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Author Topic: H: 40K, WHFB, LOTR, Necro, Gorka W:$ [US]  (Read 1779 times)

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H: 40K, WHFB, LOTR, Necro, Gorka W:$ [US]
« on: May 18, 2014, 11:27:11 PM »
40K 7th is upon us, and I find myself in need of funds to snag the new rules. I am really only looking for cash right now, so not interested in any trades unless they are greatly in my favor. Prices listed below do not include shipping - let me know what you are interested in and give me your mailing address and I will get a shipping estimate for you.

Important note: I am selling because I have no cash. At least until I make a few sales, I cannot afford to ship first even if your rating is ten times higher than mine. My feedback rating should be enough to satisfy most people that I am worth dealing with, but if this doesn't work for you, I am sorry but I can't really do much about it.  :-D

(If your rating is significantly higher than mine, I would be willing to accept a partial payment to cover shipping, and you can hold the balance until you have received your shipment. I would ask that you add add $1.00 to your total if you want to go that route to help cover the additional PayPal fees though.)

Anyway, here is what I have up for sale. Suggested prices are given, but I am open to negotiation, especially if you are interested in multiple items.

Space Marines

Dark Vengeance Limited Edition Chaplain Seraphicus - $15
NOS - Includes his card data sheet which is in mint condition

NOS Rhino (complete) - $20

NOS Land Raider Crusader (incomplete) - $35
(missing some of the parts for the weapon mountings - great for an Ork conversion, or you could source the bits elsewhere)

Codex Grey Knights (minor shelf wear, "Russ" written along bottom & inside cover) - $12
Codex Grey Knights (near mint, very little wear) - $15

Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum

OOP Metal Catachan w/ Meltagun - $3


OOP Metal Hive Tyrant (primed black, complete, whip needs glued back on) - $15
2x OOP Metal Ravenors w/ Devourers (partially assembled, complete) - $10 for the pair

1 set of Tyranid terrain from the Battle for Macragge starter (painted) - $5
1 set of Tyranid terrain from the Battle for Macragge starter (unpainted) - $5

Tyranid Bits - I can either let them all go to one person, or I am willing to part them out. Please don't just ask for one or two bits unless you are prepared to pay enough to make it worth my time.

Take the whole lot for $25

(This photo didn't turn out nearly as well as I was hoping. When I have time and better light, I will lay these back out and retake the photo. In the mean time, please do your best to describe the parts you are after, and I will take closeup photos of the exact parts requested to ensure we both know what we are discussing.)

Eldar / Dark Eldar

21 OOP metal Eldar Harlequins in various states of primer/paint - $50
-1 Great Harlequin
-2 Death Jesters
-2 Shadowseers
-16 Troupers (very few duplicates, 2 models have had a weapon cut from one of their hands - should be easy to replace though)

5 OOP metal Starcannons - $5
2 OOP metal Shuriken Cannons - $2
1 OOP metal Baharroth wings - $1
10 OOP metal Scourge Wings - $5

Take the whole lot for $10


Large lot of 1st/2nd Edition Ork bolters/shootas and bolt pistols/sluggas - $10
(also includes six plasma guns and a chainsword)


OOP GorkaMorka Slaver - $6
OOP GorkaMorka Prospector character - $6

Take both for $10

OOP metal GorkaMorka Digga Mob (bare metal) - $45
-1 Digganob
-1 Digga Shaman
-13 Diggas


OOP metal Cawdor Leader - $5
(conversion - chainsword replaced with power sword)

Warhammer Fantasy / Mordheim

OOP metal Witch Elf - $5
OOP Skaw the Falconer (no birds) - $3
OOP metal Vampire Counts Grave Guard - $5

OOP metal Skink Shaman - $5
OOP metal Skink Horned One rider (Inxi Huinzi) - $10

Small Lizardmen Warband (would make a nice Mordheim Warband) - $25
1 giant serpent on palanquin carried by 4 skinks (hand sculpted serpent, scratch-built palanquin)
1 converted Skink character w/ large crest, sword & shield
1 converted Skink character w/ large magic sword
1 converted Skink character w/ sword & bow
4 Skinks w/ spears
3 Skinks w/ bows
1 converted Saurus character w/ halberd & shield
3 converted Saurus w/ halberds & shields
4 Saurus w/ hand weapons and shields

Lord of the Rings
(mahy of these are probably OOP, not really sure)

metal Legolas - $2
metal Frodo - $2
metal Merry - $2
metal Pipping - $2

metal Grima Wormtongue - $2
metal Gollum on rock - $2
metal Eowyn - $2
metal Gamling - $2
metal Gimli - $2
metal Frodo - $2
metal Samwise - $2
metal Bilbo w/ ring & book - $2
metal Pippin? - $2
metal Theoden foot & mounted - $5
metal Eowyn foot & mounted - $5

9 metal Mirkwood Elves w/ bows - $10

10 plastic Men of Minas Tirith (primed black) - $5
2 w/ swords & shields
4 w/ spears & shields
4 w/ bows

24 plastic Moria Goblins (painted) - $15
8 w/ swords & shields
8 w/ spears
8 w/ bows

3 metal Warg Riders - $10

Helm's Deep Fortress

I am looking to sell this for $150

This scenery piece was offered during the early years of Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings game, not long after The Two Towers was released in theaters. It is a beautiful piece, and I am only parting with it because I have two! It really is a joy to use this fortress in games.

The fortress comes in three pieces (the main gate, and two wall sections, one of which has a staircase built in), and each piece has a felt bottom which protects the piece as well as your gaming surface. (These things are fairly hefty - they are cast in resin or plaster or something, no cheap foam here!) It has a few moving pieces as well - the doors swing open, and the wooden parapets above the gate has three pivoting boards to allow archers to fire down.

The fortress came pre-painted, and I have not added any paint to it. (There might be some minor wear to the original paint job, as it was used in games.) It also comes in its original packaging of two layers of foam packed in a printed cardboard box. The box shows some minor wear, pretty good for its age. The foam is quite discolored - quite natural for its age - but is still quite firm and will protect the fortress well when it is stored.

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Re: H: 40K, WHFB, LOTR, Necro, Gorka W:$ [US]
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2014, 11:13:37 AM »
If you still have the diggas PM me
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