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Author Topic: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!  (Read 71787 times)

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #20 on: November 18, 2010, 03:38:46 PM »
I'm Hinga

used to have a large army 3/4 years ago with moving around an turning into a man "cough" i lost alot of my army.. recently got back into it,
always been an ork fan from the days they were just kannon fodder to now where they can pretty much sabotage any given unit or IC!

got 1 box of AoBR so my list is pretty much

5 nobz
20 boyz
3 deffkopta's

but also got
Big Mek with Kff
and a Mega nob with power claw (soon to be 3 or 4 more)

Gunna go for more of a mek army, and have quite a bit of fast attack mixed in with a fair few boyz to hold down units an make a nuisance of themselves really,
i really want a stompa even if it means i wont get to play with him that much as i believe the bigger ones are badder lol

anyway thats me feel free to say hi once in a while :D

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #21 on: December 3, 2010, 06:00:30 PM »
Name: Phxren

Profile:  I've been playing orks for the past 6ish years.  In the last few years I haven't really been interested in Warhammer as my gaming group died and I have no one else to play with.  I am trying to get back into the game with just painting and konverting and ignoring the gaming aspect of it.  Hopefully when I go to university I will find more people who play it.

Models I have.
Blue = painted
Green = Primed or bare or being painted
2 Warbosses
Big Mek

8 Lootas
8 burnas
11 Nobs
Mega Nob

Around 80 Choppa Boys
Around 60 Choppas
Around 10 Shootas
Around 20 Shootas
20 Grots
4 Trucks

Fast Attack
6 Stormboys
6 Warbikes
4 dethkopta

Heavy Weapons
2 Zapp guns
3 killa kans
6 killa kans
Killing Necrons, Chaos and Daemons since December 2007
Orks: 2500 pts 4/8/1
Space Wolves: 2000 pts -/2/-
Salamanders: 2000 pts -/1/-
Dang I suck...

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #22 on: January 24, 2011, 07:18:52 PM »
Okay.  Here's a picture of my Waagh! so far.  It's everything from AoBR plus three Bikers.  In addition, the Waagh! includes an old-style metal Killa Kan, an old-style metal Ork Dreadnought, a squad of old Boyz, and 40 Grots - all not pictured.

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #23 on: January 28, 2011, 09:16:04 AM »
i am a new (somewhat) 40k player,only been playing for 1 year. i started with khorne themed csm, but got reeeeealy tired of the constant *get rhinos, they will help you sooooo much* when i dont have the money to crap out for 4 rhinos, so i got a great deal for a set of these orks:

12 deffkoptaz, im modeling these into nob bikers, most will have big choppas, 4 approx. will have klawz.
approx. 75 boyz, only 2 are painted as of now(i use those for painboys with my nobz), 8 have big shootas
25 nobz (only 5 are unpainted) (2 have konverted klawz)i am in the process of converting the rotor bladez of my deffcoptas into big choppas for some of my nobz from AoBR, i like the look of some, but at the same time some dont look as great.(not nearly as artistically gifted as a lot of people on here)
2 looted wagons that are chaos preds with lascannon layout i use for boomgun wagons.....
1 BATTLEWAGON! It has a kannon, 4 big shoootas, and grot riggers.
3 AoBR warbosses, one is primed, another on a fancy base.
1 weirdboy

i love orks tactics too much to go back to csm, so i have decided to completely devote myself to the waaaagh! i am in the middle of a trade for more stuff, ill keep you guys up to date, and post pics of everything afterwards.
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #24 on: February 5, 2011, 08:37:12 AM »

i'm only starting orks so i dont have a lot. im doing bad moons. this isnt what i have this is the list im collecting to. the stuff i do have i'll put a mark next to along with how many of them i have.

