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Title: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity
Post by: Wyddr on July 3, 2019, 11:00:56 PM
1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity

The dramatic vignette will come at the end of this piece, I promise. My steady ork opponent, Roboknee, and I continued our long-running narrative/ladder campaign on Orthos IV (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=230749.msg2775546#msg2775546) with this mission, which represents the newly arrived Deathwatch seeking to decimate the ork presence on the planet while the Vostroyans face tech-heresy. 

Here are the lists:

Deathwatch Battalion
Watch Master Raziel (Warlord: Lord of Hidden Knowledge)
Watch Captain w/Jump Pack, Relic Blade, Stormbolter (Bane Bolts of Eryxia)

Primaris Kill Team w/5x Intercessors (Sarge w/Chainsword), 3x Hellblasters (Plasma Incinerators)
Primaris Kill Team w/5x Intercessors (Sarge w/Power Fist), 2x Aggressors (Boltstorm Gauntlets)
Veteran Kill Team w/Sarge (Stormbolter, Chainsword), 2x Stormbolter/Chainsword, 2x Frag Cannon

Venerable Dreadnought w/Twin-linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher

Fast Attack
3x Inceptors w/Plasma Exterminators

Razorback w/Twin Lascannon
Razorback w/Twin Lascannon

Corvus Blackstar w/Blackstar Rockets, Hurricane Bolter, Twin Assault Cannon, Auspex Array

Ork Rearguard
Bad Moon Battalion
Warboss w/Killa Klaw, Kustom Shoota, Attack Squig (Warlord: Invul Save Thing)
Big Mek w/Kustom Force Field

30 Shoota Boyz
30 Shoota Boyz
30 Shoota Boyz

5 Kommandos, 1x Tankbusta Bomb

Heavy Support
2 Smasha Gunz
2 Smasha Gunz
15 Lootas

Bad Moon Battalion
Warphead (Da Jump)

10 Grots
10 Grots
10 Grots

Mission, Terrain, and Deployment
The mission was from the 2017 Chapter Approved--a Maelstrom mission called Targets of Opportunity. Basically we drew 3 strategic objective each turn, but those objectives were all discarded at the end of the turn, whether they were achieved or not, unless you spent CP to keep them. Spoiler alert: we NEVER spent CP to keep them.

The terrain was supposed to be "wilderness" so I put a waterfall at about the center of the board with two rivers winding in a SW direction. There was a bridge over the northern spur of that river system, which was placed in the middle of a forest. In the NE corner was a large hill with some rocks, the SE corner had a ruin, and the south and southwest corners had smaller hills. There was a small forest just to the south of the big northern hill, and a variety of ridges and rocky outcroppings scattered around.

The objectives were as follows: #1 on the bridge, #2 atop the waterfall, #3 atop the big north hill, #4 in the ruin, #5 on the south central hill, and #6 sort of in the middle of the SW quadrant.

Deployment was Vanguard Strike and I won the roll-off. Since there was the greater concentration of objectives in the SW, I picked that corner, giving my opponent the big mountain to deploy his guns on. I held the Inceptors and the Watch Captain in reserve to drop in later and then placed the two Razorbacks at the edge of the forest with the Dreadnought. The Watch Master deployed between them and the Hellblaster Kill Team held down the west flank while the Aggressor Kill Team held down the east one, also sheltering behind the waterfall to keep his artillery from blowing them away right off. The Blackstar, with Veteran Kill Team aboard, deployed front and center in the DZ. My mission tactics were Malleus, to help take out his Smasha Guns and his Lootas.

My opponent stacked his big shoota mobs on the eastern edge of his DZ. Two Smasha Guns went on the big hill and two others crouched on the west flank, exposed but for a thin grot screen. The Lootas deployed on the western edge of the big hill, giving them a good view. Grot screens guarded the Lootas and the Smasha Gunz on the hill, too. The command group (Warboss, Painboy, and both psykers) sort of deployed in the middle of the giant horde, while the Big Mek sheltered the western guns and the Lootas with his shield.


