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A Guide To Making Dark Eldar Names

Submitted By: Date: August 9, 2005, 08:46:43 AM Views: 13906
Summary: Some suggestions for naming Dark Eldar characters.

A Guide To Making Dark Eldar Names

There are several ways of coming up with names for your Dark Eldar characters and I will show you three.

The first and most common is simply making one up, usually trying to make it sound malevolent or basing it off of a character in a game/book etc.

However I’m sure many of us (myself included) find this difficult and therefore tend not to name them. This I think is a real shame as the thing I love most about 40k is the fluff behind it and giving your characters names and background really adds to this and makes it more enjoyable.

So here, for the good of all 40k-kind, I will hopefully be able to help you all with naming your Dark Eldar.

Below is a table (derrived from Dungeons and Dragons) of how to make Elven names. Like it or not Eldar and Dark Eldar were based off of Elves and Dark Elves so these should help.  To make them Dark Eldarish simply add rough sounding parts or tweak them to have a nasty sound.

For instance changing the sounds and letters/adding your own extra elements to make the names sound harsher and more Dark Eldarish. Many Dark Eldar names have harsh 'Z's, 'Zh's, 'X's, 'Q's, 'Kh's, etc. So feel free to add them in if you think they sound better with these.


Ael: knight

Aer : law, order   

Af : ring

Ah : crafty, sly

Al : sea

Am : swan

Ama : beauty, beautiful

An : hand

Ang : glitter

Ansr : rune

Ar : gold, golden

Arì : silver

Arn : south

Aza : life, lives

Bael : guardian

Bes : oath

Cael : archer, arrow

Cal : faith

Cas : herald

Cla : rose

Cor : legend, legendary

Cy : onyx

Dae : white

Dho : falcon

Dre : hound

Du : crescent

Eil : azure, blue

Eir : sharp

El : green

Er : boar

Ev : stag

Fera : champion

Fi : rain

Fir : dark

Fis : light

Gael : pegasus

Gar : owl

Gil : griffin

Ha : free, freedom

Hu : horse

Ia : day

Il : mist

Ja : staff

Jar : dove

Ka : dragon

Kan : eagle

Ker : spell

Keth : wind

Koeh : earth

Kor : black

Ky : ruby

La : night

Laf : moon

Lam : east

Lue : riddle

Ly : wolf

Mai : death, slayer

Mal : war

Mara : priest

My : emerald

Na : ancient

Nai : oak

Nim : deep

Nu : hope, hopeful

Ny : diamond

Py : sapphire

Raer : unicorn

Re : bear

Ren : west

Rhy (Ry): jade

Ru : dream

Rua : star

Rum : meadow

Rid : spear

Sae : wood

Seh : soft

Sel : high

Sha : sun

She : age, time

Si : cat, feline

Sim : north

Sol : history, memory

Sum : water

Syl : faerie

Ta : fox

Tahl : blade

Tha : vigil, vigilance

Tho : true, truth

Ther : sky

Thro : lore, sage

Tia : magic

Tra : tree

Ty (Try): crystal

Uth : wizard

Ver : peace

Vil : finger, point

Von : ice

Ya : bridge, path, way

Za : royal

Zy : ivory


-ae (-nae) : whisper

-ael : great

-aer / -aera : singer, song

-aias / -aia : mate, husband / wife

-ah / -aha : wand

-aith / -aira : home

-al / -ala (-la; -lae; -llae) : harmony

-ali : shadow

-am / -ama : strider

-an / -ana (-a; -ani; -uanna) : make, maker

-ar / -ara (-ra) : man / woman

-ari (-ri) : spring

-aro (-ro) : summer

-as (-ash; -sah) : bow, fletcher

-ath : by, of, with

-avel : sword

-brar (-abrar; -ibrar) : craft, crafter

-dar (-adar; -odar) : world

-deth (-eath; -eth) : eternal

-dre : charm, charming

-drim (-drimme; -udrim) : flight, flyer

-dul : glade

-ean : ride, rider

-el (ele / -ela) : hawk

-emar : honor

-en : autumn

-er (-erl; -ern) : winter

-ess (-esti) : elves, elvin

-evar : flute

-fel (-afel; -efel) : lake

-hal (-ahal; -ihal) : pale, weak

-har (-ihar; -uhar) : wisdom, wise

-hel (-ahel; -ihel) : sadness, tears

-ian / ianna (-ia; -ii; -ion) : lord / lady

-iat : fire

-ik : might, mighty

-il (-iel; -ila; -lie) : gift, giver