HQ Warlord ZagBoss Skargrim with warbike power klaw cybork body and Bosspole#
      big mek with kustom force field#

E  5 lootas including a mek#
    5 lootas including a mek

T 30 boyz with nob with power klaw and bosspole#20
   30 boyz includong nob with power klaw
  30 shoota boys with three big shootas#10
  3 mega nobz with kombi skorcha and trukk#[trukk]
   deff dread wth kustom mega blasta and skorcha#
FA 10 stormboyz including nob with power klaw and bosspole
      8 warbikers including nob with power klaw and bosspole#3

HS  3 killa kans with skorcha big shoota and grotzooka#
        3 killa kans with skorcha big shoota and grotzooka
        deff dread with +1 dreadnought close combat weapon and skorcha
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #25 on: February 11, 2011, 03:41:58 PM »
I'm Ray and have been playing 40k since second edition before Dark Millinium came out and have always wanted to do orks. I've fought them many times over the years and have always marveled at the shear volume of models, shots and attacks they seem to have. I used to joke with our retired ork player that "One choppa attack is a joke, but one hundred is nothing to laugh at!" so here I am three editions and a decade or two, it all blends together after time, later and not a single ork player around. Where's the justice in that and as I've always wanted to try orks and rolling a bucket of dice! I currently own 2 sets of AOBR orks an extra 13 AOBR boyz, 2 trukks, a battle wagon 5 loota/burna boyz and 5 extra nobz. I'm planing on a green tide Bad Moon army to show the weedy 'nids a true horde! Also planning on a speed freaks as well. I also have Snikrot and an old 2nd Ed Nazdreg

some of the boyz so far

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #26 on: February 25, 2011, 10:04:03 AM »
Hi, Massaen here

Just starting to collect da boyz, with the last 20+ years of my 40k life being with the Panzies and Beakies for the most part.

Hoping to have pics of my first boyz in the next week or 2 as I am very inspired at present.


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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #27 on: April 12, 2011, 01:07:42 PM »
Name Matt/Mercutioh
I am building a Blood Axe Merc Clan as my second army. I'll try to take some pics of the Boyz as I get them rolling. I am NOT a great painter but I figure putting up some pics will hold me accountable to try and get better.

Current Forces/WIP
I jumped into general Orkiness with both feet as they are my second army and I had a little money to burn at the time. So my forces are both WIP and some of them plan to be on the table as my Army.

3 Warbosses (AoBR variety)
[smg id=4219 type=preview align=center caption="Like a Boss"]
1 Big Mek with KFF, PK, Bosspole

Lootas X10
Nobs x20

60x Boyz 6 Big Shootas
1x Trukk with more to come.
[smg id=4294 type=Preview align=center caption="Fire Trukk"]

5 Stormboyz
9 Ravyn70s
3 Deffkoptas

2 Battlewagons (red paint job, deffrolla, 4x rokkit launchas (Big Boss Berks Boomwagons)) (not sure if I want to go hard case or not here)
2 Looted vehicles (counts as trukks right now for transport reasons)


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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #28 on: May 10, 2011, 10:55:35 PM »
Well, after a few days of trying to find my camera and not being able to I guess I will post in here with no pictures. I started playing 40k in 2002. My first army was a Black Templars army and after constantly winning I got tired with the game. So a few years and a couple of deployments later I decide to pick it up again. I walk into my local game store and some guy is looking around because his army was stolen. I give the guy all of my Space Marines and start looking at the different armys. While I'm flipping through the Orks codex someone tells me that no one at the store plays Orks because "they suck and no one wins with them". I immediately take this as a challenge and buy my first set of Boyz. Right now I'm still building my army and I currently have:



30 Boyz with Choppas led by a Nob with a PK and Boss Pole
30 Boyz with Choppas led by a Nob with a PK and Boss Pole

Fast Attack
9 Koptas (all given to me so I won't complain)

I've played a couple of low point games and have won both of them. Now I just need to buy more guys for my army and to start working on my tactics. I will update this once I find my camera and get more Orks.

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #29 on: May 17, 2011, 10:08:04 AM »
Waaagh my green brethren.

I'm Minsc and I've been playing 40k (Craftworld Eldar.) since 2004.
(Damn you Dawn of War! How rich wouldn't I've been if I hadn't discovered you!?).
In 2006 I felt I needed some diversity, and started playing Chaos Space Marines.

Since then I also started with WFB, but now I started to feel strangely pulled towards Orks (which I've fancied alot since their 4th Ed. codex was released, praise Phil Kelly!), and about a month ago I finally gave in, despite my current lack of money.  :-[

Currently I own:

1x Ghazghkull Thraka
1x Warboss on foot. (AoBR)
1x Big Mek with SAG. (converted AoBR Warboss.)
2x Warbosses on Bike. (converted Nob Bikers.)

