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Author Topic: More site upgrades  (Read 2771 times)

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More site upgrades
« on: February 10, 2010, 10:20:50 PM »
In case you didn't know, we are running a copy of the SVN for SMF. What this means is that, while we get a lot of bug fixes in place before the general public gets access to it, we're also outdated as of the next day when yet more bugs have been fixed. However, the new, final version of SMF 2.0 is lagging a bit, so I do regular maintenance updates to our system from the SVN every few months.

In addition to the forum itself, several of the mods which make this forum into the full-blown site have also gotten upgrades in the last few months (articles, gallery, portal, etc)

So... some time in the next week or so, I will be taking the site down for maintenance. I will put up our "down for maintenance" sign, but the site itself may be unavailable for a few hours. (Since this upgrade should NOT require a database update, it should not be the 24-48 hours that previous updates have taken).

I'll post a specific time/date here when I know more... but if you come to the site and see the maintenance message, you know what's up!
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