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Author Topic: Two perspectives.  (Read 1397 times)

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Two perspectives.
« on: September 14, 2005, 06:31:44 AM »
I've written this one right from the head, so it could be fuzzy or sumfink.

A speed freak day.

A normal day on the ruined fieldsof Taziv Gorbad, gnawrly ork nob of the local speed freak tribe was out with his boyz too prove he was the greatest trukk-boy on the face of taziv.

It was racing day.

Gorbad's boyz, Dorgstomps flashaz and Mloggrogg's Zags was up.
The day before Dorgstomp had won and humiliated Gorbad completly, he wanted revenge.

They lined up on the startline with the engines roaring and the boyz bragging,
a little grot with hotpants bikini and lipstick walked up on the old freeway holding an hankerchief.

The minute that the boyz saw him they blasted of crushing the grot under three wartrukks.
They were of!

The dust covered the freeway after the trukks, Gorbad was before Mloggrogg's Zags but that stupid Dorgstomp was in front of him.

- I wil' get' u'!! Stopid Dorgdog!!! Gorbad roared  to Dorgstomp.

Dorgstomp roared back in laughter and turned took one of the trukks Big shootas and opened fire at Gorbad's boyz. Richochets flew pasthim but one did hit Gorbad's shoulder,that had been enough!

-Shoot that stopid Dog shoot! Gorbad ordered his boyz.

The trukks were now covered in red blasts of fire as the three trukks exchanged gunshots.
One of Dorgstomp's flashaz were hit in the head and fell of the trukk!

In the meantime a squad of Silverazor Space marine scouts were patrolling the area.
Neophyte Tyrdas heard an distant engine roar.

-Send a message to base, ''unidentified activity in sector 4''. Tyrdas orders.

Gorbad was taking in, he drove side-by-side with Dorgstomp.

-Die jov skumbag'! Gorbad roared as he grabbed his shoota and a tyre iron he started hitting in the head on one of the Flashaz!
Gorbad and Dorgstomp started to board eachothers trukks, suddently they heard a hissing that were followed by a sudden roar and an explosion.

Mlogglog's were covered in flame when it crashed sending burning pieces of junk and boyz over the two remaining trukks.
Through the smoke an land speeder swooped by and fired again with the multi-melta attached to it.
The shot missed the trukks and the boarding was interrupted.

-Look, un of da marine-boyz flya'! Said one of the Flashaz.

-I'ill smash it! Dorgstomp laghtered! and opened fire on the agile land speeder.

Gorbad wasn't to be outdone by a scum like Dorgstomp so he followed the speeder and threw a grot on it.

The pilot of the Land speeder flew slalom avoiding some rusty fluid tanks when an green thing blackened his sight...

-Take it away!!! The space marine screamed, the other marine took his bolt pistol and began to shoot. Many shots missed, the speeder crumbled and the neck of the pilot blew and a spring of blood shot out covering the grethin.

-Ohoh! Said the surviving marine as the gretchin fell of and beeing crushed under an wartrukk.

The land speeder lost height and crashed into a building. The copilot woke up a bit, he saw and heard maybe ten gretchins in dresses and womwens clothes screming and holding towels over their chests, in sheer horror the marine ran out and met an hole audience of orks, maybe onetousand of them, he reached for his bolter but it was gone.

-Look, un' of da big umies!!! One ork spat out. All the other orks ran down roarig WAAAGH!!!
That was the last battle brother Goreg ever new.

The race was still going, Gorbad and dorgstomp was back in combat with eachother, Dorgstomp fired his slugga hitting one of Gorbad's boyz in the head.
Gorbad returned this attack with a tyre iron he threw at the driver, the driver was knocked and confused when he kept driving, he held a round thing and turned right but the trukk kept going forward!

-HeHe!! Gorbad laughed when he saw Dorgstomp's driver holding the tyre iron.

The trukk crashed in a concrete block slinging Dorstomp into a pool of water and hydralic oil.
Gorbad and his boyz had won the great price, going first in the next attack!

The orks we found in sector 4 were real masterminds compared too normal orks, they used tacics like ambush and knew our Land speeder were coming and so had already sent out three vihicles. That kind of tactics was unexpected and unprepered, i also want to report a new kind of ork projektile, one single one destryed our Land speeder i beg to emperor that it doesn't work on tanks
The endhttp://
I've written this in about 1,5 hour so i didn't really expekted it too be perfect!
If you read it you could say what you think about it.
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Da orkz ar goin to win, cos jov ar gonna loos!

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Re: Two perspectives.
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2005, 07:07:45 AM »
Nice setting!

A day at the races indeed  8). I am exited to hear how the race itself will turn out.

...feel a little bad for the cross dressing grot though.

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Re: Two perspectives.
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2005, 08:55:29 AM »
...feel a little bad for the cross dressing grot though.

Maybe it wasn't cross dressing...

Good start. I like what you added today, gives more depth.

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Re: Two perspectives.
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2005, 08:52:45 AM »
A bit innaccurate, but it's funny. I think this story would be more at home in the Space Tavern. Quite a few errors, however.

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Re: Two perspectives.
« Reply #4 on: September 18, 2005, 05:29:58 PM »
Yes there were a few errors.
However it was an enjoyable read.


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