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Author Topic: 1k high elves vs. Skaven  (Read 1739 times)

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1k high elves vs. Skaven
« on: August 8, 2010, 04:35:56 PM »
Hey all finally got a game in on saturday heres the lists:
lev2mage seer staff scroll
10 archers
10 archers
around 25 sea gaurd w/ full command
2X bolters

Mage rat
Assassin rat
2X large like 30 clan rats
like 30 slaves
warplightning cannon
2x globadier weapon teams

I win 1st turn and just hang back and shoot.  Kills 1 gun team and puts 2 wounds on warplightning gun.

Rats advance, shooting/magic kill some seagaurd.

I continue to hold and shoot killing his other weapon team but his accursed warplightning gun is out of my archers range so the arrows just wear down some rats, not enough though at all.

He advances his 3 large rat mobs right on top of me meaning charges will come next turn as im pretty close to my board edge.  In the magic phase his wizard blasts the crap out of the sea gaurd but a miscast puts the large template on the wizard blowing up a large chunk of clanrats and causing them and the slaves next to them to panic!!!  In shooting he kills the sea gaurd down to just the champ, standard and the mage.

All my shooting concentrates on the last clanrat unit instead of firing some bolter shots at the warplighning gun.  The clanrats fall back!!  His army is entirely running away now cowards!!

1 clanrat unit rallies. other rats and slaves keep running.  His lightning cannon finishes off my mage who hopped out of the sea gaurd last turn.

I shoot him as he's across the board.  Pretty much game over now!!!  I thought I was done too until that round where his own wizard blew up his lines and sent them all running :P.
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