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Author Topic: The UK's EU Referendum  (Read 32792 times)

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Re: The UK's EU Referendum
« Reply #220 on: February 3, 2020, 03:54:48 PM »
Sure.  The speech calling for an end to rebates and opt outs can be found on his Twitter:

There is nothing new or controversial there.  He has held that position for decades.  Some will agree, some will not, but ultimately, he is a single MEP at the head of one of the smaller party blocs in the European Parliament.  The vision of an integrated EU to the extent which he outlines has been proposed before and was envisaged by some of the architects of the original ECSC and EEC, but it has not happened because national governments have not wanted to integrate to that extent across all policy areas.

And here’s where he says that the current world order is one of empires (hinting that the EU should think in the same way):

Watch: Guy Verhofstadt on the world’s ?empires? | Coffee House

I do not think that he is hinting that the EU should become an empire.  He is arguing that to resist being dominated by other 'empires'.  The UK needed to remain in the EU.  In view of how weak the UK's negotiating position is in terms of resisting less than favourable terms with the United States or China to establish a quick trade deal, he is making a very valid point.

The Spectator is owned by the Barclays, who also own the Daily Telegraph, so it is no surprise that the piece being written there is attempting to portrary Verhofstadt's argument negatively.  In addition, I am appalled by the use of language and comparisons with dictatorship by the ill-informed replies on Twitter.  Social media really has reduced the quality of debate and discourse.  People are free to disagree with his vision of the EU, indeed many other MEPs and leaders of EU countries who are pro-EU do disagree with him about the extent of integration which he favours, but there is no need to resort to all this name-calling and inappropriate and incorrect comparisons.  It's amazing how 'brave' people are hiding behind the social media wall.
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Re: The UK's EU Referendum
« Reply #221 on: February 3, 2020, 04:00:28 PM »
That we’re definitely agreed upon.  Social media is generally an unflushed toilet.  :P


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