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Author Topic: tea4twos army tryouts Imperial guard  (Read 830 times)

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tea4twos army tryouts Imperial guard
« on: November 9, 2010, 09:34:43 AM »
As stated in the title I am trying out new armies in this case guard to see how they play and if I like it

my list
commissar lord no upgrades

veteran squad alpha x3 meltaguns chimera with multi laser and heavy flamer(basilisk)

veteran squad beta x3 meltaguns chimera with multi laser and heavy flamer (griffin)

fast attack
x3 scout sentinel's with auto cannon's (reaver, centurion[squad leader],war hound)

exactly 500pts

the great enemy night lords

sorcerer with melta bomb doom bolt

CSM 10 men x2 meltaguns mark undivided rhino dozer blade

CSM 7men x1 meltagun mark undivided rhino dozer blade


As stated above I am experimenting with guard to see if I would like to collect them. the guy I am playing let me use his guard army and I let him use my night lord army.

he surprised me by not taking a winged daemon prince and taking my standard 500pt list

 this will be a slaughterer one way or another

on to the battle report

rolled for battle got
12 inch deployment
when did we start soldiers for rent? whined Gomez. oh shut up Gomez said Ruby at least we have a chance of actually getting in a fight. yeah with the freaking terror marines.
welcome to Alpha squad I am the ...
well Sargent I guess seeing as the last one went missing a week ago.
but let’s start with what is happening right now. my team and beta team are currently  rushing off in 2 chimeras that are part of some newly deployed regiment. also I missed my breakfast.
but beta squad has some worse luck then us they are with the commissar. I am okay with most commissars I understand the duty this one is just down right creepy must be the mask.
Hey sarge some scout sentinel's just joined the party. Whatever is going to happen is happening soon.
He was right.
           Deployment was both of us set up opposed to each other there was a hill in the middle of the board giving all the tanks cover sentinels were deployed far forward as possible to try and scout up the hill to get clear shots at the rhinos. sentinels scout up the hill.
He fails to steal the first turn.
Chimeras and sentinels continue to advance moving 6. sentinel have a clear shot at the closest rhino and open fire destroying it the chimeras  shoot at the other doing nothing to the other rhino.
his turn he moves everything he can as far forward as he can pops smoke on his remaining rhino.
The first warning we had that we had found the enemy was the thunderous bark of an auto cannon.
   Contacts found rhino one destroyed they are night lords I repeat they are night lords.
   Congratulations on the kill Reaver how many marines?
   Ten they have melta guns. Enemy commander not spotted must be in the other one.
   May the emperor guide you guns…
   Thank you commissar Van.
The rest was cut off as a new voice spoke
    I should have finished you off when I had the chance Vanessa now you will feel my wraith.
Turn 2
I continue to move my sentinels forward being wary of the 2 melta guns in the 10 man CSM squad and shoot at the remaining rhino the sentinels fail to shoot through the smoke.
The chimeras move back a bit in case he charged and shot at the marines that were exposed killing one of them.
Night lords turn
Last rhino moves up gets a shot at the commissars and betas squads chimera(griffin)and destroys it with their one melta gun.
The squad that is on foot moves toward the sentinels and trys to shoot then with the melta guns but they are just out of range he does rapid fire some of his bolters and sakes one which is ignored due to vehicle squad rules.

Now in the chaos that was happening I did not get much seeing as I got knocked to the floor as my squad started panicking as reports that betas squads chimera went down the crew compartment door opened and every one stood still as a skeleton of a man with a skull shaped rebreather said “get your freaking melta guns out there all hell is about to break loose you bloody marines to  kill” pointing at the rear hatch. I got the point time to get out I yelled and we prepared to jump out the door.

Okay lets see where I am
I have a squad of  marines with anti tank next to my sentinels
Another squad in rhino with sorcerer right in front of me and we are tied for kill points
Lets see if could guess what I did or if you have a better option for me.

