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Talos Tactica

Submitted By: Date: August 8, 2005, 05:46:53 PM Views: 2296
Summary: Scribed by Jason Juta

Talos Tactica

The Talos is an unreliable but powerful fighting machine. It's main weakness is it's lack of speed, slower than most other units in the army.  However it makes up for that by being inordinately tough compared to any other unit in the army.

This means it's best used as a tough target to push back the enemy during deployment, and to draw fire. The great thing is that the enemy is forced to divert firepower against it, because if they don't kill it, it will eventually reach assault, which is an understandably undesirable outcome for them.

One good option is to bring it into play through a webway portal, which allows it to close the distance a lot quicker and take less fire while getting there. The Talos is best fielded against heavily armoured troops and low armour vehicles, due to its armour ignoring attacks and high strength. Another key thing to remember is the Talos cannot fall back, so it's a great way to tie up important enemy units, particularly Strength 3 units which cannot even hurt it.

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