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Author Topic: Chaos Knights: Despoiler Battle Cannon or Gatling Cannon?  (Read 5340 times)

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Chaos Knights: Despoiler Battle Cannon or Gatling Cannon?
« on: June 23, 2023, 03:51:13 PM »
So, I've been messing around with some 10th edition lists for Chaos Knights, and this is my 2000 pointer so far:

Knight Tyrant w/Harpoon and Darkflame, 2x Desecrator Cannons, 1x Geistrike (Warlord)
This guy is sort of a take-all comers type. Harpoon + Gheiststrike + meltaguns kills a lot of armor, Darkflame + Desecrators blows up infantry, very tough, useful auras, etc.

Knight Abominant
Mostly taken for the extra mortal wounds and the forcing battleshock in the shooting phase--both very useful. Main gun is great against infantry, as are its melee options

Knight Despoiler w/Ruinspear Rockets, Diabolus Stubber (Main gun?--see below), Reaper Chainsword Enhancements: Aura of Terror
I love the enhancement here, since it helps with leveraging both the army special rule AND keeping hold of objectives. Kind of a take-all comers build, but I'm torn between the battle cannon or the gatling gun. The battlecannon seems very solid, but the random shot numbers make it streaky and unpredictable. The Str on the gatling cannon is a little low, but all those shots and the very solid AP means it will chew through bigger things than you'd think. Which would you go with?

2 War-Dog Executioners
Transport killers, the D3 is huge, and they can double for knocking down monsters and various elite infantry, too

2 War-Dog Hunstmen
Tank hunters who then double as an assault team with their chainblades

1 War-Dog Stalker w/Avenger Chaincannon and Slaughterclaw
Sort of the inverse of the huntsmen, this guy shoots up isolated objective holders and what-not and then is extra insurance policy in assault against big gribbles, just in case

2000 points on the button.
I'm aware of the "you should just take War Dogs" strategy, and (1) I'm not sure that's the case anymore, given how tough the big guys are and (2) WHY PLAY KNIGHTS WITHOUT THE BIG GUYS? WHY?

Thoughts, anyone?


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