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Author Topic: 1250 Orks Vs Ad MEch: Open War  (Read 1089 times)

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1250 Orks Vs Ad MEch: Open War
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:58:06 AM »
1250 Point Orks vs. Ad Mech: Open War

Uncle Tungsten and I got in a friendly match this past weekend since the first phase of our campaign had finished.  We both wanted to get more battles under our belt and try some new units in 8th edition.  I also wanted to try out the Open War deck instead of one of the missions from the core book.

Ad Mech Forces (Mars)
Tech Priest Dominus w/ Eradication Ray, Macrostubber and Omnissian Axe (Warlord)
Tech Priest Enginseer w/ Omnissian Axe and Servo Arm.

5 Skitarri Vanguard w/ Radiation Carbines
5 Skitarri Vanguard w/ Radiation Carbines
5 Skitarri Vanguard w/ Radiation Carbines

Cybernetica Datasmith w/ Gamma Pistol & Power Fist

2 Sydonian Dragoon w/ Taser Lances

2 Kastelan Robots w/ 3 Heavy Phosphor Blasters

2 Onager Dunecrawler w/ Eradication Beamers

2 Armiger Warglaives w/ reaper chain cleaver, thermal spear and heavy stubbers.

Orks Forces
Warboss w/ Power Klaw, Shoota & Attack Squig (Warlord w/ Legendary Fighter)

Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field

Weirdboy w/ Da Jump

30 Shoota Boys w/ Boss Nob
30 Shoota Boys w/ Boss Nob
10 Grots w/ Grot Blastas

10 Tankbustas w/ Rokkit Launchers

3 Meganobz, (2 w/ Kustom Shootas & Power Klaws, 1 w/ Dual Killsaws)

10 Lootas

3 Killa Kanz w/ Kustom Mega Blastas

Using the Open War deck we drew cards for deployment, objective and twist.  We didn't get to draw a ruse card since the power levels of both are armies was the same, 81, which was a surprise.

Objective: Drawn & Quartered.  We took turns setting up 4 objective markers that had to be more than 12" from the center of the board, more than 6" from an edge, and more than 18" from any other objective.  At the end of each turn players score 1 VP for each objective they control.  The player with the most points at the end of turn 5 wins.

Deployment: Like Hammer and Anvil but without the no moans land between armies.

Twist: Eager for the Fight.  All units add 2" to their movement and add 1 to all advance and charge rolls.

The Battle is about to begin.

Ork Point of View
You can fit a lot of Orks under a Force Field

I won the roll off to start placing the objectives (4 blue rimmed piles of gear made by Uncle Tungsten).  I placed my first objective behind a large wall and my second objective behind a bunker.  My opponent placed his first objective along the center line and the second inside the ruins of a building. Uncle Tungsten won the roll off to pick his deployment zone and chose the half of the board with fewer objectives and placed most of his forces in the back third of the map.  I placed most of my forces at the edge of the deployment zone except for my grots on 1 objective and tankbustas behind a wall in case Uncle Tungsten seized initiative.  I finished deploying first and and chose to go first and Uncle Tungsten failed to seize.

Top of Turn 1
The twist for this battle, additional movement, was really a boon for me in this battle.  I advanced my left hand group of boyz up the flank to engage the dragoons, enginseer and 1 unit of vanguards.  The kanz moved up to shoot and charge a dunecrawler.  The warboss advanced so the boyz would be able to charge the dragoons and company.  The other group of boyz moved up so they could fire on a dunecrawler.  Everything else held place and in the Psychic Phase the weirdboy jumped the tankbustas into the ruin to fire into the assorted vehicles the Ad Mech deployed.  He also took 3 mortal wounds from jumping the tankbustas.

THe shooting phase was pretty lackluster.  The advancing boyz killed one vanguard.  The lootas got 1 volley of shots off (despite a re-roll) and did no damage to a dunecrawler. The other boyz plinked off 2 wounds from one dunecrawler and the kanz missed their shots.  The tankbustas, with Dakka Dakka Dakka, scored 10 hits and 4 wounds, all unsaved.  With a reroll my opponent managed to make 1 save and the dunecrawler survived with 2 wounds left.

