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Started by Devern, The Unsung Hero, November 11, 2005, 08:05:18 PM

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Devern, The Unsung Hero

So, we're on a board where people post their work to be judged, appreciated and improved.
Yet, not everyone wants the same thing!

Therefore I'm posting this handy little thread for the benefit of everyone!

Rules for the Author
If you just want a general, "oh, I like it."  "oh, I don't like it" say so.
Specify if you want any critique or not.  General, Critical, etc.
If you say, critical critique welcome, be prepared for the occasional poster to pick your piece apart.

That being said....
Rules for the Reader
The writers have spent a lot of time on these pieces, respect that.
If you don't have anything nice constructive to say, don't say anything at all.
If they DON'T ask for critical critique, don't give it.  This doesn't mean you can't say anything.  But, if the writer just wants a general opinion, you don't need to start correcting his grammar and syntax.
If they DO want critical critique, make sure you phrase it constructively.  They took the time and effort to write the story, take the time and effort to reply, properly.

and finally..

Whether they want a quick overview, or a detailed proof read.  Respect the author.
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