The Thin Black Line (https://i.imgur.com/wIzL1FK.jpg)
Using the Forest to my Advantage (https://i.imgur.com/L9gRtIn.jpg)
A LOT of Orks (https://i.imgur.com/9BxyBED.jpg)

Turn 1
The roll for first turn, despite my getting a +1 to the roll for finishing my deployment first, went the Orks way. My opponent celebrated for precisely 2.5 seconds before I rolled to seize and immediately got a 6. So I went first, as the Emperor intended all along.

My first three objectives were Kingslayer (which was obviously impossible this turn), Hold the Line (which was pathetically easy to accomplish), and Overwhelming Firepower. That last one would give me a point if I killed one unit (which, given all the grot screens, was a basic guarantee) and a d3 points if I killed 3 units (which, again, given all the GROTS shouldn't be that hard, but I'd need about average dice to do it).

My first strategic goal was to damage/neutralize the Lootas, followed by taking out the Smasha Gunz. I was not overly concerned about his 90 shoota boyz, since I've seen how *ridiculously* fast Hellfire ammunition can eat Ork boyz. In fact, other than the fact that the grot screens and the Kustom Force Field would be *irritating*, I was reasonably sure once the Lootas and Smashas were dealt with, the rest of the game would be relatively easy.

I had hoped to swoop my Blackstar over the heads of some of the screening units and squeeze it into his backfield somewhere, but it wasn't to be--I could fit, but not with 1" on all sides, no matter how I finagled it. Resigning to the fact that, then, that the Blackstar would be shot down, I parked it just north of a defensive ridge, so that if (*when*) it was shot down, my Vets would have some cover to grab after they bailed out. I had to leave both Razorbacks and the Dread in my DZ to claim "Hold the Line," but I had planned to do that anyway, so no big loss. Both Primaris Squads moved forward--the Hellblasters went into the forest, the Aggressor Kill Team Advanced into the river, shielded by the waterfall from enemy fire. In shooting, I used those same Kill Teams to destroy the grot screen in front of the Smasha Gunz in the west and then kill about *half* the grot screen blocking the Lootas. Each Razorback made short work of the two exposed smasha gunz and then the Dread forced the Grot Screen Stratagem by aiming at the Lootas, killing one and wiping three more grots. Finally, the Blackstar chewed up 4 more Lootas and finally destroyed their grot screen, too. That meant that by the end of the turn I'd killed two Smasha gunz and two grot screens and also got rid of about a third of the Lootas--not bad. I rolled for Overwhelming Firepower and got 3 VPs!

Current Score: Deathwatch 5, Orks 0

Top of Turn 1

The Ork West Flank crumbles! (https://i.imgur.com/W41xSYT.jpg)

In my opponent's turn, he drew two easy objectives - one for casting some psychic powers and one for advancing at least three units. There was no doubt he'd fulfill both of those. There was a lot of unit shuffling that happened among the orks - the last grot screen ran as fast as they could and *almost* covered the Lootas. The Big Mek retreated to allow his shield to better protect the units nearby, but was still exposed from the west. One group of Shoota boyz moved west towards my main thrust, the other two advanced south and west as fast as they could, but wouldn't get in range of anything this turn.

Between his psykers throwing Smites (I tried Armor of Contempt - it only saved 2 out of 7 potential wounds) and the Lootas firing 30 shots with More Dakka (for a total of 11 wounding hits!), the Blackstar met its predicted fate as a 220 point Flyer that never lives more than 1 turn. To add insult to injury, 3 (THREE!) Vets died in the crash, despite my using a command re-roll on one. That left only the two frag cannons hunkering behind the ridgeline, hoping for revenge.

The Lootas then used the Showin' Off Stratagem to fire again and pelted the Dreadnought and one Razorback, for negligible damage. One remaining Smasha gun tried the same and took 2 wounds off the Venerable. The other Smasha Gun killed one Intercessor from the Hellblaster Team.

Current Score: Deathwatch 5, Orks 2

Bottom of Turn 1

"Hey, Frank - we ever been in a Blackstar that *didn't* crash?" (https://i.imgur.com/FHsaGHv.jpg)

Turn 2
In my second turn, I drew Secure Objective 6 (easy enough, as I was already sitting on it), Master the Warp (impossible--no Psychics), and Defend Objective 4 which, even if I *could* get over to #4, I'd have to spend 2 CP to claim it. Blech.

