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Author Topic: Starting Fantasy... 750 points of Chaos Dwarfs  (Read 397 times)

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Starting Fantasy... 750 points of Chaos Dwarfs
« on: September 23, 2003, 01:50:14 PM »
Everyone in my area spontaneously decided to start Fantasy (nothing to do with GW coming and giving away battle forces of course) so now I can finally start!  I am going to play Chaos Dwarfs, since I don't like the play style of Dwarfs (no magic?  Everything is slow?!!) but like their fluff (I like CD fluff too of course) so Chaos Dwarfs are the next best thing.   Plus I love the big hats (some of them are too crazy though) and so I want to get as many archive CDs as I can before they come out (I've heard everything from Summer next year to 2010)

So here is my 750 point list:

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer - 100
-Lore of Metal
-Level 2

Metals has 4 really nice spells, and its dwarfy! kinda...  good stunties don't do magic.

16 Chaos Dwarf Warriors - 231
-Great Axes
-Full Command
-War Banner

The focus point of the army.

12 Chaos Dwarf Warriors - 174
-Full Command

Will guard 1 flank of the main killing unit.

Death Rocket - 80

Warmachines are always useful...

6 Bull Centaurs - 171
-Heavy Armor
-Full Command

It is a dark day indeed when Dwarfs have cavalry...  muahahaha!!

EDIT:  Changed around my list a bit since I decided to do a slave raiding force, makes more sense considering the armies we have around here, and it takes away some of the cheese factor from the army...
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