In the assault phase a kan took 4 wounds in overwatch from the eradication beamer before doing 3 wounds in combat.  The boyz took out the vanguard and did a couple of wounds to the dragoons while loosing 7 boyz to the dragoons.  With consolidation they managed to prevent the dragoons from falling back.  I controlled 3 objectives to take a quick lead.

Score: Orks 3 to Ad Mech 0

It's a krumpin' party

Krumpin' Party Results
Jumpin' Tankbustas
Not so cowardly grots
Orks on the move

Bottom of Turn 1
On Uncle Tungsten's turn he pulls back his dunecrawlers, one falls back and the other moves toward his tech priest for healing.  The warglaives move up, one shooting at the boyz, the other at the Kanz.  One group of vanguard moves to engage the tankbustas and the other moves forward on the high ground.  The forward warglaive fires into the boyz in the center of the board and other warglaive takes aim at the kanz.  The kastelan robots fire into the central boyz as well.  I lose 1 kan, 9 boyz and 4 tankbustas to shooting.  In assault I lose 3 more boyz to the warglaive but the tankbustas kill 3 of the vanguard.  I use 2 CP to make sure the tankbustas pass their morale.  I interrupt the assault phase to have my boyz fight the dragoons and enginseer first and detroy one dragoon and take 1 wound off the enginseer without losing a boy.  No victory points are scored this turn for my opponent.

Score: Orks 3 to Ad Mech 0

Ad Mech star to thin out the orks

Boyz vs. Arminger
End of the round

Top of Turn 2
I move my warboss within charging range of the warglaive in close combat with my boys and the weirdboy closer to the center objective to maintain control of 3 objectives.  The kanz moved closer to the dunecrawler to shoot and charge again.  The meganobz were jumped to the the back of the board to threaten the kastelan robots and datasmith.  The shooting phase was again a wash.  The kanz missed, the lootas again got 1 volley off (with another failed reroll for more shots), and the meganobz missed their shots on the robots.

In the assault phase, the kanz were eradicated in overwatch.  I was a little overconfident with those grots.  The warboss softened up the warglaive for the boyz so they could take it down with massed close combat weapons.  The other boys managed to wipe out the enginseer and Dragoon and consolidated towards a dunecrawler.  The meganobz failed their charge and took a wound in overwatch.

Score: Orks 6 to Ad Mech 0

Kanz about to be Eradicated in Overwatch (pic courtesy of Uncle Tungsten)

One Arminger down, one to go
Closing in on the enemy

Bottom of Turn 2
Unlce Tungsten repositions his warglaive to fire on the tankbustas and then charge them.  The dunecrawlers move forward to shoot at the boyz in the center of the map while the vanguard move to engage the boyz on the flank.  The enginseer moves to intercept the meganobz.  The dunecrawlers and Robots take out all the boyz in the middle of the board except the nob and the vanguard kill one boy on the flank in the shooting phase.

In the assault phase the the tankbustas manage to kill the last arminger in overwatch.  The dunecrawler engaged with the warboss does no damage and the boyz wipe out the last vanguards.  The enginseer takes 2 wounds from the meganobz but keeps them stuck in combat.  No objectives were controlled again this turn.

Score: Orks 6 to Ad Mech 0

Ad Mech move to engage

Arminger dies in overwatch, Meganobz fight an Enginseer
End of the Turn

Unfortunately the store had to close and we could not continue the battle again.  We had placed terrain and deployed our armies much quicker this battle than last time but closing time caught us by surprise.  The higher point total might have played a small part of it.  But the game was starting to go much quicker as units came off the board.  We talked about the game and continuing I would have moved the boyz closer to a dunecrawler and techpriest.  The lootas would have fired on that dunecrawler and the tankbustas on the Robots.  The weirdboy would have moved up to get within smite range of the dunecrawlers too.

Final Score
Orks 6
Ad Mech 0

Post Mortem
I enjoyed using the Open War deck, it was different from the core missions and deployments.  I think the deployment and twist for this battle definitely helped me out more than my opponent.  I was able to get into close combat quickly and threaten from multiple areas at once.

