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Author Topic: Know thine Lost [identifying the species]  (Read 22429 times)

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Re: Know thine Lost [identifying the species]
« Reply #20 on: March 1, 2007, 03:54:08 PM »

The Slann were a reptillian race that some say were servants of the Old Ones, but current fluff points to them being the Old Ones themselves.  The Slann are reputed to have created some of the major races that are currently seen today with their psychic abilities, most notable of which are the Orks and the Eldar.  They created the Orks and the Eldar sixty million years ago to take part in their war against the Necrontyr, but the Slann were all but wiped out by the C'Tan and the Enslavers (the Enslavers were often referred to as a "plague" by both the C'Tan and the Old Ones).  Unlike Orks and the Eldar, the Human race was allowed to evolve without the guidance of the Old Ones. 
(information taken from
While some fluff will tell you that the Slann worshipped the Old Ones, and some will tell you that the Slann are in fact the Old Ones, the most current fluff I have found says that they are the Old Ones.

There were no models released for the WH40k game, but the Slann make an appearance in WHFB in the guise of the Lizardmen.  The name "Slann" is even found in the Lizardmen codex.  I managed to find a Slann codex for WH40k that someone compiled, and it can be found here:
Note: This list is in no way legal, and you will have to get an opponent's permission to use it.  You definently can't use it in a GT!  You will find some Lizardmen-esq models with guns on that website, but they look like conversions of OOP Lizardmen models.

The Slann 40K range was released for Rouge Trader.  Here they are.

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Re: Know thine Lost [identifying the species]
« Reply #21 on: February 14, 2009, 02:05:15 AM »
Xenology has some information on the Hrud, but not much. They're fast, they're flexible, they seem to live mostly in the dark.... not too much else is given, really.


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