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Dark Eldar Lord Tactics

Submitted By: Date: August 8, 2005, 04:52:24 PM Views: 1685

Dark Eldar Lords: Tactics
Scribed by: Jason Juta
Archon / Wych ArchiteThe Archon is one of the better assault options in any 40K army. In my opinion, this is only true if you tool him up, which is expensive. The best results are from the combat drug wargear, permanently set on +1 attack and re-roll misses, the best combination by far. But then you have to buy the shadow field, to protect your investment with his weak toughness. A splinter pistol is mandatory for an extra attack. The next important decision is the archon's weapon - the power weapon and Agoniser are the only real choices. Take a power weapon against toughness 3 opponents like Eldar and imperial guard, and an Agoniser against other opponents and monsters. Nothing else is really worth it for the archon. This commander is only really worth it in 1500 point (or bigger) games. Something to keep in mind is that one of the things you're buying with all these points is a kind of performance guarantee, especially as the drugs allow rerolls and the shadow field usually works quite well. An Archon with combat drugs, shadow field, splinter pistol and Agoniser is 131 points.
Dracon / Wych DraciteThe Dracon is a good choice for smaller games. Armed with an Agoniser or power weapon, and splinter pistol, he does the job fine. Many players choose this option, allowing them to buy more Incubi, or simply because they prefer a cheaper HQ. The Dracon is also useful with the combat drug and shadow field option, but this could be overkill. Keep in mind the only real and important difference between the archon and Dracon is the extra wound and attack (higher WS and BS make little difference here). Also, without the shadow field the commander is generally toast, whether archon or not - so a Dracon with the drugs, field and Agoniser isn't a bad choice due to the points saved. A Dracon with Agoniser and splinter pistol is 56 points, and with a shadow field and combat drugs is 106 points - the difference between this and the archon is the price of another Incubus!

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