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Author Topic: First RTT done  (Read 381 times)

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First RTT done
« on: September 5, 2004, 07:12:33 PM »
Well, i'm not exactly sure where to put this so i'll just post it here since i'm still a newb.

I went down to South Sioux City, NE for MAGEcon (Midwest Area Game Enthusiasts) for the weekend and played in their 1500pt RTT W40K tournament with my Eldar. The people there were great and it was a very well run tourney. The man who ran the tourney also had copies of the new 4th Edition rulebooks for everyone to look through, was very cool.

Overall there were 16 people that played. From what I could see (and remember) the following was represented:

3 Tau armies (one which was themed for the Decepticons from Transformers, very cool)
1 Ork (was all in vehicles, very cool to see, he ended up winning the whole thing)
2+ Imperial Guard
2+ Chaos armies, I know there was a Nurgle and a Khorne army
1 Black Templars
1 Blood Angels
1 Witch Hunter army
1 Daemonhunters

That's what I can remember of what was there. Of special note, there was no Dark Eldar, Harlequin, Necron or Tyranid armies.

To sum it up briefly, I got my butt handed to me.....but I had a awesome time doing it!

Here's what I went down with:

Farseer w/ShurPistol & CCW, RoWitnessing, Spirit Stones, Fortune, Guide
Farseer w/Witchblade & ShurPistol, RoWitnessing, Guide, Mind War

20 Guardian Defenders w/ Wpn Platform (Star Cannon) and crew, Warlock with Conceal
13 Guardian Defenders w/ Wpn Platform (Scatter Laser) and crew, Warlock with Conceal

6 Howling Banshee w/Exarch with Executioner
Falcon Grav Tank (for Banshee transport) w/Spirit Stones and Holo-field

Wraithlord w/Brightlance
Wraithlord w/Brightlance

Vyper w/CTM and Star Cannon
Vyper w/CTM and Star Cannon

I'll try to remember as best as I can as I lost my notes somehow....

Round 1 - vs. Tauformers (Tau army with Decepticon theme)

This guy was fun to play against. The previous day we played a pickup game and he stomped me so this was somewhat of a rematch. Unfortunately I pull some rookie/newb mistakes and lose my Vypers within the first 2 turns. He sits back and does the little Tau jump back and forth tactic. He has 3 of those Broadsides battlesuits and they just decimate the Wraithlords with those stinkin AP1 weapons...grrrr! He also blows up my Falcon and shoots up the Banshees when they poured out.

Round 2 - vs. Tau army (overall green and glossy type paint scheme)

I has happy to see only 1 Broadside, but he had a Hammerhead and Devilfish. As this game was a table quarters mission he took out my Wraithlords, Vypers and Falcon. With none of my fast units available I couldn't conted with him.

Round 3 - Imperial Guard

I don't remember much except that he had some ordnance that rained fire down upon me. It also didn't help that the mission we played had rules for Planetary Bombardment and I ended up smoking one of my Wraithlords before the game even began. I finally got my Banshees close enough to do some damage but then he dumped his HQ squad into them and tore 'em to shreds. Of special note the Vypers and the CTMS were fabulous in this game as the 2 Star Cannons took out 3 of his squads entirely throughout the game. On turn 5 my Wraithlord (with 1 wound left) finally took out his Earthshaker cannon, but by then the damage was already done. Very quiet opponent and played very well.

Round 4 - the other Imperial Guard

He started the game by letting me watch as he lined up 5 Chimeras, a squad of Sentinel walkers and then a few more vehicles (i'm learning to hate multi-las). Fortunately, everything clicks for me this time with my tactics and the Brightlances from the Wraithlords quickly dispose of 2 Chimeras while the Falcon surges around the back (2 turns at 24" move! woot!) and out comes Banshee fun. They chew through those infantry squads left and right (including his command squad).

He tries the same thing and sets a 4 man squad of Ogryns into my small Defender unit but they took it and dished it right back as my Defenders were able to kill them quickly enough. The extra attacks from the platform crews definitely help in those situations. This game is my only win.

I went 1-2-1 and ended with 92 points with the winner (that Ork army) having 118 points. From looking at the points I was I think 10th place out of 16 which is fine by me for my first try out.

Let's see, what things stick in my mind....opponents hate Fortune-Conceal. It was unreal the amount of punishment those Guardian squads took as they marched forward. I would have to say the single mos important piece of my army was the Spirit Stones/Holo-field. Those things saved my butt  a ton over the course of the day. I may not be able to fire a weapon the next turn, but I can still 24" move for tank shock! Mwuahahaha!!! The Banshees didn't do as well as I hoped as they only really saw play in the last game. I think i'll try my Scorpions out next time.

I want to thank one of the members from EO as he helped me with my list when I was getting it ready. I can't remember his name as I wasn't smart enough to add him to any of my IMs. You know who you are....Thanks!.


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