10x Lootas.
24x Nobz with sorted equipment.
15x converted Kommandos, including 2 Burnas.
1x konverted Snikrot.

38x Shoota Boyz (including 6 Big Shootas.)
~100 Slugga Boyz.
20x Gretchins with 2x Runtherds. (usually works as big gunz crew.)
4x Trukks.

6x Deffkoptas.
10x Warbikers. (Will be used as Nob Bikers more often than not.)

2x Battlewagons.
2x Looted Wagons. (1 With a Boom Gun).
10x Flash Gitz. (converted from Big Shootas.)
3x Killakans.

My next order (Mork knows when...), will include 20x Stormboyz and a Deff Dread.

Hmmm...It's taken me a month to get all this stuff (first hand!)...I need help.  ::)
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #30 on: May 20, 2011, 02:39:54 AM »
Hey All. I've been around awhile, I suppose I might as well post in here now. I'm starstrider; the name was picked out because I played some 40k a long time back as the eldar, and initially planned on coming back to them. I ended up going green instead though, and here I am.

My "Army" is roughly 2000 points, which is to say I could probably make it 2000 points if I wanted to, although it would be a bad list. As it stands, I've got

Warboss (Klaw, Attack Squig, Cybork )   110 Points   
Big Mek (KFF)       85 Points

20 Slugga Boys (Nob w/ Klaw, BP, 2 Big Shootas)      170 Points
30 Slugga Boys (Nob w/ Klaw, BP, 3 Rokkit Launchas)   250 Points
12 Shoota Boys (Nob w/ Klaw, BP, Big Shoota)   152 Points
9 Nobz (3 Klaws, 5 Big Choppas, 1 Painboy Upgrade)   310 Points
Deff Dread (4 Close Combat Arms, Grot Riggers, Plating)    120 Points

5 Lootas    75 Points
3 Nob Bikers (2 Klaws, 1 Big Choppa)    190 Points

Heavy Support
3 Rokkit Kans   150 Points
1 Battle Wagon (Kill Kannon, Zzap Gun, Deff Rolla, Red Paint Job, Grot Riggers, Plating)    205 Points

Fast Attack
3 Deff Kopta (Rokits, Buzz Saw)    210 Points

2027 Points

I'm going to work on making a good 1750 or 1800 point list using this as a base, I suppose, and will work up to a 2000 list at some point. I'm honestly shocked how fast my army jumped from 1000 to 2000 points. It seems to have done it overnight. A better configuration for me will probably involve dropping two green barons, taking a cheaper battle wagon, and maybe making some other cuts.

There's not much well painted to show off as this is still pretty new and only one squad of boys is done (and they're not really done either). I'll get back to you guys with some pictures of painted stuff once it's all done.

My big pet project of the moment is my battle wagon, which I'm trying to put together from the shadowsword kit. It's not a real conversion so much as kit bashing (and no super extensive kit bashing either). I'm just trying to go for something fairly straightforward that ends up with an orky feel, without loosing the form of the tank it's based on. I may or may not end up keeping the turret of the shadaowsword (the big gun makes a great kill kannon, but without the turret it looks more wagony if I can find a clever way to make the above-tank deck come together). I'll try and get some pictures of this project too, as time moves on.

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #31 on: May 22, 2011, 04:12:59 AM »
you bought all that stuff new and you now some how lack money? Dude I think that's half a house payment worth of stuff you dropped

Much appreciated and thanks for the donuts.
It does feel like I spent near half a house payment, but truth be told I "only" ( ::) ) spent ~£330 worth of money on my orks so far. I've konverted the looted wagons from some old Rhinos, and I got some Orks from a friend who intended to start with orks some time ago but never actually managed.
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #32 on: May 23, 2011, 07:53:52 AM »
Hey guys, I've been posting a little bit here and thought it was about time I showed you what I'm bashing people about with and other projects I've got on the go. My guys are blood axes with a fondness for the odd bit of imperial technology and tinkering meks.

