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Author Topic: 1500 for Knuckles game Interrupted  (Read 568 times)

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1500 for Knuckles game Interrupted
« on: September 28, 2010, 10:40:44 PM »
So I was going to play and my opponent chickened out.  But I have a new opponent who I've never played against for tomorrow!  I already briefed him on the Interrupted mission, and if you are unfamiliar with it give it a look-see here.  I will most likely be playing on a board with lots of cityfight terrain, but without any city fight rules.

This is what I'm thinking...

(12" deployment zone)
130 Megaboss with Cybork, Attack Squig, Bosspole
100 Big Mek with KFF, Eavy armor, Cybork
240, 20 Ard Boyz with Shootas and a Pk Bosspole Nob
200 5 Meganobz
190 5 Flash Gits, 4 More Dakka, 3 Ammo Runts and a Painboy
  69 3 Kannons with 3 Ammo Runts
         (Reserve support)
160 20 Sluggas + Pk bosspole Nob
160 20 Sluggas +pk Bosspole Nob
160 20 Sluggas + Pk Bosspole Nob
  90 2 Rokkit Koptas

Main tactics are pretty straightforward, in the compact area of the table center I'll have my Boyz hunker down with protection from terrain as well as KFF just in case of a LoS cover negation, with the main attempt to stave off defeat until backup arrives.  Its the kind of mission that I know I can have a lot of fun with, because its very out of the box, and will prove to be difficult, especially against an opponent that I don't know anything about (other than he's bringing Eldar to the table and he has a history of playing Biel Tan and Iyanden).

I know I'm light on the anti-armor, and without a transport the Megas will be kinda listless, except when/if they counter charge.  Really they're there as bullet magnet troops.  I suppose I could cut the Megas and replace them with a SAG and Grots with leftover points for more Koptas, but in the event that this guy brings Wraithguard en-masse the Megas would likely be my best counter.

And advice guys?

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Re: 1500 for Knuckles game Interrupted
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2010, 12:00:24 AM »
Well I had my 2000 point list I played and I debated on doing the bonus mission.  But since I was very unfamiliar with thunderwolves I decided against it and instead I chose to try it on Friday with a different opponent. 

See My idea was to put out enough stuff to cause the most amount of chaos.  I was going to stick the Mad Dok with my ard boyz, My Dread that counts as a troops choice, my tank bustas and my deff kopta in the kill box.  The Mad Dok charging any kind of flesh and the tank bustas going after armor plus the deff kopta being able to possibly hit a prize target.  I figured let the dogs off their leashes and pre-occupy my opponent as best as possible. 

I think it would be best to try and spread out.  Since your troop choices need to live might as well throw everything else at your opponent.  Those large boyz squads will be very hard to take out in a turn or two and you have a high potential for them coming in later in the game with them being in reserve. 

 I also thought about maximizing the amount of stuff I could put into the kill box just to try and put a huge dent in my opponents force.  The problem with that is you are putting a lot of eggs in one basket.   My huge problem would be a vindicator or bassie as either would be in range.  Anything with an ordinance size blast could be very very destructive to your units in the kill box. 

I am of mixed decision on it.   I figure though since stuff is coming in from reserve I will try to optimize it as best I can.  So snikrot and his crew would probably make my list. 

You have a very ard list.  With all the bodies it would be hard to kill in 5 turns and with over half of it in reserve I would say the odds should be stacked in your favor. 

The mega nobs are nasty they can work for a decent tarpit unit.  I have thought of using them with the mad dok  give them cybork and FNP.   Would make for a nasty fearless hard to kill tarpit unit.   With them being in the center like that it would make them really close to your opponent.  Your opponent would have to devote quite a bit of stuff to try to squish them in CC.  If they were supported by say a large squad of boyz they would be able to hold out for awhile and with them being the only thing on the board your opponent would have to dedicate most if not all his force.  This means that when your other stuff comes in there is a possibility that your kill box team will still be in CC. 

Or it could go terribly wrong.   Put a warboss with the 30 boyz...  That is a lethal mix of killiness.

I dunno I think the best defense is a good offense.   Let me know though if you try to kinda hold down in the center.  I am going a different route of Friday.  We can see what works better..... 

The problem with Eldar is their speed.  Their wave serpants though can be tough to crack especially with the options orks have for dealing with armor. 


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Re: 1500 for Knuckles game Interrupted
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2010, 12:10:46 PM »
What, no trucks?  This does not too cult of speed to me.  ;)

Just kidding, (really)
for a foot slogging army this looks good. As an tactic have your megas parrallel your gitz. The gitz offer fire support for the mans, and the mans offer counter attack support for the gitz. With the gitz shooting every turn and the mans running they should stay fairly even during the advance. After first contact the gitz can thin down the crowd before the mans attack.

Since you suggested you may be facing eldar I suggest you get as close as possible as fast as possible. If you stay at range you will get shredded. As for his fast vehicles kinda hint around at what is your softest unit and make it look like it is protected, sure as cheese he will try for the "easy" kill and go for the softest target. Try to make him beleive that your 'ard boys are your "soft" unit that you want to keep alive, In the meanwhile you will have units able to counter assault or shoot at the offending units that go after your soft unit.

Mind tactics work against most players and win the game for you before the first dice are even rolled, they just don't know they are beat yet and so you still get to play a game.

I know this trick is not in the rule book, but it works against so many opponents that it is worth letting the secret to my success out to the public. While 40k is a game so to is the mindset that goes with it. Being a bit sneaky with the information/propoganda war is such a viable trick that you should be ready to use it at every opportunity.
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