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Author Topic: Trading Count, glossary and more  (Read 1803 times)

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Trading Count, glossary and more
« on: February 6, 2009, 10:58:06 PM »
Hi again everyone,

As you have no doubt noticed, we've got some big updates going on with the system!

Trader Count:
If you make a trade or purchase from, with or to someone, then please enter some feedback on that trade or purchase.

a few key points to keep in mind:
1- Be professional. Even if you feel someone screwed you over, you can give them a negative, but please enter a G rated feedback.
2- Do not randomly give feedback or attempt to stack your feedback from ghost accounts or with friends.  If we find out (and we will!) you may be banned for abuse of the system.
3- Use details... Indicate what was good about the transaction, and, if you can, reference/link to the topic.

Members with a (0) rating will not have the rating displayed on their post-profile, since those of us who don't trade don't matter in this case. If you want to give someone  feedback, go to that user's profile - You will find a link to submit trading feedback on the profile summary screen.

The Glossary:
You may have noticed some pop-ups when you hover over certain words, or maybe just the "Glossary" link in the topnav. This is a new feature that we've been looking to install for a while. Staff and Veterans can add new words, but everything needs to be approved by a Global Mod... Remember, if we find people abusing the capability, access will be removed.
When you add an entry, keep some thoughts in mind:
- Is this a common abbreviation that might be used many ways?  If so, then turn OFF the tooltip when you enter it.
- Think about it. Abbreviation definitions are all well and good, but a good description of a term is more useful.

Yes, we are working on expanding the blogging capabilities for bloggin projects. However, this is really an experiment.
1- Bloggers are expected to maintain and keep an ACTIVE blog. If a blog is unposted to for a significant amount of time, the blog will be archived and removed.
2- The blogs on here are not "personal thought" blogs... they are blogs to track the progress of a project of some sort, painting, modeling, game building, etc.
3- not everyone needs or will get a blog!

If we find that the blogging capability is not being used or is being abused, it may be removed.

Yes, we are working on restoring all the great articles that were collected when we were running the previous incarnation of the portal system. We are also looking for additional articles, content and stories! If you are interested in writing, let us know.

Last of all, the Front page...
Yes, the forum is once again a sub-page of the site. We will be going back to a multi-column design as soon as I can work out a way to collapse the column(s) that a user might want to hide...
This also means that the header will probably shrink up... there's no need to the avatar and unread links if the same information is in the left column.

Remember: I don't mind feedback, but I hate whiners. If you don't like something that is happening with the site, let me know, but don't whine about it. I may fix it (if it's a problem) or I may say "Live with it, bub". just remember, Rasmus and Raine are the only two who can insist that I change something. :P
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