The sentinels mover towards the marines closest to them
Alpha squad left the chimera
Basilisk alpha squads chimers moves 12 inches and rams the opposing rhino in the side from my understanding it is + 2 for armor +1 for tank + 6 for movement.
End result I destroyed the rhino both infantry squads then open fire at the marines both are within 12 inches and I kill 3 of them.
The sentinels shoot and charge the other marine squad in shooting I killed 2 of them did nothing in combat they stunned 2 of the sentinels back with the combat weapons.
Night lords turn
Well they shoot my lord commissars squad I went to ground lost 2 of the vets then they charge them.
What happens next is interesting.

Me and my squad jump out of the chimera just as it starting picking up speed before I could even ask what they were doing.  they had already rammed the enemy rhino and disappeared in a column of fire and smoke. Leaving us to stare at what it left behind the traitor marine commander and his body guard I knew it was the commander because he scared me more than anything else every one opened fire at them any shot that hit the commander was blocked by some force field then I felt it in the back of my mind it was a warlock a magi user and he was trying to get into my head. I did nothing to stop them from charging beta squad I was distracted to say the least by the little voice in my head.
Stand together prepare for combat (actually thinking no no not again) we shall show these traitors the might of the emperor’s imperial guard. Right then the enemy commander and his guards hit our lines. To every ones amazement the commissar went head to head with the enemy commander and was…
My men attacked the remaining marines trying to slow them down with sheer numbers it was not going so well.
(for those who could not guess I am the sergeant of beta squad)

   The combat resulted in the sorcerer taking 2 wounds from my commissar lord who does not have a power weapon mind you. Commissar Lord takes 1 wound and because he used doom bolt could not use his force weapons power. one other marine dies in this combat for the loss of 3 vets I lost the fight but commissar forces them to hold.

Well it is my turn again and here is my big mistake forgot to move alpha squad closer to the combat so they could join the combat against the sorcerer.

Right to the combat phase seeing as there is nothing to shoot at any more.
Sentinels cause one wound which is saved some of the marines decide to try using their krak grenades the others continues to rip into them with pistol and sword. This resulted in one explosion result which caused chaos to lose 2 marines because of it. And one weapon destroyed result.
The combat with the vets results in a draw me killing 2 marines him 2 guard both commanders whiff there attacks.
Chaos’s turn
He now reminds me that I forgot to do anything with one of my vet squads I said let’s play on I would find some way to work it in to the bat rep
To the combat phase again
This time he forgoes grenades to just hitting me with his chain swords which result in an immobilized on the sentinel with weapon destroyed result and another weapon destroyed because of the vehicle group rule the immobilized becomes destroyed. The last sentinel kills one marine.

The sorcerer decides to split his attacks 2 to the commissar one to the vet squad in an attempt to wipe them all out with what he has left. Only one attack hits and wounds but it is saved by the refractor field one guards man dies last marine tries to finish off the lord and the one attack that gets through is also saved by the refractor field the guard attack back and kill them both.

We call it game at this point because the store was closing
Guard has 4 kill points
Chaos 1
If he did not have some horrendous rolling he could have easily pulled the win he had an easy 3 kill points in the form of my commissar lord a vet squad and my last sentinel. A close game till the end I think.
Guard wins by the tips of their fingers.

Suddenly the voices stopped
What happened? I asked just as I fell unconscious to the ground.

Crap the commissar was hit by that last marine just as Gearman turns it into a puddle of ooze with his melta gun. I reached over to turn him over to see if he was still alive. As I did so the mask that he was wearing fell off. He was a she a female commissar I dropped her with my surprise just as a team of valkeryes and vendettas flew over head. I turned around to look at them an noticed as Joshua sergeant of alpha squad went down only half of his squad was left
What the hell was he fighting I wondered just as a valkery landed near bearing the mark of a legion that I did not recognize maybe they would have some answers.

Let me know what you guys think

He challenged me to a larger fight the 2000 point range he will let me use his guard again so I intend to try again will post it is I have the time.

sorry for any misspellings.
If you know where this is from good for you
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