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Author Topic: Tyranid Invasion scenario - Feedback request  (Read 1451 times)

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Tyranid Invasion scenario - Feedback request
« on: February 27, 2014, 08:34:23 AM »
I've written a scenario to represent part of a tyranid invasion with the defenders trying to hold them off whilst an evacuation takes place.

My friends generally leave it to me to balance special missions and rules. I could do with some other opinions on the balance of this scenario as both sides have very different special rules and mission goals its hard to judge.

The scenario uses terrain I own such as a couple of bastions, aegis defence lines, bunker, statue and the parts of a warhammer fortress, this is the reason for the numbers of those used by the defenders. Rules for the fortress sections are at the bottom of the mission rules.

Here's the mission:

Tyranid Assault

The Hive Fleet has arrived in system and their forces are rampaging over the entire planet, can the city’s defenders hold them off long enough for the evacuation to succeed?

Mission Idea & Army Composition: This is a narrative mission designed to represent an invading force of Tyranids attacking the last bulwark of a planets defences that protect the final evacuations.
Its designed to be fought between a Tyranid force and various Defending forces, Imperials fit best.
To suitably make a carpet of invaders whilst still fitting on a standard board 3000pts is about as large as can be played. Ideally this would consist of two separate 1500pt armies on each side with each army having a warlord.  Fortifications may not be purchased by either side.

Deployment: The Hammer and Anvil deployment is used for this mission.
The Defenders deploy a Fortress Wall consisting of a single gatehouse, three towers and two wall sections in a line across the table 18” from their table edge.
The defenders then place a single Imperial Bunker (protected by a Void Shield and with an Ammo Dump) behind the Fortress Wall and two Bastions (armed with Icarus Lascannons) in front of the Fortress Wall but still in their table half.
The defenders then place two Aegis defence lines inside their table half with one in front of and one behind the Fortress Wall, they then place a single Quad Gun attached to one of these defence lines.
The defender places an Imperial Statue 6” behind the door in the Gatehouse.
Lastly the defender places two Comms Relays inside their table half with one in front of and one behind the Fortress Wall.

One of the two Defending armies must be chosen as the forward defenders whose job it is to prevent the invading Tyranids from reaching the walls and provide rapid deployment forces to react to the enemy’s movements. This force must deploy at least two more units in front of the Fortress Wall than it does behind it, so should utilise the bastions and reserve large parts of their army.

Game Length: The game ends when one side has completed their victory conditions.

Tyranid Victory Conditions:
The Tyranids win the game as soon as they have accumulated 5 Invasion points (IP's) meaning the defenders have failed to stop the Tyranids breaking through and consuming the evacuees.   
The Tyranids gain IP's in the following circumstances:
+1 IP for each Defender Warlord Killed.
+1 IP if the Imperial Bunker is destroyed.
+1 IP if both Bastions are destroyed.
+1 IP if the Tyranids ever control the Imperial Statue at the start of one of their turns (as with objectives).
+1 IP for each Scoring Unit that leaves the table via the Defenders table edge using the Brake Through rule.

Defender Victory Conditions:
The defenders win the game if at the end of a game turn they have accumulated 25 Evacuation points (EP’s) meaning they have held the Tyranids off for long enough for the evacuation to be completed.
At the start of each of the Defenders player turns EP’s are gained for the following:
+1 EP if none of the Fortress sections have been destroyed.
+1 EP for each Defender Warlord on the table (including inside a transport).
+1 EP for each Comms Relay controlled by the defender (as with objectives).
+1 EP if the Imperial Bunker is occupied by the Defenders.
The defenders also gain +1 EP each time a Tyranid Warlord is killed.

Special Mission Rules: Reserves.

Night Attack: The Tyranids attack swiftly and in the dark so they always take the first turn and the rules for Nightfighting are used during the first turn. The defenders may not seize the initiative.

Endless Tide: Whenever a Tyranid unit is completely destroyed, removed from play or falls back off the table it is placed into reserves at full strength (as it started the game) and is eligible to be deployed using any of its normal reserve options at the start of its owners next movement phase just like any other unit in reserve.
Units that are created during the game do not benefit from this rule.

They're coming from everywhere: Whenever a Tyranid unit enters the game from normal reserve it may enter from any part of the table edge inside their table half. 

Brake Through: If at the end of their movement phase a Tyranid unit is wholly within 3” of the Defenders table edge they may choose to leave the table.
Units that do so count as being destroyed for the purpose of the Endless Tide rule.

The Line of Defence:  Tyranid models may not outflank, Infiltrate or scout behind the Fortress Wall.

The Gatehouse, Towers and Walls of the Fortress are all AV:14 buildings with the Mighty Bulwark (-1 to damage results) and Stalwart Defence (units wholly atop the battlements are stubborn) special rules. In addition if they suffers a Total Collapse or Detonation! Damage result they are treated as difficult and dangerous area terrain instead of impassable terrain.

