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Author Topic: Mega/Meka dred vs gork/morkanaut  (Read 1812 times)

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Mega/Meka dred vs gork/morkanaut
« on: March 29, 2015, 11:42:36 PM »
S'up Ladz.

While slowly working on a 1000pts unbound dread mob; Ghaz dred-mob swapping gork/mork for a dred: just to get started gaming, I was pondering which of the 2 people prefer. With the mega/Meka being a FW product their use may be limited, but they seem like quite solid choices.

Has AVx front/side, Ramshackle Monster (xxx), Grot Riggers as standard and do other things found in the rulebook which makes it quite sturdy.
Basic weapons as standard are 2x Rippa Klaws or Killsaws. Both Sx Apx one has sunder (xxx) and the other has shred, Fixin' Klaws also do some amazing damage which is explained in the rulebook.
Can have KFF
I have thoughts of running this with the Shred Claws and KFF with a couple of 3ccw Skorcha Dreds as a shock assault blob. The Meka comes in at 255pts so a bit pricey for a 3hp walker with no dakka, but when it isn't running it's fixing it's mates and supplies a KFF. A similar Mork comes in at 300pts without the repair function.

Mega Dred:
Also AVx and Ramshackle. Can take Grot Riggers for a steal.
Comes with a Rippa Klaw/Killsaw and a Killkanon.
Not as scary as a Gork/Mork, but at 180pts for the standard set-up + Grot Riggers it's quite good. The Killkanon finds a nice home here I think, able to hopefully soften up it's intended targets before some Shred PK action.

My LGS is fine with FW stuff as long as I have a hard copy of the rules.

So, any thoughts or experience between the 2?

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Re: Mega/Meka dred vs gork/morkanaut
« Reply #1 on: April 1, 2015, 08:04:10 AM »
Well it seems our resident dread heads haven't responded with an intelligent answer yet. Maybe they are still kicking their grots at the work shop...

I am a speed freak player, and don't use the dreads. But, I will try to answer your question.

I would say use the FW stuff from IA8, it is a better codex than our current one. Since your local allows FW stuff (with latest rules) then go for it.  Make a large kan wall army. I have heard it is a hoot to klank across the board and krump everything that gets in the way.

I know, not the great detailed game winning advice you were looking for. Now, if you were building a speed freak army, that would be a different story.  ;)
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Re: Mega/Meka dred vs gork/morkanaut
« Reply #2 on: April 8, 2015, 08:28:13 AM »
Welcome to the party Flumpy.

When it comes to your question/thread title of:  Mega/Meka dred vs gork/morkanaut, for me there is only one answer.  The MekaDread.

Using the 6th Ed update to IA8, the Meka can be a Warlord and doesn't use up a Heavyslot.  Is it harder to get a MekaDread?  Possibly.  It really depends on if your local meta is down with Scratchbuilt Konversions.  A fair deal of opponents I've had in the past (and occasionally still show up at the stores I frequent) have been opposed to scratchbuilds and conversions, but usually that's due to an experience with someone who modeled specifically to gain a tactical advantage, something that I'm personally against.

When GW brought in 'True Line of Sight' I was afraid some of my opponents were going to rally against my scratchbuilt minis, and while some did, most saw the two important tenants I follow when it comes to scratchbuilding.  1 that the scratchbuild adheres to the correct size of the official mini; 2 that it looks appropriate.  Cover both of those and your Gold.

If you think you can scratchbuild a good Mekadread, then I'll be the first to say Waaagh On, and can I see some WiP pics.  However since many players, particularly newer ones are less inclined to put in the hours (and I mean HOURS) of hard work challenging work to scratchbuild, I'll say this; if you are more interested in the gaming aspect of the hobby than the modeling aspect (which I totally understand and respect), go for the Morkanought instead.

The Morkanought is a different beast than the MekaDread, it just is.  But the nought is a perfectly valid choice, and will never require Forgeworld or extensive modification (although AoD's light up is quite amazing, and not to toot my own horn but I rather dig my own Scratchbuilt Morkanought which you can see here).

Truly beautiful work. That's the kind of stuff that makes a true mekanik cry tears of joy.
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Re: Mega/Meka dred vs gork/morkanaut
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2015, 11:21:41 AM »
I have not used my gorka/morka-naut so I can't say how he is battle wise.   The option for the morkanaut to take a KFF is huge though as it feels up having to take an HQ with one plus given the transport capabilities it is an added bonus.   Points cost is a little high but he has decent armor and weapons as well and a crap ton of HP's.

Having used the mega dread numerous times I can say that it is very situational.   Yes it has a killkannon which orks lack and yes it is a beast and a very cool model but it is very situational.  The killkannons range really hurts it.  Meaning that he now has to be a front runner to be effective.  And since people like to shoot the big stuff or the killy stuff is is easily HP'd out.  I love the model but his usefulness is lackluster at best.

The Meka, i never really used but since our HQ slots have gone to the wayside this edition he might be a viable option in place of a big mek w/kff.  We got nerfed in many areas so he could make for a more durable HQ choice.

All in all KFF is the most important option you can have when going dread mob.  The saves will keep you going but you also need some ranged support or air support to help your dread mob to get where they are going.  They are slow and not the massive wall they used to be.


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