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Author Topic: Going for the green - 2000 points vanilla orks list  (Read 569 times)

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Going for the green - 2000 points vanilla orks list
« on: May 17, 2005, 12:51:26 AM »
 As I ponder more and more which new army to collect, I keep going around and around. All the recent ork discussion has fired up my fancy, however. With a thorough look through the book, I don't think they're incapable of winning, and could be made right hard! They also offer tons of converting possibilities and an agressive playstyle. I might just trade away my fledgling marines for a decent number of orks. I swore off painting green after my fantasy greenskins army, but I can't help but be drawn right back in due to similar appeal for 40K. Without further ado, my idea:

Ork list, 2000 points

Big Mek. Choppa, Frag stikkbombz, super stikkbombz, kustom force field, 'eavy armor, mekboy's toolz @ 63 Pts

Warboss. Choppa, slugga, frag stikkbombz, tankbusta bombz, bosspole, cybork body, 'eavy armor, Waaagh! banner @ 108 Pts

HQ support to bolster the infantry line. Big Mek goes where he likes, and will likely cover whichever unit I expect to take the most heat, which might end up being the Leman Russ. Boss will stick in the middle and kick some tail and spread the Waaagh! banner's bonus as far as he can. Both provide tons of fun modelling opportunities.

2 mobs of 8 Tankbustas with 3 Rokkits + Nobs with Choppa, Rokkit Launcha, and 3 Ammo Runts @ 151 Pts x 2 = 302 Pts total

Obviously for tank-busting. Giving the nobz the tank-hunting skill is just gravy, and with 4 rokkits and 3 re-rolls flying out of each squad, I don't expect miracles but I feel I can expect something.

4 mobz of 13 Slugga Boyz with 3 Rokkits and Nob with Power Klaw, Slugga, Bosspole and 3 Ammo Runts @ 192 Pts x 4 = 768 Pts

Horde melee, and packed to the teeth with more rokkits. If there's something I want dead fast, it's vehicles and small marine-type units loaded to the teeth with with heavy bolters. To this end, I've included some more ammo runts. They're a fun modelling opportunity and also increase my chance of hitting from 1/3 to 5/9 for one round, which can make quite a difference with massed rokkits. Bosspoles on all the nobz to make sure depleted groups rank up and I get my points' worth out of every single ork.

3 mobs of 4 Warbikers and a Nob with Power Klaw and Slugga @ 198 Pts x 3 = 594 Pts

Fast attack. With 15 big shoota shots per group and then an additional 12 on the way in (all rerolled due to twinlinked) + the nob's powerklaw attacks, they can really carve up infantry faster than you'd think. Should expect to see combat by turn 2 at the latest, and will hit the enemy frontlines to tie up LOS to the rest of my boyz.

Looted Leman Russ. Hull Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer Sponsons, and Armor Plates @ 165 Pts

Good modelling opportunity and a nice addition to the ranged firepower of the force. Only vehicle in there, which makes me somewhat hesistant - but with AV14 on the front, I think it's quite capable.

2000 Pts on the nose
8 tank-hunter rokkits
12 normal rokkits
15 twin-linked big shootas
18 ammo runts for rokkit re-rolls
7 nobz with power klaws
91 total orks


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