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Title: Warlords - WFB campaign - WoC
Post by: PanzarDragon on July 24, 2009, 09:29:58 AM
My Local GW is starting a campaign this weekend, the common name of this sort of setup is unknown to me but its one where you start with 250pts and then gain extra points as you play.

So this is going to be my first big incursion back into fantasy after a rather long hiatus and i've decided to go with an army I've always had a craving for: Chaos Warriors.

So im going to use this thread to chronicle my warhosts journey, for a souvenir as well as a motivational tool.

I had a few models kicking around which will form the core the host: Sorcerer, 12 warriors and 5 knights. Another good thing about this challenge is that you gain points after every battle for having a fully painted army so all the more to push me on with the painting!

As far as my plans go for this army, well i like a bit of everything, lots of cool special characters , magic's and gods to choose from and there are some models out that are just too good to pass up (khrone lord on juggernaut I'm looking at you!) so all depends on what i feel like at the time, the points available to me and of course the big man: Budget. Another reason for choosing WoC is that my income isn't huge so the more bang I can get for my buck the better!

So starts tomorrow and this is the warband i've gone with.

-1 sorcerer
-10 warriors w/Shield

Ill post pics and such later on!