The attack plan marched on. The Inceptors dropped in along the weakened ork flank from an orientation that would make it impossible for their shots to be grot shielded. They focused fire on the Lootas and killed five of them (curse you Kustom Force Field and Dok's Tools!), but two more ran away in Morale. The Watch Captain landed in front of the Inceptors and shot at the Big Mek. He would have scored two wounds but, again, for the Kustom Force Field, which was really pulling its weight this game. The Watch Captain shrugged, knowing he had a more important role--to charge the Mek, kill him, and then use Honor the Chapter to consolidate into and attack the Lootas...except he rolled double 1s for his charge and just sat there on his hands and even took 2 wounds from the Lootas' overwatch, too. Boo.

The two frag cannons along with the advancing Aggressors proceeded to obliterate the closest group of 30 shoota boyz. The Hellblaster Kill Team tried to wipe out another grot screen, but left enough of the little bastards to foil most of my shooting at the Smasha Gunz on the hill thanks, again, to that damned Grot Screen stratagem. One lascannon shot from a Razorback got through, taking 5 wounds off the thing--not enough, but it was better than nothing.

Finally, the Frag Cannons, in an effort to provide some cover for the now-exposed Watch Captain, pulled off a miraculous charge against the remaining 4 grots in the grot screen, killing 1 and taking no wounds in return. Then those grots popped in the morale phase.

Current Score: Deathwatch 6, Orks 2

Top of Turn 2

I press my advantage (https://i.imgur.com/cABmL8J.jpg)
Stomping Grots, Like a Boss (https://i.imgur.com/Pkmsfp0.jpg)

In the bottom of the turn, I forget exactly which objective my opponent drew, but one of them was a point for killing an enemy character. He kept trying to pincer me, though, using Da Jump to warp one mob of boyz to my east flank (their shooting killed 1 intercessor from the aggressor squad), but kept themselves far enough away to avoid being hit by an Auspex Scan (my God, that stratagem pays for itself even if I never use it!) while a second group of shoota boyz advanced as close as they could from the NE, but just weren't close enough to charge.

The Big Mek retreated to repair the damaged smasha gun while the Weirdboy and Warphead obliterated the Frag Cannons with two smites. The Mek Gunz then killed the Captain in short order, earning the orks a VP, and the advancing shoota boyz fired on the Inceptors, doing one wound only.

Current Score: Deathwatch 6, Orks 3

Bottom of Turn 2

An Ork-y Surprise! (https://i.imgur.com/itA5l2B.jpg)

Title: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity Part 2 PLEASE MERGE!
Post by: Wyddr on July 3, 2019, 11:01:30 PM
Turn 3
My objectives for turn 3 were Secure Objective 1 (on the bridge--easily done), Assassinate (kill a character--probably not happening this turn), and Kill Team Strike, which gave me a point for destroying a unit and a D3 points for destroying a unit with a Troops unit (very possible).

The first problem was the two big masses of orks closing in on me from two sides. I elected to kill the closer one (the one north of the waterfall) and tie up the second mob with a charge from a Razorback (surprise!). The Razorback took 8 wounds in the process, but it *didn't die,* which meant that block of 30 orks would spend the next turn either blowing up a transport I clearly didn't need anymore or falling back and looking stupid.

Then I had to deal with that other squad of 30 boyz. They, however, made a crucial error, which was getting within 18" of some Aggressors who hadn't moved. The two Aggressors and 4 Intercessors in that unit killed 25 shoota boyz all by themselves (with, of course, the Watch Master backing them up with his crazy, crazy good re-roll bubble). *Unfortunately* their extreme effectiveness meant the last 5 boyz were out of LOS to my other squad of Primaris marines and my opponent shelled out 2CP for Insane Bravery to keep the squad around. Bummer.

No worries--there are cheap and easy units to be killed yet. The Hellblaster Kill Team targeted the closest Smasha Gun with their plasma and the Lootas with their boltguns, but the Mek Shield basically stopped any major damage from being done. The Inceptors moved forward and finished off the Lootas in short order. The Venerable Dread blew up the Smasha Gun. Finally, my second Razorback moved forward and claimed objective #1 by driving through the river.

