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Author Topic: 1000 points of Harlequins  (Read 693 times)

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1000 points of Harlequins
« on: June 7, 2004, 03:21:23 PM »
I was putting together a list that had Harlequin allies for a map campaign, and then realised that I actually wanted a Harle army. Tell me what you think, and what tactics you would reccomend with it, as Im new to harlies. It uses the EO harlequin list, whihc I have permission to use for the Map Campagin.


 Great Harliequin   141
   Power Weapon
   Power Blades
   Shurikian Pistol
   Masque of the Red Death


 Solitare     140
   Harlequins Kiss
   Power Blades


 3x Troupes   3(183) or 549
     3 Harlequins with Shuriken pistols and CCW
     2 Harlequins with Harequins Kiss and Shurkien Pistol
     1 Troupe leader with Harlequins Kiss and Shukien Pistol

 Death Jesters   171
       3 Deathjesters with bright lance
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Re: 1000 points of Harlequins
« Reply #1 on: June 7, 2004, 06:50:34 PM »
Drop the powerweapon off the GH. He just needs a CCW as he has the powerblades.
I would take out a kiss in each troupe and get a powerwepon, for versatility. The troupeleaders might be a bit of a pointsink for 1k. If you drop them you can get another DJ or more harlequins in the troupes. I think you will need the bodies.

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