The Gatehouse has a door in its centre, this is treated as a separate vehicle with AV:12 which is destroyed after losing 2 Hull Points. It can be opened during the movement phase by any model within 2” that is on the inside of the Fortress Wall. The door is destroyed if the surrounding wall is destroyed.
The Towers may be accessed via a door at the rear of their base, doors on the sides at the height of the walls or a hatch on their roof.
Each tower has a transport capacity of 20 models, and has a single fire point in the centre of each facing with a 45° field of view.
The Walls require 5” of movement to move up or down a level at the front and the standard 3” when moving up or down a level at the back. It takes 4” of movement to move between the top of a wall and the top of a tower.

Thanks for reading that wall of text, any feedback would be appreciated.
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Re: Tyranid Invasion scenario - Feedback request
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2014, 11:45:29 PM »
Sounds good. I was working on something similar.

You can't have a tyranid battle without the endless swarm special rule!!

There are so many rules (not saying that's bad) that's is difficult to tell how balanced it is without playing several games. But ...

The Imperials will get 6 EP on turn 1 and possibly turn 2 as I doubt the Tyranids will really get into chewing up the defence until turn 3. They are then halfway to the total required EP.

The Tyranids will probably get the bastions turn 3 along with the forward comms relay, but I think it would take another two turns to get through the door and the bunker behind the fortress - yes they might have flyrant, but not enough fire power to go over the walls and destroy the bunker especially with only 1500 points.

This means I reckon the Imperials will still get 5 EP on turn 3 and say 4 EPs on turn 4. This gives them like 21 EPs, and pretty difficult to stop them winning on turn 5 I reckon.

To win the Tyranids MUST get at least one scoring unit off the far board edge. They can't win without doing this. There are no jump infantry scoring units or deepstriking scoring units (as swarms don't count), which mean they must foot slog past the open terrain, past the bunkers, through the door and keep going to the over side WITHOUT engaging the enemy to keep going and get to the board edge. This will take at least turn 5 I think, and the defenders can focus fire on troop choices to prevent this whilst still racking up their own EPs.

Additionally, the imperials get all the benefits of comms relays, walls, bunkers, shrine which is effectively another ?600 points? of stuff. Yes the Tyranids have the endless swarm, but everything comes on near the back, and will take two turns to foot slog up into the battle. Also, although an IB test is not required the turn they come in from reserves, the Tyranids will need to keep a synapse unit or two back to ensure the reserves keep doing what they are supposed to do and don't run back off the table the following turn.

So I think this quite heavily Imperial biaised at present.

I think the Tyranids need:

1) More points to balance out the fortifications

2) Some change to the break through rule. if you make it any denial unit, the IP for victory needs to be increased to stop 5 squads of Gargoyles just being flown off the board (or indeed 2 Flyrants and 3 Hive Crones) and then going thanking you very much I win. Although if someone did that it wouldn't exactly be a game. It would be difficult to control someone just being "silly" to get that last two/three IPs by flying off flying MCs.

Maybe drop the breakthrough rule and give Tyranid player IP for destroying units. This then works just like VPs really.

It would also fit the scenario as any unit that's been destroyed can't be evacuated!

Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.

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Re: Tyranid Invasion scenario - Feedback request
« Reply #2 on: March 2, 2014, 07:49:47 AM »
Thanks for the well considered reply, as you said with such a complicated scenario its very hard to judge balance, I'd actually though it was tipped in the Nids favour  :)

A couple of points that may not have been clear in the mission layout:

Its a 4 player scenario with each side of the battle having two 1500pt armies and each player having a warlord meaning two on each side which is quite important for victory conditions - especially for the nids as they need so few and can get to the five needed without having to get troops off the board if they get all the rest.

We'll be using the new rules from the stronghold assault books meaning that all the fortification will start on the imperials side meaning even if they are unoccupied the nids can charge them.
Due to the placement of the bastions and fortress wall I see the nids declaring charges against these and using them to 'slingshot' themselves up the board gaining extra movement.

I think the main reason it's hard to judge is that I've tried to make the two sides score in very different ways. I want the imperial to gain lots early game and them really have to struggle to gain the last few as the nids overwhelm them. Where as the Nids don't really need to score any earlier as they have far more straight forward win conditions and with the Brake Through points should be able to build up to an eventual win that way if nothing else.

Obviously I have some foresight as I have an idea of what the two forces will consist of, Imperials will be Imperial guard/Inquisition/Imperial Knight (we don't use the normal 'D' weapon rules) and Space Marines/Blood Angels.
The Nids will be quite monstrous creature heavy with multiple Trygon/mawloc flying tyrants and Crones with gant/warrior troops and venoms for cover and Zoans for synapse and fortification removal.

Similar to you the only way I tried to judge the balnce was plotting the VP's per turn, I guess the following.

Nid T1 = 0
Imp T1 =  6-7
Nid T1 = 1 (Bastions destroyed)
Imp T1 = 12-13
Nid T1 = 2 (one warlord)
Imp T1 = 16-18
Nid T1 = 3
Imp T1 = 19-22
Nid T1 = 4-5
Imp T1 = 22-25
Nid T1 = 5-6
Imp T1 = 24-27

but that's just how I see it in my mind, the imperials could end up holding the walls against the nids for much longer than I think but hopefully the fact all the nids come back from the dead should tip it in their favour.

I'll have a think.



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