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Warpbeast Tactica

Submitted By: Date: July 21, 2006, 07:59:48 AM Views: 2630
Summary: Warpbeast Tactica. Warp Slaves. [i]This F.A.Q. is written in my own free time and made for all those Dark Eldar players who would like to know more about how to use their warp beasts. I will discuss various options and tactics of the warp beasts. Yet this tactica will remain relatively small due to the limited options the squad possesses. If anyone knows what to add to the tactica then feel free to pm me and I will make notice of it .I hope after reading this Little F.A.Q. you will have learned a bit more about how to field your Warp beast unit -Archon Bjorn-[/i]

Warpbeasts, captured and tamed by our beastmasters. To be either being sacrificed in the arena versus other Wyches or lead onto the battlefield to cause mayhem and carnage everywhere. The warp beasts have always appealed to me somehow. Perhaps it’s due to their fluff, perhaps due to the slaughter it causes versus my IG opponent’s. Which it is, I cannot say for certain. But I do want to enlighten some things with this tactica.

The Squad as a Whole:

When we look at the entry we see that warp beasts are limited 0-1 in a kabal list and only are allowed to be picked if you have a Wych squad running around. We also notice that besides the beasts themselves there is a beastmaster. Nothing fancy I hear you say? Just sit back and watch.

The squad consists out of 1 beastmaster and 3/5 warp beasts. A maxed out squad (5 warpbeasts and a beastmasters) costs 75 points. That’s quit cheap for what is able to do. Let me explain you by splitting the unit in two parts

The Beastmaster

A beastmaster catches these horrors and commands them with an iron fist. But this comes at a cost that the beastmaster no longer is able to focus completely on the fight and thus loses some benefits that the Wyches have.

Advantages of the Beastmaster:

Agoniser: He only costs 3 pts more then a plain Wych. Yet he comes packed with an Agoniser for free! Overall you pay around 39 points for a succubus to do the same. But this little dude can do the same with minor modifications to his profile.


In order to keep up with the warp beasts, the beastmaster is allowed to charge the same way as the beasts do. Meaning a whopping 12’’ charge. This gives your little squad a possible assault range varying from 19” to 24” (FoF included)

Disadvantages of the Beastmaster.

Combat drugs and dodge save:

Because the beastmaster needs to keep his attention at his beasts and not being able to completely focus on his own opponent he doesn’t receive any of these rules that his sisters do have. But we can’t complain. After all the new rules for saving with a majority save would negate the dodge save anyway. While the 12’’ charge is the actual drug that your beastmaster receives.

Of course there will be occasions that your squad will be killed except the beastmaster. If this happens then he still doesn’t benefit from the Wych rules. I would assume (as a logical explanation) that he is by now to scarred and wounded (Although not to ruling terms) to be able to dodge anymore.


As expensive as a Wych, yet having the strength of a space marine and more attacks. These beasts are what the unit is all about. When comparing to Wyches you get to see the following.

They have had 2 drug options inserted. These are:

 - 12" charge

 - +1S

So for the same points of a Wych you get a beast that hits more and has 2 drugs options. Cool I hear you say. So what’s the downside? Well these are the following:

 - The same armor save as a Wych. But no dodge save.

 - Not being able to take Wych weapons.

 - The squad size is to small to function on its own.

 - Not being able to take grenades.

So let’s glue the 2 units together and take them through some pointers.

The Squad:

Now you have read the former part of the tactic you will quickly start to see their potential areas the ones where they lack. The first key to survival is to let them charge so they have the maximum amount of attacks. A charging squad of beasts will get 20 S4 attacks and 3 Agoniser attacks.

This means that overall you will kill around:

 - MEQ 1,65 w/beasts 0.75 w/beastmaster

 - IGEQ 2,87 w/beasts 0,99 w/beastmaster

Although not game winners overall it does make a huge difference overall when fighting together with another squad of Wyches or the like.

Not being able to have grenades also means that you are somewhat forced to charge units that don’t stand in cover. Why? Because your opponent will otherwise simply target the beasts and finish them off to win combat and negate allot of attacks.

So this basically means that the squad is forced to have some kind of backup in the form of warriors, Wyches, Talos or a lord. Keep in mind that this unit is meant to support your other units. Not to hold their ground on their own.


So what did we learn from this?

 - Warp beasts are a support unit. Not an assault unit on its own.

 - You need to charge units that don’t stand in cover.

 - Always try to take the charge for additional attacks.

 - The squad is cheap for what it is able to dish out on damage.

 - Once the enemy starts hitting back you’ll get a lot of dead warp beasts.

Ways to use your Warp Beasts:

Now just because your warp beasts are fast and quickly hit the enemy lines doesn’t mean that they are simply assault troops. They also have (although limited) ways to use them.

Protecting the Webway Portal Carrier:

A small task. While the rest of the warrior squads advance with the Haemonculi between them (or Dracon) the beastmaster leaps from cover to cover charging in to help out the warriors.

Fast Assault Unit:

Again you need to leap from terrain piece to terrain piece. However you target small squads to entangle them a turn before your slower units reach the lines and finish them off. Why do you want this I hear you say? Mainly because Close combat blocks LOS and thus can shield off a unit of yours.

Webway Portal.

The simplest use is in combination with the web way portal. This ensures that the warp beasts are within assault range and hit together with other assault units. Be careful with selecting your targets. There is no need to go after fancy units. Let your elite deal with the special stuff while your warriors and warp beasts deal with the smaller squads.

Warp Beasts in a Wych Cult:

So after reading all of this I guess your also falling in love with this unit aren’t you? Well good news my kindred because our Wych cults are able to field one warp beast squad for every Wych squad in the cult. This is at first sight a nice adds on to Wych cults but don’t forget that a average Wych squad costs around 200 pts. Almost 3 warp beast’s squad’s right there. They are excellent CC supporters for a Wych cult. Although you need to watch out at the same time you don’t invest TOO much in them.

Last Words:

And so my kindred. I finished another article within half an hour out of boredom. I hope that you learned something new. Although I doubt it because this unit is way too limited to write a proper tactica for it. Even so I tried to sum up the most important things. Hoping that the starting Dark Eldar players are able to learn from this and pick off a unit of warp beasts at their own shop.

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