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Submitted By: Date: August 26, 2005, 11:52:32 AM Views: 4332
Summary: The Farbelahann Craftworld originated from the Eldar planet of Orkenash (Lit: Green Planet). The planet was a paradise; its surface was covered in lush green forests and crystal clear lakes. The Eldar lived in beautiful wraithbone buildings; their natural appearance and flowing lines complimented the planet’s natural beauty. Orkenash had three main landmasses, the largest was situated on the equator and it was where most of the Eldar lived, their grand cities nestling in the lush forests that covered the majority of the continent. The second landmass was located to the north of the equator, and was predominately huge mountain ranges. It also contained vast deposits of the rare metal Copidium, an inert metal, which was light, very strong and had an appearance similar to silver when it was polished. This was Orkenash’s main export, since copidium was highly sought after for ornamentation. When the dreaded time came to construct the craftworlds, the Eldar of Orkenash wanted to take as much of their planet with them as possible. As a result the Farbelahann Craftworld is some 5000km long and averaging 3000km wide, but only supports a population of several hundred thousand, the rest of the area is taken up by the large forests and lakes. The architecture of the craftworld follows that of their cities before the Fall and is decorated with large amounts of copidium.

Farbelahann means Watchers of the Path of the Warring One and as its name suggests the craftworld place great emphasis on both the Path of the Warrior and the Path of the Seer, the warriors to protect the craftworld and the seers to guide it. The Farbelahann Eldar view Khaine as the perfect warrior and so all the Eldar wear a red glove on their left hand in battle as a sign of their respect.

A council called the Koeshfar governs the Farbelahann Craftworld. It is responsible for all decisions on board the craftworld ranging from internal affairs to warfare. The Koeshfar is made up of 20 members - 2 Farseers, 8 Warlocks and 10 other Eldar of various professions. The 10 Eldar that attend the Koeshfar are the highest-ranking non-seers in the craftworld. Each Farseer has a standard bodyguard of two Warlocks that are automatically chosen to join, the Estumen in the case of the Ambassador and the Quaanann in the case of the Athion, the remaining 4 Warlocks are the most suitable chosen from all that apply for membership. The 2 Farseers that lead the craftworld have different roles, 1 Farseer is the Catumen or Ambassador. It is his or her duty to handle all the internal issues as well as diplomatic issues such as trade and meeting visitors. The other Farseer is the Athion or Master of Battle. It is his or her responsibility to handle any conflict the craftworld is involved in, everything from organising and preparing the troops to deployment and tactics. The Athion often leads the Warhost personally onto the battlefield but his or her duties do not end there. The Athion is also responsible for training the Warlocks of the craftworld and is often approached by his or her pupils regarding membership to the Koeshfar. The Athion’s authority in warfare and the training is absolute, however of the two Farseers; the Catumen is considered the highest ranking as his or her duties cover a much wider area.

The Farbelahann Craftworld’s banner consists of a triangle with a centred eye pictured on a starry background. The triangle symbolises the Eldar people, the eye represents the craftworld’s seers and the background reminds the Farbelahann Eldar of their star-bound existence after the Fall.

The Farbelahann Craftworld also has a second banner, commonly called the Seer’s Banner. Its various designs are displayed on a blue background to symbolise hope; the black representing the death and destruction that the Eldar have suffered. The main design is a variant of the Farbelahann’s symbol, with an imbedded spirit stone. The runes at the bottom of the banner are the runes of the various Aspect Shrines as well as the rune of the Avatar itself. The Seer’s Banner has rarely been taken into battle, but when it has the Eldar of Farbelahann have always triumphed. Because of this, the Seer’s Banner is seen as a good omen, an object to bring good luck and no Eldar dares to speak ill of it.

The craftworld on the whole is more open towards other races since the Koeshfar see this as beneficial to their survival. It is not surprising to see an assortment of ships in the craftworld’s docking bays, anything from Tau to Imperial Rogue Traders, even Dark Eldar ships have been seen on very rare occasions.

The Farbelahann Craftworld lies near the small Imperial world of Formuno, and battles with the Imperial Red War Angels are not uncommon. The reason why the craftworld stays in the sector is unclear, however it has been rumoured that the craftworld is guarding some artifact of great importance to the Eldar, but what it is remains a mystery. The Farbelahann Craftworld has, on rare occasions been seen moving from sector to sector but it always returns to Formuno. Even though the craftworld remains stationary, the tactics of its Warhost are the opposite; they are constantly on the move making them very hard to track. These tactics have allowed the craftworld to return from combat with far fewer losses than if they used any other style.

The only sport the Farbelahann Craftworld is known for is its annual jetbike races, which are held on the anniversary of the craftworld’s creation. The races take the form of a tournament, which usually lasts a month or so. Each year thousands of Eldar come to watch their friends or families compete in one of the Eldars most popular sports. The Catumen is always present to start each race, which are usually three laps around a marked track usually on a desert planet far from the Imperium. The length of each lap is approximately 5Km long (If a planet cannot be found, the races are held on a track of equivalent distance around the craftworld instead). The prize for winning varies but it usually involves the victor having his or her name being entered into the Hall of Champions and earning a place on one of the jetbike squadrons. It is a great source of family pride when they can point to a relative who was a jetbike champion, as the Eldar know that jetbike riders can be just as important in battle as the other warriors.

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