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Scourges Tactica

Submitted By: Date: August 8, 2005, 05:37:52 PM Views: 1907
Summary: Scribed by Jason Juta

Scourges Tactica

Scourges are one of the less useful units in the Dark Eldar force. The problem is not their effectiveness, but rather their cost, when you can spend points on other shooty units.

Anyway, dark lance scourges are generally not worth it, as the points for them are better spend purchasing two warrior sniper squads. The heavy weapons negate the scourge's primary advantage, which is movement speed, and considering they're out of half the game already due to the deep strike rule, the limited chances their have to use their weapons is not worth the bother, or the points.

A better option is their splinter cannons, as these can fire on the move. Up to 16 shots make this an excellent light infantry killer, and their deep strike deployment makes scourges useful for harassing the enemy backfrield, or catching happles foes in a crossfire.

In general, a scourge sybarite is a waste of points, though they can become interesting if armed with a Terrorfex, as you'll want to keep thus unit out of assault.

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