Tankbustas continue to shine with the Dakka, Dakka, Dakka stratagem.  Kanz are not a good choice for anti-tank, they get too few shots in the shooting phase and have trouble hitting in the fight phase.  I feel down on the lootas due to bad dice luck on their number of shots each round this game.  The meganobz didn't get to do much but they do look cool, so I'll probably try them again.

As for Uncle Tungsten, he did a good job of protecting his flanks from Da Jump but think  he could have done a more to play the objectives.  Deploying back was a good move to make it harder for me to get into close combat but he left the objective in his deployment zone open.  If he chose the other deployment zone to begin with he could have held 3 objectives and made me come to him to take control of them.

All in all, it was another fun game despite having to cut it short again.  Uncle Tungsten continues to improve with every game and I look forward to our next battle.  Thanks for reading and thanks again to my opponent.

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Re: 1250 Orks Vs Ad MEch: Open War
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2018, 10:23:14 AM »
Good game!

Yeah, the combination of no neutral zone and a +2" movement pretty much made it your game from the get-go. Not really sure what Tungsten could have done against that. Add in progressive scoring and (shrug).

Nice to see the Warglaives on the board, though they didn't seem to be kitted to handle hordes (can they be?).

Jumping Tankbustas and then the Meganobz is a great idea and I'm glad it paid off. I'll have to watch out for that one in the future.  ;)

Thanks for the report!

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Re: 1250 Orks Vs Ad MEch: Open War
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2018, 01:04:59 PM »
Thanks Wyddr.

It was a lucky draw from the deck.  The set-up could have been a lot different, I really want to try the Open War Deck again.  I do think it would have been closer if the deployment zones were swapped.

The jumping tankbustas and meganobz was something I had been thinking about and you had suggested after our last game.  I'm glad they worked out and was pleasantly surprised by how well the tankbustas did in close combat.

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Re: 1250 Orks Vs Ad MEch: Open War
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2018, 07:12:04 PM »
The Eager for the Fight element definitely helped the orks get stuck in a lot faster, but I made a few pretty poor choices, too.

First, as Roboknee pointed out, I totally picked the wrong side of the board. Got to get better at that phase of the game.

Second, my list choice really wasn't right. I wanted to play a sort of armored spearhead, but neglected addressing hordes. There was no good way, aside from the kastelans, of thinning out the ork ranks. Infiltrators and full vanguard squads would have made a difference, even with the boyz breathing down my neck. Totally a boyz before toys error.

The warglaives are cool, and they can sort of deal with troops with the sweep attack, but they're really meant for anti armor. As a result, they struggled to find a raison d'etre in this game. Their large bases got in the way, too. I was thinking the pair could tackle that central group of boyz, but they got in each other's way.

Have to keep back those dragoons, too. They've been preemptively jumped and stomped the last two games.

Thanks for the game, Roboknee! Your approach was a good lesson in balancing the attack with playing the scenario. Now your boyz can say they've krumped a lord of war.

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Re: 1250 Orks Vs Ad MEch: Open War
« Reply #4 on: July 19, 2018, 12:18:23 PM »
Deployment: Like Hammer and Anvil but without the no moans land between armies.

I'm sure that's an interesting terrain feature that GW wishes that the designers had thought of ;).

On a more serious note, that was a very fast paced game in terms of how quickly the Orks were able to get into an assault.  I think that this really helped the Ork forces to overwhelm the Adeptus Mechanicus side, which was not really the best for dealing with hordes.  Still, it was an entertaining game to read and I hope that you both get a chance to play for longer next time.

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Re: 1250 Orks Vs Ad MEch: Open War
« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2018, 01:51:28 PM »
Ha ha ha, I didn't even see that typo.  I never was the best speller.  :D

Thanks for the comments and joke, Irisado.  The next game will probably be during the day on a weekend so we will have ample time to finish our battle.

Uncle Tungsten, it's why we play these games, to see our mistakes and get better.  Your list may have done good against Mccomas' Iron Hands or Aeldari that have more armor.  Against me you need more anti-horde and for Wyddr we need to pray.  ;)  But more seriously, a good mix of anti-horde and anti-armor.

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Re: 1250 Orks Vs Ad MEch: Open War
« Reply #6 on: July 19, 2018, 04:39:49 PM »
An exciting game! too bad it had to end early. I've had that happen to me as well at the local game store, heh.
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