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Dark Eldar Speed: An Overview

Submitted By: Date: August 8, 2005, 05:33:15 PM Views: 3082

Dark Eldar speed: An Overview
Scribed by: Jackwraith
First and foremost, Dark Eldar are NOT Space Marines. As long as you keep that idea in mind, most of what follows should be easy to understand. Your army is a wonderful offensive machine, but does poorly on defense and has little armor to speak of, with the exception of one piece of wargear and one Elite unit. Don't stand still and trade fire. Avoid bringing equal or lesser numbers of models into close combat, barring circumstances noted below. Keep moving. Always keep moving. If you stand and fight, you will often stand and die.

There is a basic guideline of tactics available to Dark Eldar that is dictated by the relative sparseness of the army list. DE have a total of 14 unit types; around half of what Space Marines and Craftworld Eldar have, and less than any other race except Tau and Sisters.
Also, our basic Troop selection is generally monochromatic: Warriors, with or without transport. Thankfully, the basic DE Warrior is one of the best values in the game for its points cost. However, again, trying to formulate a DE list with the versatility in mind of a Space Marine or Ork list will cause you big problems.
That basic guideline I've been referring to is speed and mobility. All Dark Eldar vehicles are Fast Skimmers, which means you can (and should) move all of them over 6" every turn (except Ravagers), and can opt for 12" with no loss of effectiveness (i.e. able to shoot its one weapon (in the case of Raiders); allows the passengers to shoot everything but Heavy weapons; and allows passengers to disembark.)
All Dark Eldar but Incubi can fleet of foot (FOF). Take advantage of this rule to move your Warrior squads into a better position, or to get your Wyches out of LOS for a turn. Keep in mind that DE are mostly about offense. Every unit does not have to be 100% effective every turn. Most units in any army rarely are. If you can spend a turn moving your units during the shooting phase so that they ARE 100% effective in subsequent turns (i.e. hitting with the most impact at the right time), you will go a long way toward winning a battle that you would otherwise lose by standing and shooting or waiting for a target to appear. Trust me, when you become an effective DE player, most of your opponents will know very well to stay out of your line of sight (LOS) for as long as possible.

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