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Author Topic: Casul turnament (1250 points) using no LOW, only monocodex and ITC  (Read 867 times)

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Hello gang

I have not played for over a year and I would like feedback on a list for a small tournament that I will play this Saturday (the 13 of July).

The scope:

10 persons small casual tournament (1250 points) using no LOW, only monocodex and ITC.

Missions: Chapter approved 2018, 3 maelstrom missions

The list (Alaitoc):

Farseer skyrunner with spear (doom, executioner): 137

Autarch skyrunner (lance, B.mask and fusion gun): 118 warlord

5 rangers: 60

6 Avengers Exarch with 2 catapults: 69

6 Avengers Exarch with 2 catapults: 69

Crimson Hunter with 2 BL: 160

Falcon with AML and twin catapults: 132

Serpent with 3 shuriken cannons: 147

6 Scorpions Exarch with claw: 75

6 Banshees Exarch with executioner: 81

5 Hawks Exarch with talon: 68

2 War Walkers with 4 starcannons: 132

Tot: 1248

Thanks for your time


Hi there

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Re: Casul turnament (1250 points) using no LOW, only monocodex and ITC
« Reply #1 on: July 9, 2019, 10:42:04 PM »
Glad your back at it. I just had my first game in over 2 years with my eldar, I play Saim Hann, and it was a blast.

Now as for your list. I do love the full use of so many units. Now that being said, so many small units in my experience, I also play Harliquins and dark eldar to set this up, we have so much T3 and bad saves I prefer bigger units for staying power. Holding objectives can be difficult that way so make use of as much cover as possible. This is because in my area I have to play against space marines, chaos, necrons and Tau mostly.

The vehicles, try to free up some points and put crystal targeting matrix on them, so worth the points. The hawks, which I love, don't have much punch so use them for fast objective taking, the grenade is fun but ehh.

Don't forget about using command points.

Hope this helps and have fun.
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