Currently have -

Boss w big choppa and shoota skorcha
Boss w claw and shoota skorcha
Boss w Mega armour
Mek with forcefield and burna
Mek w mega armour and burna

10 nobz - eavy armour
10 nobz
3 meganobz
20 lootas
12 burnaz
3 meks

30 shoota boyz
12 slugga boyz

12 slugga boyz
12 ard boyz
2 trukks

1 trukk
30 gretchen

15 stormboyz
6 koptas

3 kans w rokkits
3 kans with shoota/rokkit

3 kans w grotzooka and rokkits
Deff dread
Looted Wagon with Gun

battlewagon w deffrolla

Here is the 1000 point list which I've managed to get painted up to a standard I'm happy with.

Army shot -

Kans -

slugga boyz -

I've posted lots more pics of my ongoing project here in the projects board - All painted units are here.
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #33 on: July 1, 2011, 06:53:19 AM »
Hey guys... I'm Zognutz [aka Andy] Irongob and I've just been konverted to the green side this year.
I've been gaming properly since '96 and even before that I used to play heroquest/rouge trooper/blood bowl and the like.
Not once in those 14-15 years have I once contemplated playing Orks.
Infact it's easier to list those that I haven't collected; 'Nids, Eldar, Daemons.
I sold everything I had last year and this year I decided to collect just one army and keep it at that.
I ended up doing orks by accident because I needed a 750pt quickly and managed to grab my first 1000pts for £35 on ebay.
that was 20 sluggas, 20 choppas, waboss, 10 nobz, 3 deffkoptas and a looted boomwagon.... bargain!

I started out with my own Klan - Da Deff Skwodrun - using pussers grey and black & white checks as a colour scheme.
At that point I hadn't read the Deff Skwodrun comics [which are awesome BTW] but I'm an aircraft engineer in the royal navy.
Formerly a Harrier mechanic [the colour scheme was that of 800NAS - my old squadron] I wanted lots of airsupport so koptas, warkoptas and flyers are on the menue.

After playing a handful of games it hit me that a Klan had chosen me!... I was a Blood Axe and I didn't even know it!
I had teamed with an IG player for a doubles tourney, I tend to over strategize and forgoe a good kicking to secure an objective.
And I value a good ratio of  infantry:armour:firesupport:airsupport  ..... so a Blood Axe I was!

I really liked that fact that I chose the Orks but the Klan chose me XD.
Since the initial Junkyard-rush I've ended up with in the region of 2000pts [C@01/07/11] and have tonnes of ideas for expansion.

Most noteworthy plans are;

Valkyrie-Warkopta konversion with Black Orc based 'Ard Boyz [Da Storm Troopaz]
Sentinel based-Killa kan konversions [Da Sent-in-allz]
kustom Kommandoes - 'eavy konversions
plasitcard scratch build MANZ
Plasticard scratch build Ork Fighta - in progress

Here's a list of my army as it stands, I'll Photo only complete models and update the army shot as more are completed.
In the mean time you can find my WIP Plog here;

Here's Zognutz Irongob's Deff Skwodrun - Blood Axe Mercenaries;

Ghazkul Thrakka - konverted, basecoated
AoBR Warboss - Komplete
8 AoBR Nobz - konverted, painting - WIP
30 AoBR Slugga Boyz - built, basecoated
30 Shoota Boyz - built, basecoated
3 Green Baronz - konverted, basecoated
Looted Boomwagon - konverted, basecoated
Looted Boomwagon - konverting - WIP
Battlewagon - built
10 lootas - konverted/built
KFF Big Mek - painting WIP
Ork Fighta - Komplete

Here's the painted hoard; [last updated 17/11/11]

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Blood Axe Orks W/D/L - 12/3/1

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #34 on: July 7, 2011, 03:14:43 PM »
Name: Ben (or muffinman on most forums)

I have been playing Orks for about 5 years now, I believe. I had been playing Eldar for a while, and then branched off to try out the tau. Found out that the Tau are not very much fun to play, so I needed a new army. I sold my Tau and bought Orks. never regretted it since. Most of my armies (not just my orks) seem to focus on Close Combat, so I'm right at home with the orks. I was playing when orks weren't "cool" (I actually picked them because they were the one army not present in my club), I kept playing throuhg a new codex when orks were cool again, and I'm still playing now that everyone says Orks have fallen from the top.