Not the best of all possible turns, but I earned myself 2 VPs.

Current Score: Deathwatch 8, Orks 3


I feel like running over Orks should be easier... (https://i.imgur.com/mCCYHJ2.jpg)

In the bottom of Turn 3, I don't remember what my opponent drew for objectives, but I think he only earned 1 point at the end of the turn for something. He had the opportunity to shoot for Objective #6 in my DZ with his Kommandos, who showed up at last, but the Venerable Dread was *just* too close for them to do it and they failed their charge. They did do a wound to it with shooting, though.

The various characters my opponent had wandering around midfield consolidated towards the center objective. I feel this is what got him his point--moving his guys out of his deployment zone. The Shoota Boyz fighting the Razorback, meanwhile, trashed the thing. He didn't think to Loot it for a boosted armor save, but it didn't much matter.

The Weirdboy and Warphead together managed to Smite 2 of my 3 Inceptors out of existence. Booo! Crap like that makes me want to drop 100 points for a stupid Librarian. 

The big news, though, was him paying the CP for The Unstoppable Green Horde stratagem: he yanked those 5 shoota boyz from the crippled unit off the board and returned them at full strength in the NW corner of the board, as close as they could get to the Hellblaster unit without triggering an Auspex Scan. They fired 60 times and then 60 times again (Just Showin Off Stratagem) at the Hellblasters and killed 3. I let the three hellblasters go since I didn't really need the plasma anymore.

Finally, the remaining Smasha Gun killed 1 intercessor in the Aggressor Kill Team.

Current Score: Deathwatch 8, Orks 4

Bottom of Turn 3

Kommandos! (https://i.imgur.com/KEjK9oV.jpg?1)
There's even *more* of them? Sheesh! (https://i.imgur.com/3p5pNyT.jpg)
They wrecked my tank! (https://i.imgur.com/FZO6b36.jpg)

Turn 4
My three objectives this turn were Area Denial--get everybody away from the center of the board, which should work fine--Dominate, which meant claiming objective #2 (no way), and Suffer Not the Alien, which was another one of those "kill one unit" things except I got extra points if they happened to be Xenos...which the Orks obviously are. I think that objective is sort of stupidly easy to accomplish and based upon no skill whatsoever on my part, but whatever--it's a Maelstrom game, and nobody said they had to be fair or make sense.

Anyway, the last Inceptor cruises forward on his jump jets and shoots the Weirdboy in the face, killing him. There--Alien Not Suffered. I rolled a 1 for my VP, though. Bleh.

The Venerable Dread shoots and charges the Kommandos, killing 3. The boss Kommando rears back with his killa klaw and hits hard, causing 3 wounds...which his Venerableness just straight up ignores on 3 sixes, because he's awesome like that. In other vehicle news, the other Razorback charged that newly arrived unit of 30 boyz and fared better than its predecessor, taking only 5 wounds.

The Aggressors and friends mercilessly obliterated all but 6 of the squad that had just wrecked my other Razorback and then, in an effort to get closer to Objective #2, I charged them. Now, this was a strictly stupid move, since all it accomplished was lose me two marines and killed a couple orks that were about to run away anyway, but I'd hoped I'd wipe the unit and be able to consolidate towards board center. But no dice--ah well. With that unit's death, I have cleared the 6" around the middle of the board for a nice VP. Somehow, I *think* I killed the last smasha gun this turn, but that can't really be right, so who knows. My lead at this point is mostly insurmountable, so it hardly matters.

Current Score: Deathwatch 10, Orks 4

Top of Turn 4

They done messed with the wrong robot... (https://i.imgur.com/6NgfZLg.jpg)
I picture them delivering powerfist wedgies to the orks, here. Just to be jerks about it. (https://i.imgur.com/a85lYoO.jpg)
I'm liking this trick, I gotta say (https://i.imgur.com/dJUS4ZL.jpg)

In the bottom of turn 4, my opponent pulls two objectives that involve claiming distant spots on the board--no dice--and one that gives him a point for killing somebody with his warboss. So, the Warboss kills my Inceptor. Well, now that I think about it, the Inceptor technically died by firing his weapons on high power on overwatch and incinerating himself, so that point might not count. In any case, we gave it to him.

