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Title: Jason Juta's VDR
Post by: Rumblebelly on January 15, 2002, 10:50:17 PM
Every DE player take a look at Jason Juta's articles (VERY cool).  What do you think of his VDR rule under the Denizen's of Commorragh for the Harvester of Sorrow?  Is it too tough for a DE vehicle or is it okay?  Let me know your opinions.

I personally am just not sure.  On the one hand it has higher armor than any other DE vehicle, automatically making it suspect.  In addition, it's protective fields and structure points make it obscene.  However, Jason's point is well taken that just because the Codex designs a piratical raiding force doesn't mean that the DE have NO war machines.  Why the heck wouldn't they???

Give me your thoughts, if you haven't read it, the  link is:  http://www.eldaronline.com/darkeldar8.shtml

Title: Re: Jason Juta's VDR
Post by: Holiday on January 16, 2002, 03:36:54 PM
Personally I think that the VDR rules are perfectly fine by me.  If you want to spend 400+ on a tank, let her rip.  I looks really impressive, and follows the fluff alright.
But i wouldnt field one.  It is just a big target, i believe a warmachine has a size it has to be.  An armor of 12 with an speed of agile means that no glancing hits for fast moving.  But it is balanced by massive firepower.  So i shouldnt pass judgement till we see the results of a playtest .  
The VDR I was looking at is a DE Walker. Check this out.
walker agile small
11 / 10 / 10
4 arm power weapons
stats   WS4BS4S4I5A6
The Fluff for it is a Talos upgrade  or variation the Haemonculi has been working on.
The 5 Initiative and the Speed Kicks.
Title: Re: Jason Juta's VDR
Post by: trunkhead on January 16, 2002, 03:57:29 PM
Sounds like a cool idea, and I bet he had fun making it, but it's not anything i'd ever use, 4 bills is a lot of points to be useing for a tank.  Of course i just now finally broke down and bought a Talos, I just dont' think Heavy support should play a major role in a Dark Eldar army.

btw, on his website there is a GREAT FAQ about any rules questions for Dark Eldar, w/ interpritations from the Roolzboyz, US GW, and Jervis.
Title: Re: Jason Juta's VDR
Post by: Puffin Magician on January 16, 2002, 06:07:09 PM
Bah.. not enough weapons. Must i reincarnate the BGT II again?
Title: Re: Jason Juta's VDR
Post by: Ardaric on January 19, 2002, 12:46:40 AM
isn't it a little to expensive for a DE army ? it could sure pack a punch, but with it being so prominient on the board it would probably draw all the heavy weapons and 12 ain't usually enough against things like las or meltas.
Title: Re:Jason Juta's VDR
Post by: Aulan Cnesha on February 18, 2002, 04:49:46 PM
12?  12 what?
Title: Re:Jason Juta's VDR
Post by: Dark3lazer on February 18, 2002, 06:41:50 PM
armour value on the vehicle