I am a fairly competitive player, I live in austin, tx and for whatever reason the guys down here are a very competitive bunch. many of the guys in my group post on BoLS, and because of that people are always playing lists designed for Gt play. Even with a competitive group, my orks have held their own. I look forward to many more years of building, converting, and smashing face with my favorite army. I have several other armies now, but I always find myself giving more love to my orks..

Current forces:

Biker boss with skorcha, klaw, and attack squig (actually Skippy the Attack Grot)
Warboss on foot with klaw and skorcha

17 nobz - various equipment, split into 2 squads usually
5 Nob Bikerz - various gear
9 lootas
11 burnas (one mech)
15 kommandos - 2 burnas, plastic snikrot
5 tankbustas

40 slugga boyz - nobz, 2 missiles, 2 big shootas
20 shoota boyz - nob, big shootas
20 gretchin - 2 runtherds, all converted from goblin models
10 'ard boyz - nob with klaw
3 trukks - all withr ams and rokkits

Fast Attack
erm.... none?

Heavy Support
2 killa kans (old school with grotzookas)
battlewagon with deff rolla (converted from a trukk and a backwards leman russ)
looted rhino with skorcha
looted basilisk with boomgun

Its not a huge force obviously, but I have a certain play style that it works for. Someday I'll expand it so that I have some more options. Right now I am giving myself over to the kult of speed, and have been working towards a fast meched up army. obviously I need some FA choices before I can really call myself a speed freak...

Works in Progress...

big mek with SAG (I love the model, but don't usually play him...)
2 rokkit buggies
2 deff koptas

I had more, but they have all been finished now. I have too many other projects going to add many to my ork list. still working on a bunch of space wolves and warmachine stuff.

That's all I've got! I'll be posting some pictures soon!
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #35 on: July 14, 2011, 04:02:00 PM »
Oy yooz!  Been playing since 1999 (started as Eldar, picked up Deathguard, and then started Tau, Traitor Guard and Nids... gave all of my stuff away... came back to Orks last summer and got my Deathguard and Nids back).  Used to play a fair amount of tournaments (2-3 a month) and hope to get back into it.  Love the occasional BBQ game outside and I'm a huge fan of Mega-Mega battles (pre-apoc but tending to lean toward 150,000+ pts so big even for apoc).  Most importantly, I LOVE to paint.

Let's talk green...and blue (I play DeathSkullz cuz it confuses the beakies)

Warboss Gutsnakka w/ pk, bp, cy, ea
Warboss Nibskul w/ pk, bp, cy, ea
Big Mek Rutzig w/ KFF, pk, bp, squig, cy, ea
Weirdboy Fizguf w/ warphead

Gutsnakka's Nobz (9) w/ gear, painboy, banner
Rutzig's Nobz (9) w/ gear, painboy, banner
Nubskul's Nobz (6) w/ gear
Rokfizz MANz (4) w/ gear
Snikrot's Lot (15) w/ 2xburnas, snikrot
Kommandos (15) w/ nob, pk, 2xrl
Tankbustas (15) w/ 2x tankhammers, nob, bp, ha
Burna Boys (8) w/ burnas

Trukk Shoota Boyz (12) w/ nob, pk, bs, trukk, bs
Trukk Shoota Boyz (12) w/ nob, pk, bs, trukk, bs
Slugga Mob (26) w/ nob, bp, pk, 3xbs
Slugga 'Ard Mob (30) w/ nob, bp, pk, 3xbs, ea
Grotz (23) w/ 2xrh, 2xgs

Fast Attack:
Deffkopta Squadron (3) w/ tl-rl
Deffkopta Squadron (3) w/ tl-rl
Green Barons (2) w/ tl-rl, bsaw
Warbuggy (1) w/ tl-rl
Storm Boyz (13) w/ nob, pk, bp

Heavy Support:
Gutsnakka's Battlewagon w/ 3xbs, gc, rolla
Nigskul's Battlewagon w/ bs, gc, rolla
Boom Wagon (2) w/ bs, boom, ac
Deff Dread w/ kmb, sk, 2xdccw
Deff Dread (2) w/ 4xdccw, gr, ap
Killa Kanns (4) w/ 2xrl, bs, gz

