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Space Wolves Company Fluff [recoding needed]

Submitted By: Date: May 25, 2004, 08:06:34 PM Views: 2912

Satfire Wolves are a young and fierce chapter-company. This is because they are still too small to be recognized as a full chapter, but they exceed the regular company number requirements.  Satfire Wolves are not renegade but still loyal, although they're reputation is on somewhat of a brink.

The founder of the this chapter-company,  was a mysterious young Wolf Lord.  His name is Alaric Darkhammer.  Before he was accepted to join the ranks of the gods, he was still a young Fenrisian warrior barely entering his man hood.  His tribe was called Thunderfists, and he had voyaged through the Fenrisian sees with his grandfather since he learned how to walk.  Upon the day of his acception to be trained and tested to become a mighty warrior of the Space Wolves he was only 16 years of age.  His skills were tested when a fight between Thunderfists and an opposing tribe occured.  He was exceptionaly skilled with a warhammer, and was choosen after he defeated a dozen or more men with a warhammer and an axe in a blood frensied rage.

After his acception he succesfully passed the tests and ultimately the final test.  He escalated quickly through the ranks of blood claw, grey hunter, and finally was choosen into the wolf guard.  His exceptional ability to wield a warhammer was short lived, he has advanced to the frost blade.  The grace and skill he showed with the frost blade was even more impressing than his earlier warhammer wielding days.

After only a few years he established himself as a Wolf Guard Battle Leader. This was such an accomplishment for him, since he was still a very young Space Wolf at the time.  His leadership spread accross the company he occasinally led, and many Space Wolves vowed to follow even through the claws and teeth of Morkai himself.  Alaric's reputation grew even larger, he became a hero among the men he led.  His boldness and quick tactical thinking won him many games, his judgement became almost unquestional.  Alaric also has heard alot about Ragnar Blackmane, and became an admirer of his strategies and bravery.  

The Wolf Lord that Alaric followed has noticed his growing reputation among his men, and decided to let the men who followed Alaric be under his complete controll, thus granting Alaric his Wolf Lord status.  

After Alaric became a Wolf Lord he spent very little time on gathering his troops and dashing of to battle Orks on patrol missions that he was assigned to.  During these times he preached to his men about scavenging and recovering enemy weapons and technology.  This way the company could trade the recovered equipment with the Imperial vessels and Mars (surely they needed it most).  This type of scavenging and recovering became popular with him, and now as his company grew even larger this became his personal trade mark.  

Great Company status was gaining on Alaric, and he knew it. Soon he lead a great company, and would lead a fair sized army.  If any other company wanted anything, they could always negotiate with Alaric's company to get what they needed, since quite litteraly Alaric had almost everything anyone could possibly need.  Amunition, weapons, steel, vehicles, scrap metal, armour, alien tech and weapons, you name it.  


All this didnt come for nothing. Alaric constantly had to display  his tctical and battle skills to acomplish effective raiding mission or large scale conflicts.  If he won, he aquired a wealth of products, so winning was more important than anything else to Alaric.


Over the next few years Alaric became very independant.  He took on assignments single handedly refusing any help from other companies.  He became more and more independant, untill he asked for a permission to leave the Space Wolf Chapter and establish his own.  At first he was refused, and had a few hot debates with the Loagan Grimnar, the Great Wolf himslef.  Alaric was not yet in dispair, and finally he was granted the permission to beggin establishing his own chapter.  Much of Alaric's reputation as a great supplier played a role in getting him what he wanted.

So the time came to rename his company and establish new order, and prepare for the construction of a chapter. The company name has been changed to "Satfire Wolves" and made permanent chapter name.  The emblem of the chapter was Alaric's personal emblem, a blood red "X" inside a fire stone.  Many have started to joke that the Satfire Wolves were pirate marines, which Alaric made no offence of and actually promoted the nickname.  The chapter's colors are dark grey with right shoulder pad painted red, and left is the chapter emblem.  The right kneepad is red also. Sometimes the marines only have one shoulder pad, which is usually is their right. Helmet is white with dark grey places.  One of the other nicknames that the chapter's leader inherited is "Phantom Lord".  This is due to his sneaky tactics, and fast sneaky raids.  He lives up to the nickname as well  .

The Satfire Wolve's home planet is called "Stonewood".  That name was given to the planet because of its large mountainous and forest regions.  It had a few seas, which reminded Alaric of Fenris.  This planet was ideal to store away war prizes and supplies captured in battle.  Many mountains have been utilized in that manner.

Alaric's influence is very strong around the Eastern fringe of the galaxy.  An interesting practice has been started in the Satfire Wolve's chapter.  Since Alaric hates Orks, and with a burning pashion, many Ork not killed during confrontations are enslaved and put to work. Slavemaster practices have been becoming more popular recently. The Inqusition sees nothing wrong with this practice as long as it is kept under carefull control.  

And so the Satfire Wolf chapter plunders through the galaxies destroying Imperial's enemies, and raping them of their goods.  May Stonewood prosper and may Alaric Darkhammer lead his Satfire Wolves to plunder happy conquests.

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