-im : duty

-in (-inar; -ine) : sibling, brother / sister

-ir (-ira; -ire) : dusk

-is (-iss; -ist) : scribe, scroll

-ith (-lath; -lith; -lyth) : child, young

-kash (-ashk; -okash) : fate

-ki : void

-lan / -lanna (-lean; -olan / -ola) : son / daughter

-lam (-ilam; -ulam) : fair

-lar (-lirr) : shine

-las : wild

-lian / -lia : master / mistress

-lis (-elis; -lys) : breeze

-lon (-ellon) : chief

-lyn (-llinn; -lihn) : bolt, ray

-mah / -ma (-mahs) : mage

-mil (-imil; -umil) : bond, promise

-mus : ally, companion

-nal (-inal; -onal) : distant, far

-nes : heart

-nin (-nine; -nyn) : rite, ritual

-nis (-anis) : dawn

-on/onna: Keep/Keeper

-or (oro): Flower

-oth (-othi) : gate

-que : forgotten, lost

-quis : branch, limb

-rah(-rae; -raee) : beast

-rad(-rahd) : leaf

-rail/-ria (-aral; -ral; -ryl) : hunt, hunter

-ran (-re; -reen) : binding, shackles

-reth (-rath) : arcane

-ro (-ri; -ron) : walker, walks

-ruil (-aruil; -eruil) : noble

-sal (-isal; -sali) : honey, sweet

-san : drink, wine

-sar (-asar; -isar) : quest, seeker

-sel (-asel; -isel) : mountain

-sha (-she; -shor) : ocean

-spar : fist

-tae (-itae) : beloved, love

-tas (-itas) : wall, ward

-ten (-iten) : spinner

-thal /-tha (-ethal / -etha) : heal, healer, healing

-thar (-ethar; -ithar) : friend

-ther (-ather; -thir) : armor, protection

-thi (-ethil; -thil) : wing

-thus /-thas (-aethus / -aethas) : harp, harper

-ti (-eti;-til) : eye, sight

-tril /-tria (-atri; -atril / -atria) : dance, dancer

-ual (-lua) : holy

-uath (-luth; -uth) : lance

-us /-ua : cousin, kin

-van /-vanna : forest

-var /-vara (-avar / -avara) : father / mother

-vain (-avain) : spirit

-via (-avia) : good fortune, luck

-vin (-avin) : storm

-wyn : music, muscian

-ya : helm

-yr / -yn : bringer

-yth : folk, people

-zair /-zara (-azair / -ezara) : lightning

House Name Prefixes

Alean : The noble line of

Alea : Traders in

Arabi : Daughters of

Arkenea : Mages of

Auvrea : Blood of the

Baequi : Blessed by

Banni : Holder's of

Cyred : Warriors from

Dirth : Victors of

Dryear : Champions of

Dwin’ : Walkers in

Eyllis : Lands of

Eyther : The Forests of

Freani : Friends to

Gysse : Clan of

Heasi : Those above

Hlae : Seers of

Hunith : The sisterhood of

Kennyr : Sworn to

Kille : People of

Maern : Defenders from

Melith : Mothers of

Myrth : Honoured of

Norre : Sacred to

Orle : Guild of

Oussea : Heirs to

Rilynn : House of

Teasen' : Trackers of

Tyr : Mistresses of

Tyrnea : Children of

House Name Suffixes

-altin : The branch

-anea : The night

-annia : The willow

-aear : Water

-arnith : Fire

-atear : The way

-athem : The dragons

-dlues : The bow

-elrvis : The leaves

-eplith : The forest

-ettln : Magic

-ghymn : The forgotten ways

-itryn : History

-lylth : The blade

-mitore : The moon

-nddare : The winds

-neldth : The arcane

-rae : Powers of Light

-raheal : The gods

-rretyn : The heavens

-sithek : Adamantite

-thym : Challenges

-tlarn : Mysteries

-tlithar : Victory

-tylar : The healers

-undlin : The lover’s kiss

-urdrenn : The light

-valsa : Silken weaver

-virrea : Success

-zea : The crystal growth

To make a name using this simply take one from Prefixes, one from Suffixes and then if you want House Name Prefixes/Suffixes.

For example, for my Dark Elves (I bit off topic but still an example) I use the name Koreanghymn as the surname to my three characters. Kor: Black, Ean: Rider, Ghymn: The Forgotten Ways. So Koreanghymn means Black Rider of The Forgotten Ways. It’s very suitable for the army and my fluff.

Another very useful source is the Druchii (Dark Elf) language. The best source of this is that I have found is from the second part of’s January 2004 Monthly.

The direct link to this in it’s PDF form is:  You will need
Adobe Acrobat reader to use it.

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