to illustrate it better you utilized Vassal to create some images you are perfectly free to post them.  That is all though.

If you have any questions contact myself, globals, Rasmus etc as usual.

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Re: Clarification on Vassal
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2012, 09:05:26 PM »
If it ever seems like 40kOnline kowtows to Games Workshop, Citadel, or their legal department, consider the following fables regarding other hobby websites.  Vassal 40k is one example of Games Workshop's dire wrath against certain gaming groups, this is the cease-and-desist letter set to Tim Davis by GW legal regarding his project:

[smg id=4486]

The website is shut down:
Vassal40k .com site

Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, and 40k are not present in any permutation on the active website:
Vassal .org site

There are other examples of what happens to sites who fall under GW legal's scrutiny.  The bloody stump of, once a hub for bleeding edge rumors and great photos of miniatures, can still be viewed here:
..:: ::..

Quote from:
Q: isn't this a warhammer 40,000 fan/news site?

A: it was. has been a 40k portal site for nearly 7 years (2000 - 2007), and i'm sad to see it go. i'm sure that most readers have noticed that it hasn't really been updated in the last year. i have to blame that on additional obligations and a fading interest in 40k. just like hasbro ruined magic: the gathering, i've found it hard to honestly invest my time and money in a product that is increasingly taking advantage of its loyal players. i had already been planing on turning into my own blog for some time, but with the recent hit from GW legal i've decided to dump the 40k theme, merge the two sites, and turn into my own set of ramblings. everyone else has a soap box, so i might as well use this one. you'll probably still see a few 40k (dawn of war at least) related news postings, but it's no longer the focus.

40kOnline is maintained by a staff of dedicated hobbists.  Our goal remains the maintenance and protection of the site from all antagonists, whether it be automated spambots or the progenitor of the very game we so enjoy.

Websites And Groups Sued By Games Workshop Legal:
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