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Legion of the Sun God:: The Sons of Ra [broken characters; recoding needed]

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Index Astartes
Successor Chapters

When Roboute Guilliman decreed that the Space Marine legions were to divide into Chapters, many of the Primarchs argued against breaking up their legions. At their Primarchs behest, the Ultramarines were more than happy to comply, and now the number of Ultramarine successor chapters far outnumbers that of any of the other original Space Marine Legions. The Sons of Ra are one of these Successor Chapters, and they are one of the most mysterious of all the Space Marine Chapters. Reclusive and secular, the Sons of Ra rebuild from a terrible tragedy, and continue their never-ending war with the Traitor Legions of Chaos.


After the siege of holy Terra and the defeat of the Chaos Legions, Roboute Guilliman held the dominion of man together, and brought it into the age of the Imperium. He set down the layout of each of the Space Marine Legions in his Codex, and the Space Marines went into a time of peace keeping as they divided into Chapters. They had seen off the Traitors who had forsaken the light of the Emperor, but it seemed as if all their hard work and sacrifice would be for nothing if the Galaxy fell apart. Many Chapters formed to fight and guard against the Traitor Legions, and the Sons of Ra is one such Legion. Founded on Macragge and set to Segmentum Obscurus, the Legion took to the task as guardians of humanity with fever.

Establishing itself on the desert planet of Alexandria, the new Chapter took its name from the religion of its peoples. They told of a god, a giant of a man who had saved them from the predations of warp demons and brought the light with him. These legends refer to the Emperor’s coming to Alexandria during the Great Crusade, and they refer to the Emperor of Mankind as Ra, or the Sun God. Luther Durath, Chapter Master of the Sons of Ra named the Chapter himself, and set about bringing the warring states under his rule and turning Alexandria into a base for his Chapter to watch for the return of the Traitor Legions.

The Warlords of Alexandria did not heed Luther’s warnings and continued to make war on each other. The insurrections where crushed by the golden warriors of the Sons of Ra, and the feral states quickly came under his rule. Luther had a flair for diplomacy, and all the warlords were inducted into the Chapter as neophytes and eventually became commanders of separate companies. This united the people of Alexandria together and to their new rules and under Luther’s watchful eye Alexandria became a prosperous world.

Luther demanded a city built for the Chapter and a mighty Fortress Monastery, built in the native tradition became the home of the Sons of Ra. The great Pyramid, named Prosperity, was heavily fortified and quickly settlements sprang up around it until Prosperity resided in the middle of a great city, called Angel’s Light. Many of Alexandria’s population make the pilgrimage to Angel’s Light to pay homage to Luther and his Chapter, and to present themselves to the Chapter’s Apothecaries for initiation into the Chapter.

The people of Alexandria were a hardy sort, having to survive on their desert planet and war amongst themselves for many years. To enter into the Sons of Ra first, one had to make the trip to Angel’s Light, and over the arid landscape, this was no mean feat. If one was successful in arriving at the holy city, they then submitted to the trials to prove themselves worthy of becoming a Space Marine. The would be Marines were taken to an isolated area, known as the Scorpions Pit, and if they could survive for a week in the Pit, and present eight Sand Scorpions tails, one for each day they had survived, they were deemed worthy to be judged by the Apothecaries and the Librarians to become neophytes of the Chapter.

The Sons of Ra were able to launch many a successful campaign against the Traitor Legions from Alexandria, most notably their actions against the Death Guard in 717.M41. The actions of the Sons of Ra and many other Legions routed the Chaos Forces, driving them into the Eye of Terror. The Sons of Ra hounded the fleeing Traitors all the way to the Eye, launching daring raids on the enemy fleets and staging boarding actions, inflicting terrible casualties on them. However, this is where the known history of the Sons of Ra ends. During their actions on the fringes of the Eye of Terror, their main Battlefleet, Righteous Servant, was lost in a Warp Storm, and contact was lost with Alexandria. No one in the Imperium could contact the Sons of Ra, and considered lost in 810.M41.


The Invasion of Alexandria

But the Sons of Ra were not lost. Chaos, bent on inflicting vengeance on the Sons of Ra, Alexandria, and the Battlefleet Righteous Servant were engulfed in Warp Storms. The Battlefleet, commanded by Luther himself, fought viciously as the enemies of man fell upon them. Many a time the enemy thought they had put the fleet to flight only to be on the end of a massive counter attack, lead by Luther and his hand picked Terminator retinue. The Battlefleet kept fighting and continued on a course, which they hoped would bring them back to Alexandria.

Alexandria, also cut off by the powers of Chaos, felt their wrath as well. The Defenders of Angel’s Light watched the sky grimly as it turned an angry livid purple. Lightning lashed the sky and they knew that their hated enemy had come for them. Lights dotted the sky, and the Marines knew that these were targeting lights of the enemy drop pods. The World Eaters had come for the Sons of Ra, and they grimly set in for the long siege.

The planetary defences were quickly over run by the forces of the enemy. As the flak ceased, the battle force of the World Eaters amassed. One by one, contact was lost with cities, followed by reports of blood red warriors attacking another city. Soon all but Angel’s Light had fallen to the World Eaters.

