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Author Topic: 0rk 1500  (Read 1146 times)

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0rk 1500
« on: October 2, 2013, 02:07:11 PM »
I've been collecting these boyz for a while now, but haven't seen much play with them. This is the first "Big" list I've written up for them, looking for a friendly 1500 pt. list (but rarely finding many "Friendly" players)

Warboss, Mega Armor, Cybork Body- 110

30 Shoota boyz, 3 Big Shootaz- 195
12 Boyz, Big Shoota, Nob w/ Big Choppa, In A Wartrukk w/ Reinforced Ram- 132
12 Boyz, Big Shoota, Nob w/ Big Choppa, In A Wartrukk w/ Reinforced Ram- 132
12 Boyz, Big Shoota, Nob w/ Big Choppa, In A Wartrukk w/ Reinforced Ram- 132
12 'Ard Boyz, Nob w/ Power Klaw, In A Wartrukk w/ Reinforced Ram- 195

15 Kommandos, Burna, Snikrot (Boss joins this unit)- 250
10 Lootas- 150

2 Warbuggies, Twin Linked Rokkit Launchaz- 70
3 DeffKoptaz, Twin Linked Rokkit Launchaz- 135

TOTAL 1501

A Dakka Jet is the next purchase.
I also have over 10 more Nobz of varying wargear, a looted wagon with Boomgun, 12 more lootaz, 24 Gretchin with one Slaver, one Killa Kan, Mad Dok grotsnik, Ghazghkull Thrakka, and the AOBR Warboss.

Comments and Suggestions appreciated!
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Re: 0rk 1500
« Reply #1 on: October 3, 2013, 11:10:40 AM »
The list is looking rather KoS, and I love it. I will go outside and do the happy dance as soon as I get done with this post. (New neighborhood so new people to scare).

One small change (or rather a group of small changes): Drop one (or two) kommando(s) and put boarding planks on the trucks. (I did say a few small changes) It is really handy to drive up next to a dread or a landraider and kill it without getting out of the truck. A very handy tool indeed. Also works for most eldar skimmers and tau vehicles as well without having to worry about defensive weapons like flechets, etc.

Now this is not a recommended must change, just something to think about for later:
As for the kommandoes, in this edition with the no assault on the turn you arrive thing, they are not as effective as they were. Sure it is nice to threaten the enemy rear, but it usually ends up with them getting mowed down on the turn they move on. Same applies for infiltrating, can't charge the first turn when they do that either. So you need to make your kommandoes more shooty. Or drop them for a flyer or a battle wagon to put your lootas in. A BW with four rockits makes a fair anti air platform as well as providing moving cover for your loota boys. (a trick I stole from Adamscurr) So if you can, add in the second unit of lootas riding in the BW rather than the kommandoes.
On your projects list; make having a big mek with a KFF a priority. Sure, he costs almost as much as a warboss full kit, but the cover save will pay for itself once you make a few good dice rolls.

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Re: 0rk 1500
« Reply #2 on: October 8, 2013, 07:52:56 PM »
I think the list is ok... 

You might want to consider putting a nob in your foot sloggers...  Even a big choppa nob with a BP can make a different and at least be able to hurt walkers...  I'd recommend the PK just for utility...

Again...  I'd recommend the PK over the big chopps for your trukk boyz...  It makes them more expensive but also makes them more deadly...  As Skeet noted, the BP is a great combo for the PK as you can blow big vehicals...

I'd drop the kommandos entirely...  6th just killed their effectiveness...  I'm a fan of the dakka jet... For the price of the kommados, you could have two dakka jets...

Skeet mentioned a battle wagon for you lootas... I have found the a BW with 4 BS and a kannon is a good AI weapon and will protect your lootas who can do AT...


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