The shoota boyz kill that Razorback and then dutifully line up to be slaughtered by my marines next turn. The Venerable Dreadnought stomps the rest of the Kommandos flat using a crucial Counter-Offensive stratagem. The Warphead (who was actually closer to the Aggressors than the map shows) used Smite to kill the Sergeant in the Aggressor Kill Team and charged the rest of them. The two Aggressors, though, were too much for him and crushed him dead with their powerfists.

Current Score: Deathwatch 10, Orks 5

Bottom of Turn 4

The weirder their vomit, the more we want to kill them. (https://i.imgur.com/jwFlNL4.jpg)

At this point, given the 5 point lead I have and his decimated forces, my opponent concedes.

The orks huddled on the rocky knoll, occasionally firing their awkward machine guns, but rarely hitting anything. It was just for show--they knew it, the Deathwatch knew it. The battle was over.

Watch Master Raziel waded across the sea of ork corpses with the utter confidence of a man strolling upon his own garden path. His spear glowed with power; his cloak caught the wind and billowed out behind him. The orks saw him--these last were the biggest of the horde Raziel had just broken, and they did not take defeat lightly. They fired at him wildly, lobbed grenades, screaming obscenities in their guttural language.

Raziel, placid as a dead sea, turned to the Intercessor Sergeant next to him. "Take their legs, please."

Six bolt rifles barked and the orks tumbled off the knoll, rolling and cursing. The guns stopped, though.

"I see you, Grognath!" Raziel said, his voice carrying across the field of dead. "If this is what you orks have to offer me, I should think slaying the remainder of your wretched rabble should be quite easy."

The Intercessor Sergeant glanced uneasily at the Watch Master. "Sir...you mean to parley with...with these..." Raziel held up one finger: silence. The Sergeant bit his tongue.

The biggest of the orks, screamed and laughed and roared all at once. "Ya stupid humie! Ya think this is it? Da other bosses will krump you good!"

"What other ork bosses?" Raziel snorted. "Those are only simple grots--you're just lying now. It's really quite embarrassing for you, I should think, having to make up lies just to look big one last time."

"Oh yeah?" The big ork snarled, crawling onto his bloody stumps of legs. "When Kizfib comes for you, you won't be laughing! And even if you get him, then there's Gargle-ash, but biggest boss of them all! He'll grind you beneath the wheels of his wagons! He'll eat your bones!"

"Don't be stupid." Raziel said. "I know for a fact that Kizfib in in the mountains and Gargle-ash is wallowing in a swamp, trying to pull his wagons out of the mud!"

"Shows what you know!" The ork said, laughing. "They ain't either of those places!"

Raziel nodded. "Excellent--thank you for your help." He nodded to the sergeant. "I've heard enough. Kill them."

"You mean you..." the sergeant gasped, the realization just hitting him. "That was all a...an interrogation?"

"Have you ever spent much time with children, Sergeant? No, what am I saying--of course you haven't." Raziel turned away from the remaining orks as the Aggressors opened fire, their big guns roaring. "I'll just say this: interrogating orks and interrogating children have a great deal in common. Now we know which bosses we seek and where, approximately, to find them."

The gunfire stopped, and no more orks stirred. Raziel, striding away, didn't bother looking back.

Look, I have fun in Maelstrom games--I really do--but I never feel like any loss or win is necessarily earned. Granted, in this particular instance, the score did reflect, to some extent, the hash I made of the orks. It isn't as though I didn't take a lot of losses--the Blackstar, the Inceptors, the Watch Captain, the Vets, both Razorbacks, and about half my Intercessor Kill Teams. I killed 105 orks, though, crushed 3-4 artiller pieces, killed 30 grots and, had the game went on, I probably could have bagged another 30 orks and a handful of characters. The Deathwatch is *mean* against infantry. Horrifyingly mean.

That said, I need something to replace the stupid Blackstar and its miserable cargo of Vets. More Intercessors/Aggressors are kind of a no-brainer, but I need to spend the remaining points on something that doesn't *immediately* die as soon as it hits the table. Not sure what, but 220 points is a lot of wiggle room; I've got a lot of options, it seems.