The defenders looked out on a sea of Traitors and Daemons that set on attacking the city, and many had their faith tested. From the city walls Lucas Hood, Commander of the First city. Repeatedly Company directed the defenders as the Legion of Angron assaulted they attacked, and continually repelled by the concentrated and accurate firepower of the Sons of Ra. The gates held, just, and the timely intervention of Lucas and his Terminator Squad, teleporting into the thickest of the fighting around the gate of Angel’s Light saved the city for a time. The forces of Chaos regrouped and launched one final assault on the gates, and Lucas knew from his battle experience, as a Warlord and now a Space Marine that the gates would not hold. With a heavy heart he ordered his men to fall back to Prosperity as he fought a desperate rearguard effort to buy his battle brothers time.

The World Eaters lay siege to the Sons of Ra’s Fortress Monastery, and the few survivors under the command of Lucas fought tenaciously against the invaders, hoping against hope that some form of rescue would still save them and come it did. At the height of the conflict, the Battlefleet Righteous Servant launched an assault on the World Eaters fleet. The World Eaters withdrew, but not before overrunning Prosperity. The few survivors managed to teleport to the safety of the Battlefleet before the Traitors stormed the halls of their beloved Monastery. Soon after the disappearance of the World Eaters, the Warp Storm lifted, and contact re-established with the Imperium. The survivors were shocked to discover that months inside the storm had passed, but almost three centuries had passed in the outside World. The Galaxy was a new place, not at all the one they had left.

Home World

Alexandria is now little more than a lifeless rock, the only life left being inside the ruins of the now rebuilt fortress of Prosperity. The Sons of Ra now recruit from surrounding worlds not affected by the Warp Storm, which had ravaged Alexandria. The Marines still hold dear their once beautiful world. Prosperity is now a parody of its former self, a dark dungeon compared to the glowing shrine it had once been. The signs of defilement still linger in Prosperity, this is deliberate by the Sons of Ra as a reminder of what happened to their chapter, and it is rumoured by some, to fuel their hate for the Legions of Chaos. This has brought them into conflict with the Inquisition more times than one, and consequently the Chapter has since closed ranks and eschews contact with most of the Imperium.

Combat Doctrine

Honed by their experience in defence, the Sons of Ra prefer to fight a ranged battle with the enemy, making them pay for every inch of ground taken. Even their Veterans resemble Devastator Squads more than anything else, and close combat is reserved for the First Company, all Terminators armed solely for close combat. During the many months of fighting, cut off from supply the Sons of Ra developed an affinity with repairing their wargear and much of what belonged to the survivors of the tragedy is still in existence to this day, letting the Chapter field more heavy weapons that suits their style of warfare.

Tanks were something of a luxury to the Chapter during their time apart from the Galaxy, but with their reintroduction into the Imperium, along with their now adept skills with mechanics, make tanks a feature part of a Sons of Ra strike force. Rare is a force that does not field some sort of mechanical contraption, and this adds to the Sons of Ra firepower. Whether it is the reliable Predator, or the devastating Vindicator, the mechanical might of the Imperium consistently reinforces the Sons of Ra.



The Organisation of the Sons of Ra follows the codex format set down by their Primarch in most respects, but in some of the higher companies, the structure is slightly different. The First Company is veterans armed with tactical dreadnaught armour as expected, but specifically armed for close combat. The Second Company is composed entirely of Devastator Squads and in the subsequent Companies, Assault squads, and Tactical Squads in fewer numbers than would be expected. The Support Companies expand to facilitate the use of their vehicles, and for time being at least, the Sons of Ra lack a Tenth Company, their Seventh Company comprising of a composite of Scout Squads and Tactical Squads.


The beliefs of the Sons of Ra are hard to fathom by an outsider as the Chapter keeps to itself. An insider to the Chapter knows just what the Chapter thinks of the Imperium. The Chapter loathes the corrupt Imperium and swear fealty only to the Emperor himself. They hold The Inquisition in considerable ire as they are constantly looking into the Chapter for its prolonged contact with Chaos. Many a person would like to see the Sons of Ra disbanded, but the Chapter asks nothing but privacy so they can see to their own affairs, which centre on their perpetual crusade of vengeance against the forces of Chaos and little else.


Another point that enemies of the Chapter are quick to note is the large number of psykers present in the Chapter. Magos Biologis routinely run tests on the Geneseed of the Sons of Ra, but they never find a defect. Whether the Sons of Ra submit Geneseed that is actually theirs and where they get the Geneseed if it isn’t theirs is a question that some Inquisitors are anxious to find out. In truth, the Warp Storm did have an affect on the Sons of Ra’s Geneseed. Their Geneseed promotes psychic powers amongst its battle brothers and it is more common for a Sons of Ra force to be lead by a Librarian.


“Serve Him on Earth, or serve no one in death!”

Using a Sons of Ra army in your games of Warhammer 40k

The Sons of Ra army is to be chosen using Codex Space Marines, using the Honour your Wargear and We stand Alone Chapter traits.

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