Trouble Getting Models?

Started by Wyddr, March 7, 2023, 10:33:38 AM

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Anybody else having any trouble tracking down models?

I've been trying to buy some Bullgors (for AoS) for weeks now and they are not only out of stock on GW, but seem to be out of stock everywhere else, too. Same goes for a lot of models across a bunch of different factions.

Anybody else running into this? Anyone know what's causing it?

(Is this Brexit's fault? Seems like it might be Brexit's fault...)


It's been happening since covid I believe. Factions that gain a lot of demand because of new rules (but not new ranges). I think this because they tend to sell out due to likely just not selling well in the past, but that is a guess on my part.

I think new ranges, however, since they are built up for a big launch release - don't sell out that easily. Some kits still do - but I believe they return much more frequently in availability.

Could also be brexit.

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