Super Heavy:
Stompa w/ tccw, deffcannon, supa-gatla, supa-skorcha, tl-bs, 2x bs, 3x supa-rokkits, rear-bs, effigy (12"), 4 str pts, transport 20
Gargant w/ krusha ball (tccw), gatlin deffcannon, lobba, 2xtl-bs, supa-skorcha, 3xgb, tl-kannon, kannon, belly gun, supa-gatla, repair krew, effigy (18"), 2 pwr fields, 6 str pts, transport 20

"Da Blue Devilz" Flyboyz:
Fighta-Bommers (8) w/ bomms, 8xbb, 8xsr
Blasta Bommer w/ deff arsenal, 6 bomms, 8 bs, 1 tl-bs

Total: 10,000+ pts

On the Bench:
-- 4 sluggas to round out mob
-- convert two rokkit buggies
-- about a dozen burnas to paint up
-- sculpting MANZ
-- PAINT the new stuff
-- a fair amount of Deathguard (shhhhh) creeping back onto the bench

-- 2x fightas
-- skullhamma
-- stormlord (ork style)
-- warkopta
-- some day i'll stop proxying the last 6 grotz :P
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Athaga Mor
40k - Deathguard CSM, Deathskullz Orks, Daemons, IG Traitors

Current project: painting my new chaos warhound titan

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #36 on: July 29, 2011, 12:30:12 PM »
hey all, my names David or simply Dave or whatever you wish to call me :) i've recently converted to ork from guard, and i'm running Blood Axes. i "will" the whole vlack reach strike force soon.... but only the warboss momenterally ;)

Warboss Grol NutKrakka- Shoota + Power Klaw w/ Eavy Armor and Cybork body

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #37 on: October 1, 2011, 01:21:04 AM »
   I am The Nightwalker. I started playing Games-Workshop games when me and my late brother started to play their Lord of the Ring strategy battle game. After he died I started to hang out with one of his friends, who by chance is an avid Tau player. As I didn’t have anyone to game with I started to collect 40k models to play with him. I at first played Imperial Guard (as they were the least strange) but recently started to play orks. After all, they are just too green and funny to resist.

   Also, I know I’m not big on painting. I would much rather convert and write then paint.


Work in Progress
Fully Painted

Grok da Ummiecrusha
Warboss w/PK


5 Nobz
6 Nobz w/Big Choppas Painboy
15 Lootas


20 Choppa Boyz w/ 2 Big Shootas
12 Boyz, PK Nob w/BP Trukk, Ram, Red Paint, Boarding Plank

Fast Attack

Green Baron

Heavy Support

Boom Wagon

2nd Place. Go Big Or Go home, Lightweight Division.


Orky Fiction

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #38 on: October 4, 2011, 10:58:15 PM »
Toofy grinz ladz! I come to join yer Waaaagh! Been lurking about for a bit on these forums as activation emails seemed hard to come by. But since all that has been said elsewhere (and a bit more) lets get down to our Green obsession. While in deep thought (well, for an ork) an epiphany came to me like the thunder of Gork's passing gas. In the year 40,000 who can argue it's not a ork's life. Nothing but war from one end of the galaxy to the other. Doesn't matter where a boy goes, there will be something to shoot/stomp/kill. So with that I gave in to the green.
Right now I'm leaning toward BW/Speed freaks list. Deff rollas, trukks, bikes. I'll try to get a list up soon for a little C&C. In the mean time, stay green my friends.

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #39 on: November 14, 2011, 12:35:48 PM »
Greetings all! I'm CheesyRobMan (occasionally known as Rob) and I've been playing Orks since AoBR came out. The first Ork I painted was the free Nob that was on the front of WD at the time, and currently he sits on my wife's desk at work along with a Tomb King I painted for her as well. My Ork army is currently around the 4-5k mark, and I'm focusing on a Dread Mob at the moment using the IA8 list. All that's left to build and paint are 6 Killa Kans (undercoated) and a FW Lifta Wagon (still NIB).

Here are a few pictures of my Orks:

Most recently I built a Big Trakk with lots of extra gunz - Da Dakkawagon.


And the Ork that started it all:

Once the Dread Mob is done I am slowly gathering models for a biker list...  watch this space  :)
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