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Author Topic: Join 40konline today!  (Read 13932 times)

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Join 40konline today!
« on: May 22, 2005, 06:28:18 AM »
Why You Should Join 40kOnline!
Are you a poor, wandering guest?  Then join 40kOnline!

Everyday, there is a 5:3 ratio of members to guests.  You guests are valuable members of our community, and I’m sure you have many good ideas for our topics.  Just click the Register button above and join the community! It looks like this:

Many people who register say they are “long-time lurkers, first-time posters.”  Don’t be afraid to register and post!  We have very strict policies against negative activities, and there is no reason to fear rejection—you won’t get it!

Are you convinced yet?  Worried you won’t be able to say anything that hasn’t been already said?  Then you can post in our Space Tavern, Discussion Board, or in one of our many other topics  Don’t feel limited by just these though, we have plenty for everyone!

Registration is free and you get an activation-mail to your email, and then you are good to go! You can "hide" your email in your profile as well so that noone else can see it (so no adbots pick it up) or link in your ICQ/MSN/AIM/YIM to the profile so that other members can contact you there. We will never pass on your email to anyone else, guaranteed.

Once you register, please visit our Beginners and Newbies and introduce yourself in our Welcome all Newcomers!-thread.

Ready to join?  Check out the rules and get to helping our community grow and prosper!

The moderators and myself are ready to answer any questions you might have about membership on these forums; feel free to join up and send us (or me) a Private message (Click here to send Private message to me) with your questions, or start posting!

Welcome to 40konline!

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Lost Roads - finally released!

YouTube-clip of my Squat army.


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