Anyway, this was a good game--nice give and take, the Orks definitely bloodied my nose. At the time it was used, I felt like that Unstoppable Green Tide stratagem was overpowered (3 CP for 200 points of orks?!), but now that I think about it, it will almost always be used in conjunction with Insane Bravery, so it's really a 5 CP Stratagem, and I'm okay with that. Ork boyz hardly concern me, at any rate--it's all the heavy guns I need to worry about.

This was a fun game and a great strategic exercise. Thanks for reading and thanks, as always, to my opponent!   

Title: Re: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity
Post by: Roboknee77 on July 4, 2019, 01:31:17 PM
Thanks for the write up, Wyddr, this was a really fun game.  This felt like a pitched battle, very back and forth.

I do like Maelstrom too but you definitely had the better draws for mission objectives, multiple times getting objectives you were near or already holding.  I'm not saying that was the deciding factor, you definitely out dakkad me and destroyed so much more of my army.

Those Aggressors are insane and I know now to target those jerks hard.  I'm going to have to see what I can do to get rid of them ASAP from now on.
Title: Re: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity
Post by: SKEETERGOD on July 4, 2019, 04:24:08 PM
I see another great victory for the orks. Now those pesky ard boy umies will be wanderin off to somewhere else so we can get around to looting the area good and propa.  :o

A great read, good stuff.

(https://i666.photobucket.com/albums/vv27/Ralston1/evilsmiley-1.jpg) (https://s666.photobucket.com/user/Ralston1/media/evilsmiley-1.jpg.html)
Just for future reference you really shouldn't be speakin to umies like that, it hurts the throat to have to use such simple words that they might understand. Good of you to send the umies on a wild goose chase so you can get into his supply depot and get some good stuff for krumping later.

Title: Re: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity
Post by: Wyddr on July 4, 2019, 09:46:55 PM
Those Aggressors are insane and I know now to target those jerks hard.  I'm going to have to see what I can do to get rid of them ASAP from now on.

The thing with Aggressors is that they're a hard counter to big mobs of infantry. Against elites they're just okay and against vehicles they're downright mediocre (except in assault). The more you shovel points into tons of cheap infantry, the easier it is for Aggressors to shine.
Title: Re: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity
Post by: Roboknee77 on July 4, 2019, 10:01:47 PM
I definitely have to adapt to my new enemy.
Title: Re: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity
Post by: Irisado on July 8, 2019, 05:56:11 PM
Maelstrom games are one of the reasons why I don't play any more.  All that randomness is just daft, in my opinion.  Putting that to one side, however, the game was very enjoyable to follow and it was a suitably thematic battle report, with hordes of Orks trying to get into close combat, but being mowed down by high quality and accurate fire power from a small group of power armoured elite troops.

The Razorbacks were a very effective pinning distraction against those mobs and your target priority was excellent.  As for the Black Star, you know how much I loathe flyers for both rules mechanics and thematic reasons in 40K, so I'm all for you replacing it with alternative options.

Congratulations on your victory and thank you for the report.
Title: Re: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity
Post by: Wyddr on July 8, 2019, 10:19:52 PM
Maelstrom games are one of the reasons why I don't play any more.  All that randomness is just daft, in my opinion.

Well, you don't *have* to play Maelstrom, you know! The Eternal War missions are quite good these days.

Yeah, the Razorbacks aren't glorious units by any stretch, but they are utility performers, for sure.

Title: Re: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity
Post by: McComas on July 9, 2019, 12:21:50 PM
I just got my first Maelstrom game in against Roboknee and I liked it as a way to shake things up, but Eternal War is still the central game type for me.  While the Tactical Objectives are generated randomly, their use does create another layer of gameplay where you are hedging your bets against certain possibilities and ensuring you can adapt and respond to different circumstances.   
Title: Re: 1500 Deathwatch Vs Orks: Targets of Opportunity
Post by: Uncle Tungsten on July 11, 2019, 09:10:18 PM
I definitely have to adapt to my new enemy.

I looked at those mobs of boys and though, "Aw geez. Those units are mulch." Deathwatch just chews through troops. I'm sure you'll adapt. Thanks for the batrep, Wyddr!