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The Space Tavern / Re: The Dreaded Plague
« Last post by Lord of Winter and War on Today at 01:22:58 PM »
I got my first shot of Pfiser on Wednesday. Jab#2 is set for September 1st. Felt fine the rest of the day, but felt amphetamine parrotty and my whole body felt achy yesterday. Feel much better today. Them Anti-bodies must be working.
Video Gaming and Computers / Re: Warhammer Total War
« Last post by Myen'Tal on Today at 12:59:50 PM »
I have to say, when they revealed the new mode at the beginning of the trailer, I felt a lot of disappointment. The whole detailing of teh reinforcement system, tower system, and replinish buttons were a bit away from what I wanted the preview to focus on.


By the end of the video, I was completely sold on the survival mode and Warhammer 3.

Both factions shown look sooo impressive! I love how much they've brougth Kislev to life! They have a lot of versatile units, but with a lot of added flair! The lore of ice is actually really powerful, and the Heart of Winter almost feels like really broken lol.

Khorne models look great  upon their first reveal! Love the blood thirster, and that all the units have a related khorne makeover in their aesthetic.

Cannot wait for this game to release lol.
The Space Tavern / Re: The Dreaded Plague
« Last post by Wyddr on Today at 09:58:36 AM »
Meanwhile, in the US, we are bribing the last cohort that won't get shots.
The Space Tavern / Re: The Dreaded Plague
« Last post by PaxImperatrix on Today at 03:51:45 AM »
I'm still awaiting my turn. I'll probably be among the last because they're doing it by age bracket here. My girlfriend was among the first to get her two Pfizer shots because they started with the elderly and healthcare workers. I'll leave it to your imagination which of those groups she's in.
Video Gaming and Computers / Re: Warhammer Total War
« Last post by Sir_Godspeed on Yesterday at 09:53:20 PM »
Today was a reveal of Kislev versus Khorne in-game, with a new type of battle map where you can construct fortifications and stuff.

Also some interviews on art direction, which is doubly interesting, because according to the GW community blog, these Kislev units will also be coming to The Old World tabletop game!

Total War: WARHAMMER III Global Gameplay Reveal | Full Showcase - YouTube
Eldar / So....
« Last post by Dread on Yesterday at 09:51:17 PM »
Wow! Well first off, Hi everyone! Second, can hear the crickets and tumbleweeds rolling thru here. 3rdly, why dont we just discuss what we do have, their good points and bad points, stratagies, combos, what can be improved on and what we still like.

Ill give it a quick start. I like what theyve been doing with other armies, so much plastic, its great. The plastic banshees got my hopes up for the other aspects. If and when they get to scorpuons i hope they fix the horrible helmets they have now. Maybe go back to the old style and tweak them. Also for wargear, give them their haywire grenades back as well as a hide in plain sight when set up. The mandiblasters are good in my opinion as they are.

I also want for my Wildriders to have their list back. The cheiftain, cant remember his name, sorry tired, would be a good possible new model. Anyhow i miss my conversion of him i did long ago and the ability to take a real Saim Hann army. But thats just me.

Anyhow, i hope this will help to to breath new life here.
The Space Tavern / Re: The Dreaded Plague
« Last post by Grand Master Lomandalis on May 11, 2021, 08:59:33 PM »
Overall, though, that wasn't bad.  Next shot is booked for August 14th, but word is that they are going to be accelerating the time between shots from 4 months to 3 weeks.
AUGUST? The beslubbering, beslubber.
The number of doses coming into the province were less than was initially hoped for, so they prioritised getting first injections over second.  There is a large influx coming in, though; hence the rescheduling.  They've just changed the approved age range from 50+ to 12+, so I am glad that I got my first shot in when I did lol
Necrons / Starting Necrons, haven't played since 6th ed.
« Last post by Exalted One on May 11, 2021, 11:22:39 AM »

Starting a Necron force for/with my 11 year-old, and figured it might be a good idea to ask some simple dos and don'ts.

I don't know anything about the Necrons, and haven't played since the 6th ed, I think. Started at the 2nd, long, so very long time ago... :-)

Basically we've been playing the old 6th edition until now, but now as we're getting to Necrons, we don't have codex yet and it occurred to me that some models might be too new for the older editions, I've never had any opponents who played Necrons before either.

So any tips and info would be very welcome! :-)
The Space Tavern / Re: The Dreaded Plague
« Last post by The GrimSqueaker on May 10, 2021, 05:59:34 PM »
This is what happens when you're a retired secret agent living under an assumed identity. Just saying.
The Space Tavern / Re: The Dreaded Plague
« Last post by Sir_Godspeed on May 10, 2021, 05:17:52 PM »
I am still waiting to be contacted.  My self-imposed isolation thus continues.

Same here.
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