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Started by Sir_Godspeed, May 30, 2024, 02:17:02 AM

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This is a question from an outsider, so please bear with me. I was wondering, are there a particularly large amount of standalone/single-model character-type models in AoS compared to Fantasy? Are most of these models treated as essentially upgrades for a unit group, or are they more often deployed alone, etc.?

I know this is a VERY broad question, but I keep seeing GW releasing single-model units for various AoS factions, and I'm just wondering what the gaming dynamic is here.


There are many more single-model characters in AoS than in fantasy. Most of the time, they are simply lone operatives but have rules to synergize with certain units of all of them. Certain battalion rules allow some of your characters to be attached to certain units, but other than that - they are pretty much operating on their own. Keeping them within range of units can make them difficult to target as well.
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The current edition of Age of Sigmar (and by all accounts the next one) doesn't include any rule permitting a hero character to "join" any unit, so they act independently. There are a bunch of rules that allow the character to influence and be protected by other units (bodyguard units, buffing auras, Look Out Sir, etc.) but the hero is always a separate unit and considered as such.

Therefore, all heroes in AoS are on their own and deployed on their own.

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